Rad – Announce Trailer | PS4

The world twice destroyed
lies in ruin. [DISTANT SCREAMING] If we are to survive, if the world is
to blossom again, then we must find the one who is RAD. Righteous. [ROARING] Be gone, foul beast. Mutation, mutation, mutation. Tight. [GROANING] [YELLING] [ROARING] The child shows promise, but the time has come
for the real quest to begin. You are RAD.

100 thoughts on “Rad – Announce Trailer | PS4

  1. I'm assuming this is co-op (since it looks like the perfect co-op game). I just hope they make it couch co-op.

  2. I just watched 5 different trailers for games when I opened up YouTube like 10 mins ago.. All these games just comin outta nowhere

  3. same boring recycling fatigued storytelling and Zombification led Propaganda craps again.

  4. Me: This looks awesome!
    Trailer: MUTATION… MUTATION… MUTATION! showing player laying multiple big @ss spider eggs

    Me: OK, that's enough internet for today…

  5. When i saw i thought i would regret watching it

    I did it looks horrible(opinion)
    I honestly dont like games like this
    Colourful yet filled with action

  6. Has a bit of a Brave Fencer Musashi vibe going on. Just with a crazy nouveau retro aesthetic obviously. Bomb dudes.

  7. this game is loads of fun, but couch multiplayer or online multiplayer would make it exponentially more fun! It must be added to the game, i dont see how it would not be possible. Maybe if your friend goes down, you have to exchange a heart to bring them back to life or something

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