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  1. The Nine Circles of Geek Hell:
    1. Marvel Movies Not Made by Marvel Studios.
    2. DC Comics movies.
    3. Changes Made to the Original "Star Wars" Trilogy.
    4. The Big Bang Theory.
    5. The New 52.
    6. 4Kids Dubbing Your Favorite Anime.
    7. Michael Bay Making a Movie Based On a Show From Your Childhood.
    8. Every Episode of "Teen Titans Go" playing on loop.
    9. The Star Wars Prequels.

  2. They shouldn't be called Geek Girl Gamers. They should just be called Geek Gamers. Less divison, more unity.

  3. there are actual geek girls (awesome)
    then there are whores in glasses that suck on controllers. 
    i think you missed the problem in this video.

  4. You do the Dr. Claw too good man! Now with this debate on what separates a Gamer or Geek Girl from a girl that plays games or reads comics is the game walkthroughs and reviews they do. A girl that's into games or comics dose an awesome job of both walkthroughs and reviews of what they actually play or read. Gamer or Geek Girl just pretend to do this stuff and be tries to be cute for views and attention like with skimpy cosplays ect.

  5. Ok first of all this problem is immature I just heard about this problem and I already have heard so much about it it's ridiculous first of all I'm speaking for myself not men or woman now there are the smart people who choose not to get involved in this then there are the ones on the girls side who are either enraged feminist who won't leave anyone alone and are in need of serious attention and are the only ones complaining about these things happening and then there are the calm girls who again are too smart be involved also there are the woman who complain because there's not enough woman in video games as well as the woman who complain there's too much woman in these video games being sexualized there are the guys who are being dicks and make terrible excuses also who think all woman are wrong and they are afraid of having to give up there games with hot chicks. And the guys who are making billions of dollars off of these arguments somehow. Then the guys who bring up good points because they don't believe that they should have to answer to a feminist. as well as the men that also don't care and they're too smart to get involved all I am saying is this is not that big of a deal then again I posted this comment so I can't talk:-)

  6. As a general rule, I don't think any celebrity, regardless of gender, color, creed, age or otherwise who goes on some talk show to promote some game licensed movie or what have you is really a gamer in their personal life. I know I'm probably wrong and a jerk for thinking it, but I can just see them reading off the teleprompter. I'm just that fucking cynical: they're all sellouts. They saw the sales and ratings for the game are through the roof, and then tried to jump aboard the gravy train for some more moolah. Because, you know, they could use a THIRD GODDAMN FERRARI. They probably never even heard of the series until their agent told them there was a movie being made.

  7. Sometimes it's tiring. Knowing that no matter how much knowledge you accumulate on any subject there are guys who just won't be satisfied. If there are gaps in a guys geeky knowledge than he isn't hated the way a girl is. That's the pain of it. The hate. Knowing that by just owning a vagina and liking the same things as someone, I'm making someone out there hemmorage with hatred at my mere existence. And it's tiring as fuck.

  8. I've mostly taken to fucking with people all about fake geek girls like it is a real thing. Notice profile image with me putting a 3DS in my mouth.

    Also you forgot the circles of Geek Hell in which you are required to read Power Pachiderms and the Spiderman Clone Saga.

  9. When I went to my first convention I cosplayed as Death of the Endless and convinced my brother to go as Dream and for the most part it was a lot of fun. It was a smaller con and it had different sections for like video games, tabletop games, and comics and comic book artist. So we went to the comic book section and we're browsing around and one of the artists recognizes our costumes. He's cool and chatty and then he says to me, "So you actually read comics?" and in my head I'm like "I'm at a sci-fi convention which I paid money to be at, dressed as a comic book character from the eighties. Seriously?" But my fantastic brother stepped in and said "Oh yeah, she's the one who got me into Sandman." 🙂

  10. There are some geek girls that I'm friends with and they are really passionate about it I'm not gonna say her name but jennifer is a really big otaku and she knows so much about it and I know she is not faking it. Now there is me I am a star wars nerd and have been since I was little and I'm also into gaming but star wars is my prime nerdy thing and I am so very much passionate about it (I know this is about geek girls but I'm talking about me) and gonna stay that way now jennifer is always trying to get me to try to watch anime or read manga but I can't and I am positive that she is not faking it she has so much knowledge about it its not funny. Well I think that's that.

  11. tbh i think no one has the right to say your not a gamer because girl gamers to me are attractive I don't care you don't know every thing but if you at lest know like one game i know and play it your a gamer to me guy or gal

  12. The ultimate gamer chick I've heard of ….. Rowdy Rhonda Rousey. If you dont think she's a gamer, try telling her that lol Seriously

  13. I don't understand why things are different when a girl plays video games… it is not like a physical sport that takes strength. all it takes is strategy and your brain, and strategy and brainpower are things that all people have. Maybe some more than others, but its not limited by gender…

  14. Any cool, amazing strong female characters, movies, books,video games suggestions for a newbie? Or just any awesome starter games for someone who hasn't played in a while?

  15. My personal reason My name Gamergirl8589 on xbox live because guys kept thinking i was a guy back with my old gamer tag, and I wanted them to know I wasn't a guy, but didn't know what to call myslef, so I named myself that. I didn't want to use my real name cause I thought I'd be too personal. Now I kind of regret my decision because I don't want anyone to think I'm putting on a show.

  16. I agree 100%. There's nothing I can really add to this.

    Side note, you were wearing a Bamboota shirt, which makes me happy. She's really cool and I love her art. I have that shirt as well 😀

  17. For a long time I would only play 2D games and most of those were retro. The 3D games would give me motion sickness. They don't so much anymore but sometimes I have to take a break. Back then there were people who would tell me that I don't really like video games because I wasn't playing the latest. (At the time it was N64) Even though I spent probably 80% of my waking time playing either the Genesis, SNES, or NES. I would laugh at the person if this were the case now but back then I was a very sensitive teenager. Now if someone tries to tell me that I'm not a real nerd I just say "whatever dude."


    Also, well thought out video, couldn't agree more.

  19. Preach it, Andre! Too much truth!
    And favorite geek girl: Linsdey Stirling. Cute, crazy talented, and geeky. Plus that cover of the Zelda music is awesome.

  20. This exact thing happened to me but it was about football. All I said was that I watch it sometimes and then my guy friend thought that deemed a trivia quiz. He wouldn't quiz a guy but whatever…. And then he further insulted my intelligence by asking the following: "How many points in a touchdown?" "How many downs are there?" … Seriously? Am I THAT dumb? But then the last question was something so damn obscure that I only think a few guys would know something like that.

  21. the star wars special I would pay to see the pitch that got that approved the person who did could sell sand in the desert. if you haven't seen go for it and imagine the cast and director reading the script

  22. Yikes, idc about this topic much but the feminist are everywhere. Geeks Gamers female or male idc if you play games its all the same, if you're bad I will taunt you all the same, if you whoop my ass I will quietly rage all the same. But stop categorizing yourselves as male and female gamers like honestly its already a category on its own. Also for the females that are feminists that hate all men and do exactly what "men" do to you back to all men then shut the hell up, because you saying every male gamer, or every male in general does a certain thing you're a hypocrite.

  23. and by the way, guys rarely fake being into what girls are into like shopping and tabliods. but girls fake sports teams, comics and nerd shit all the time. get a a clue dude. this is the worst mangina video you ever made.

  24. I don't really have a preference for girls I date, I like video games a lot but I don't play a lot (ex. Elder Scrolls, GTA, anything Mario, A lot of older Namco, fighting games like MK and SSB and MvsCc, Just Cause, Fallout, Sims, and to a lesser extent COD and Battlefield), If I feel like actually dating a girl with similar interests I'll do that and if she isn't dtf I'm fine, but if I want some pussy I'll hook up with one of the hundreds of sex loving females I know. It's all a matter of timing and how depressed and cynical I am at Tha time

  25. Okay, I don't challenge people for geekiness. But my biggest pet peeve is when somebody says they like something but don't know anything about it. I will ask a simple common knowledge trivia question. They get it wrong. I hate that. I don't discriminate, boy, girl, black, white. I don't care what they are. It gets on my nerves.

  26. i just dont think we need to identify as a girl gamer im a gamer who just happens to be a girl so what? i love games i love comic books i love scifi (no im not doing that stupid shit that the new scifi channel is doing fuck that) i am a geek thats all there is to it fist pump to ya!

  27. I dont see why us guys should shun out girls from geeky stuff because we have no right. People are people, and all us people just happen to like the same stuff, if that makes sense.

  28. Nerd culture has a dark underbelly. Guys labeling girls as "fakes" and "feminazis" and girls labeling guys as "sexist" and "fat virgins". I prefer to just avoid all the labels and similar BS and just do what I like to do, play games without bringing gender, politics, or race into it! Video games are supposed to help us escape from reality, not expose us to the worst of it!

  29. Never been called out for being a female gamer or geek, but i have been called out for certain games i like to play. For example, i prefer handhelds since i'm usually on the go and some people have told me that i'm not a gamer becasue handhelds don't count, like wth. and no i'm not talking about mobile games, i'm talking Pokemon, smash bros, danganronpa, fantasy star online (i just looked over at my book shelf and named the first couple games i saw) actual games on actual systems, i do also like console games, i've got gears of war and and way too many rpg's, but some people will even label my rpgs as casual and seem to only think your a gamer if you only play online shooters or other super competitive games. I played legend of Zelda when it was just getting started, there was nothing competitive about it and i know i was and still am a gamer.

  30. My problem is that I have so many interests that I don't know everything about every topic. I may know random facts about certain things but I just want to like things with being asked trivia everytime I tell people I like something "nerdy". I don't have to know every fact about everything. I like sex but there are a lot of positions I don't know. I like baking but there are a lot of desserts I have never heard of. LIKE STOP PLEASE.

  31. I have never been challenged. I like fantasy novels and just recently got into comic books. However, when I say I have never seen the original Star Wars, it is like I just said Tolkien stole all his ideas from G.R.R.M.

  32. Honestly I don't call myself a geek, nerd, or a gamer.

    I just like things….

    Also I've never been quizzed on any of these things by 'evil mans' so.

  33. When I was a kid I was constantly made fun of for being geek, and now as an adult I'm constantly harassed for not being geeky enough or the right kind of geeky. It got to the point where I just stopped trying to relate to people or make friends with the same interests cause it just wasn't worth it anymore. Video games and movies don't judge me lol.

  34. I use to be very vocal about my nerdiness and I noticed how guys kept challenging me. It made me resent them but I wanted so desperately to be friends with them! Nerds need other nerds regardless of gender! So, eventually I would just talk about things I liked when it was appropriate and let people come to the conclusion that I was a nerd. I made more friends that way. Heck, my husband knew I was a nerd when he first saw me because I was in a Harry Potter costume! And I knew he was a nerd because of his Star Trek uniform! We had nothing to prove. It was obvious. We are nerds and our children will be doomed to nerdiness. Chicks, just be yourselves. You got nothing to prove and you don't have to tell them how awesome you are by proclaiming you are a nerd all the time. They will figure it out. Boys aren't that dumb. 😉 Another funny story… I gotta share. I teach guitar to a 9 year old boy in my apartment. My living room is filled with every game console you can think of and tons of games to boot (my husband and I like to play games together). His mom comes to me one day and says, "My son came home from your lesson telling me about all the games you have. He told me he wishes he can find a girl like that and that would play games with him. I told him they are out there!" Made my heart melt. She will come, little man! She will come!

  35. My experience as a "geek girl" has had some good times and some bad times. I am a female in a relationship with a fellow geek and everyone seems to think that the reason I am so geeky is because he got me into it and that just isn't true. I'm very secure in my geekiness but my boyfriend sees a lot more judgement towards me than I do. for example, he tells me that people always stare at me in a suprised way when we go into game stop.

  36. I've never been challenged, thank god … but I think that's because I'm into so much nerdy stuff that I wear it on my sleeve whether I want to or not.

  37. First of all, my favorite "geek girl" is Laura Bailey. Hands down.

    Second of all, I agree with you that guys should not challenge girls or say that they're "fake", and girls should not accept those challenges. I, personally, started playing a classic NES before I turned 1, and I have not stopped since then; in fact, I literally play Fire Emblem every day. So yes, I consider myself to be a "gamer girl", and I don't need anybody telling me that I'm not. I just do what I love.

  38. my bf was shocked to hear that i didn't care of he was into games. and that was about 3 years ago. just yesterday I was playing columns and flicky and ristar on a sega genesis/megadrive at an event with him. everybody else was at dungeons and dragons and board games and us two was in the corner on an emulator and i was getting pissy because I kept losing and he was pissing himself laughing at me. Im no hard core gamer more of a casual one but I know now more than I used to. but the fact is it brings us together and we can have fun and chill out and i don't play games to be trendy I play it cause I want to. but when it comes down to it if your 'hot' and you play games and or you like sci fi stuff good for you and if your 'not hot' and you like sci fi stuff or games good for you also I hate fakers or people that do stuff cause it's fashionable

  39. "You should stop accepting the challenge" Sure. But sometimes, you have to prove yourself. Mainly in multiplayer games. Let's say in mmorpg. I want to join a guild, but the guildmaster isn't really agreeing to it because I'm female. Well, I'm going to tell him to let me play and look at my stats instead of my boobs. I don't want to be treated like "a girl". I'm good with being treated like a human playing video games, just the same as a guy.
    I don't want privileges, nor discrimination. Sometimes you have to prove that you're "the real deal" otherwhise you're just going to be treated like a fucking child or a princess. Hell no.

  40. I'm a woman and have always been into nerdy and geeky stuff. I grew up staring at books and computers; I'm obsessed with science and have very specific interests; I'm a software developer by profession and a daily gamer. It feels weird that someone would even care to challenge that notion, but it happens a lot. I try to rise above it and not "accept" those challenges, but it's less about proving how hardcore of a geek I am, and more about the frustration of people basically attempting to erase your identity and history because of THEIR own hang ups.

    Everyone around me in real life accepts and embraces my geekiness, but there's always a brief adjustment period when I meet other nerds; when I lived together with my partner, I often had to explain that the game consoles were mine (my boyfriend wasn't a big gamer), and at least one person needed assuring that I indeed can code, and now do it for a living.

    The offensive stuff has always happened online, like in online games and forums. In online discussions, I used to try and hide the fact that I'm female, but now, even though I don't announce it or anything, I'm more comfortable using my own face in my avatars or otherwise making it known. Things haven't really changed, I just give less fucks with every passing year.

  41. I hate it when the armor for girls is WAY weirder then the guys. Like sexy or shit. Doesn't even have to be sexy. I had a friend once who NEVER wore anything frilly or pink, it was just her style. But I saw her video game character and it was decked out in fairy wings and shit. I asked her why and she said that all the good stuff looked like that.

  42. Lol so true. I'm not taking some a $$hats "geek challenge". I do me. They feel threatened by that? That's their issue. It used to make me angry when guys did everything to block me from being able to participate in the nerdy stuff I loved… But I found my way around that BS and happily got on with being able to enjoy the stuff I love.
    Anyone who feels the need to try and dictate whether another person is geeky enough tends to just be covering up their own insecurities. There are no gate keepers to being who/what you want to be. Just you, deciding whether or not you are going to enjoy the stuff you love or let others drag you down.

  43. I never incorporate my gender when playing games or talking about. I neither add myself in conversations where guys are talking about clash of clans or COD because i know they will refer to me as fake and that im doing it for attention. Ive been through that situation but i know that i dont need to prove myself to anyone, so i continue playing games because idk what people think

  44. I know some people who do challenge female gamers exist, but if i see a girl who is wearing shirts of batman and say they are really into batman and i am a huge fan of batman i will want to talk with her about batman because its something we have in common. And if she keeps pretending to be as big of a fan as she claims and doesn't know that batman is DC not marvel or anything that is basic information to someone who says they are batman fans I am going to doubt that she really is as big of a batman fan as she says because it says on everything batman that he is DC not marvel. If she is still new to batman and wants to learn more then all she has to do is say so and most hardcore batman fans would love to teach her and give her advice on what cool batman stuff there is

  45. My favorite girl geek is my mom. She LOVES Scooby-Doo and Star Trek in particular, so my sister and I are named after Scooby-Doo and Star Trek respectively.

  46. I'm fine with Gamer Girls. I don't care about them. Honestly I think it's normal just do what you want to do. I can name off some kick ass Gamer girls it's whatever. What I understand for why some people hating on them though is people like SSniperWolf or the Titty Streamers on Twitch. Sniperwolf especially annoys the hell out of me. Seriously not trying to attack her but…. geez she's annoying. And her group of horny 12 year old fanboys don't help either.

  47. I agree with you (Being a geek & gamer) Every time someone doesn't believe me I say "Well, that's YOUR downfall. NOT mine." And ignor them.

  48. Yo shut up man you set in his back by like a hundred years every time you keep saying that s*** man shut the f**** for real I really hate you now

  49. It’s so annoying I’m a girl gamer 49% of gamers are girls nobody gives a f shut tf up honestly that’s probably not true but they are always forcing it on gamers

  50. Marketing. Key word. I hate sales pitches and bullshit… Or embellishing on topics one knows little about.

  51. I find it insulting on both fronts. On the Men's side, it's sad that believing girls are nerds is now science fiction, on the Woman's side, it's also sad that they are basically forced to express their a geek in the nightmare that is the nerd world of men.

  52. I beat pacman x this morning. I feel like a gamer now.🖱🖱honestly tho. I'm pretty into video games. I've been playing throwback games lately. Like papa's pizzeria and stuff.

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