Ran Online (GS) 2017 Game Play – How To Upgrade To Plus Nine (+0~+9)

Hi, Guys! Today I’m going to show you how you can upgrade
your weapons and armors from 0 to plus nine in just one sitting. So stick around for more tips and tricks Welcome back, And… I’m at the market right now. I’m here to meet up with Jo Sun-A. I’ll just
exchange my ganil powder and bail powder before I start to show you how you can upgrade your
items to plus nine. So just talk to her. Click the ETC tab and buy a Hardening agent
and Retinum. These two ingredients are what you need to
make bail pieces and ganil pieces which are enhancers that we will be using to upgrade
a plus +8 to plus +9 item. I’ll buy as much I as can. Then go back to the Conversation tab and click
the dot dot that you see here. And look for the “Making Bail Powder” to “Bail
Piece” and just click like like crazy. After you exchange all your bail and ganil
powder. You’ll have these two. Alright, I’m gonna go inside the Campus first
floor, and look for my Scientist instructor. Now you don’t have to necessarily go to the
same map that I’m in. You can actually upgrade any items in the
map as long as it’s not laggy, you’ll be able to upgrade an item any time of day. Now, I’m just going to buy some items that
I will upgrade, it doesn’t matter what items. This is just for demonstration purposes. Let me just do some more arrangement. Now watch carefully as I do the upgrade. There will be no cuts in this video so observe
carefully. I’m going to use burr to make it plus 4 then
Fineburr up to plus 8 then I’ll use ganil piece to make it plus 9. And when it reverts back to 0, I’ll do the
same process again. And mind you, I’m not wearing any safeguard
rosary ‘coz these items don’t worth anything. But if you’re going to upgrade expensive items
I would suggest wearing a safeguard rosary, so in the event, the item gets broken it’ll
not disappear. You might wanna watch this a couple of times
so that you will have a better understanding of the pattern I’m doing. To tell you honestly, I can’t put into words
how I do it, but this is just pure instinct how I right-click the mouse and when to execute
it. It’s all natural. I developed this instinct of upgrading to
plus 9 by practicing, so I encourage you guys to try it out on your own over and over until
you get good at it, and it will be second to nature. Trust me Ok, so I upgraded three weapons out of 110
Fineburr. Now, I’m going to do the same technique I
did on the weapons. Alright, so I got my self a set. Now I can do a cat walk at the market. Thank you guys for watching this video. Give it a thumbs up if you like it and make
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