QNAP NAS (Network Attached Storage) Explained

QNAP are a Taiwanese corporation that specialises
in network-attached storage appliances used for file sharing virtualisation storage management and surveillance applications QNAP TURBO NAS serves as an ideal backup sensor with large storage capacity and excellent
file transfer to greatly assist businesses on efficient backup tasks let’s talk about some of our most popular
QNAP solutions! the TS-453BE is perfect for smaller businesses
looking to get their first local data storage solution media playback and multimedia viewing is available
from the HDMI ports if files are accidentally deleted or modified
you can quickly restore the previously recorded data with snapshots *whooshing noise* the TS-673 is powered by high performance
and energy-efficient AMD R series CPU and provides 2 PCI-E slots for greater functionality the TS673 allows you to flexibly deploy a
wide range of applications with a more affordable budget *whoosh noise* the TVS-1282T3 provides two options powered
by high-performance intel core I5 quad-core processor with 16GB of ram or an Intel core
I7 quad-core processor with 64GB of ram as well as the 12 normal bays it has 4 x 2 and
a half-inch SSD slots DDR4 21 33 MHZ memory for high performance 7th generation intel core processors 3 times PCI-E expressed expansion slots smart cooling separately protects the CPU
and hard drive temperatures to control fan speed and performs quieter fan operations the newer module on our website comes with
4 times thunderbolt three connectors two times built-in speakers for direct audio
output and more importantly provides verbal systems warning if your hard drive is failing, it will let
you know I’ve been, STEVE, 😉 this has been the QNAP range from Hardsoft for more information speak to your account

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