Ray Tracing On GTX Graphics Cards – Don’t Even Bother!

everything just works everything just
works oh man how great would it be to have RTX and DXR features on gtx
cards well it looks like with a simple driver update it is now we’re gonna turn
it on together and video RTX real time ray tracing and so let’s test the
gtx performance with ray tracing and DXR features I have some GTX cards some
RTX cards my open bench is ready to go let’s begin all right so what does it mean for
existing GTX users now that you can enable ray tracing and experience those
visuals and a nice hit on performance – just like the rest of the rtx owners
but I feel like this approach has multi-layered consequence so it’s better
for developers now that they can use gtx hardware instead of rtx hardware and
experiment with ray tracing implementation and the optimization for
gamers you can now just experience the visuals so see what it’s like to have
ray tracing in-game you know be a five Metro Exodus and shadow of the Tomb
Raider and potentially will this nudge you to get rtx hardware probably not
but we’ll see and so I hope this will open up a stream of games that have some
form of arty implementation either shadows reflections ambient occlusion or
global illumination or any other technique and so a ray tracing for the
gtx cards starts at gtx 1060 6gb version goes all the way up to the turing
cards 1660 ti and so on my table today i have a gtx 1060 GTX 1080
Titan XP rtx 2060 and the rtx 2080 Ti to see how that entire stack of cards
performs so first of all as Jensen said it just works outside of updating your
Nvidia drivers and making sure you’re on the latest Windows OS the 1809 you
don’t have to tinker with anything in-game you know all the RT and DXR are
features should be visible to you with your gtx hardware now as I’ve said in my
previous analysis of bf5 and metro Exodus rate racing has a massive
potential to improve your overall immersion of the gameplay as long as the
environment fits the whole ray-tracing you know delivery so as long as the
environment is a major part of your observation and game you know
ray-tracing from my standpoint is improved
now bf5 is not that with its fast paced shooter mechanic in which you don’t
really have time to stop and admire the reflections on wet surfaces or other
reflective surfaces but with this update you can with gtx graphics see those
reflections in action but only from like a demo perspective as the FPS hit is
actually quite significant so what you’re watching now is running on the
gtx 1080 FTW by EVGA and 8700k 4.9 gigahertz and the game is running at
1080p resolution with medium quality settings and since only the reflections
are ray-traced the visual difference in like 95% of the
gameplay is not noticeable but at least we hit over 60 FPS with DXR enabled I
won’t recommend it since it doesn’t really benefit the overall gameplay
experience but Metro Exodus is another story so with this game I feel they’ve
done a fantastic job with global illumination to improve the overall game
world and since this is a story driven game I would recommend replaying it with
rt enabled if you can now the performance hit is massive however you
can see over a hundred FPS difference with my GTX 1080 at 1080p resolution
with medium settings and high arty preset so again this game becomes almost
like a demo of what’s possible with great racing like the darkness gradient
of the sewer entrance you know it’s very realistic versus it being totally
illuminated by conventional means when the arty is off now the reason why we’re
seeing such a significant hit on performance with gtx cards is because
all the ray-tracing is rendered on standard raster course instead of the
dedicated arty course on the rtx graphics so of course that is inevitable
now in terms of sli performance with ray tracing and gtx Hardware we were told
that at first it’s not possible and then that some games might implement it and
it’s kind of game dependent so I would say SLI would rate racing would gtx
hardware is kind of a write-off and so here’s the performance breakdown with my
five cards the interesting thing is that my Titanic speed collector’s edition
outperforms the RTX 2060 both and DXR on and off which is quite
interesting to see but of course all that changes when we move to Metro
Exodus so here we’re using global illumination for our ray-traced
technique and I think that is a lot more intensive so not just reflections but
like all that light scattering around surfaces and interacting with objects
and looks like a lot more computational intensive for the RT cores or the
raster course in this example moving on to the atomic hard demo at 1080p so this
one yeah it’s a bit challenging if you
are willing to sit through about 10 FPS on average with a GTX 1060 just to see
some you know beautiful graphics running at the really low framerate be my guest
and even with my 2080 ti it’s still quite difficult to run and the same
story continues with Port Royale benchmark this one’s running at 1440p so
we’re stepping up the resolution but again you know I mean those average
frame rates on the gtx hardware is kind of laughable but it’s also very low on
the rtx hardware so just shows how demanding this you know ray trace
benchmark really is and so the takeaway is that ray tracing works on gtx
hardware now no problems I haven’t experienced any crashes or any like
visual differences between rtx hardware and gtx hardware so that’s a good thing
it’s almost like it’s enticing gtx owners to consider playing around with
rt features and DXR and certain games and some demos to see what they’re
missing out on but like we literally have only three games with you know
these ray-traced techniques apply to them so it’s it’s not worth it just yet
but it does give you a look glimpse or like which direction we’re heading in
and I’m hoping that we’ll see more like good implementation of ray tracing in
future titles not just reflections but like global illumination and shadows so
that it like builds this visual beauty into the game world that makes sense and
is not just there for a tech demo get a good sense of grip with Corsairs iron
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some extra Flair the iron claw ensures gaming at its best check it out down
below so make sure to update your drivers play around with it and let me
know what you think of it in the comments below I’m a Dmitry thanks so
much for watching if you haven’t checked out my analysis of previous rtx
implementations make sure to do so and yeah I’ll see you next video

100 thoughts on “Ray Tracing On GTX Graphics Cards – Don’t Even Bother!

  1. So basically, we can't play with the new feature, the ray tracing without buying that crap 20XX cards lmfao are you kidding me ? Bought my 1080 card 2 years ago, did they thought that everyone would buy them if they removed the pascals from market ? 900€ for a normal card (2080) as with 900€ you could buy a high "tier" 1080ti…

  2. Wow…what a huge difference in metro Exodus,from 190fps aprox,without rt,and rt on was 33-37 fps,why? I m not doing that! Thx

  3. With these recent graphic driver updates I can get a solid 50-60 fps in 1440p in the quake 2 rtx demo, and around 80-100fps in mine craft with raytracing with my 1080ti

  4. Ray Tracing in general, don't bother. Ray Tracing does nothing in my book even on 2080 ti, cheap fake effects.

  5. The difference is SO minimal and unnoticeable, that RT is just not worth it. Absolutely not worth buying an RTX card solely for that purpose.
    It's a shame Nvidia has boxed itself in, and actually released a whole line of cards dedicated to this pretty 'meh' feature. It's like releasing a special range of cards that just deal with Ambient Occlusion ! What's the point ?

  6. Lol so true. I tried RTX Quake and had to play at a very 1990's-like 640×480 to hit a rock solid 60FPS… And this is on a 1080Ti…. which is still roughly tied for second fastest GPU (for normal rasterized rendering).

  7. This should be a given. Anything that's not an RTX card can't Ray trace, they haven't been built with the technology in mind and they don't have any RTX cores to process the engine or predict the lighting patterns, reflections or the geometry of shadows. So you won't see any difference at all.
    I own an RTX 2070 Super and let me tell you, I've played Control, Metro Exodus and Shadow of Tomb Raider and there's definitely a difference between RTX on and RTX off.

  8. Raytracing on RTX cards… DONT EVEN BOTHER. First of all. Hardly anything supports it still. And not to mention turning it on takes the 1440p ultra at 144hz and turns it into 1440p medium barely getting 60hz

  9. Woke up after long sleep: ok lits go to bathroom and wash my….Nooo
    Ok… let me take my camera and do some benchmarks and make researches… yes

  10. I have a RTX 2060. I didnt get it for ray tracing. I got it cause it's cheaper compared to other cards and it's SUPER strong!

  11. Ray tracing in a few years Will be a joke. The future is the AI when the bots act like you and be smarter than you and make the game more challenging. So we want reallistic games not just effects.

  12. 4:20 i mean i'd hope a $1,200 card made 2 years ago would outperform a $300 card (but i see your point since the 2060 is made for rt)

  13. Yeah, screw this. To get a 1080Ti and have to run games at 1080P medium settings for a way below par framerate? That's bad enough, if the RTX cards ALREADY didn't perform so poorly. Honestly? I'd bet the average person would prefer higher resolution and graphics settings over low res/settings with ray tracing. It just isn't there…

  14. 2070 super pretty nice for RTX at a alright price point like a 1080 ti almost . but i wouldnt use RTX unless im playing a game for visuals etc if its a shooter no chance 😛

  15. the only time id recommend using ray tracing with a gtx card is if you want a screenshot, but even then… the visual difference is barely worth restarting your game

  16. I wonder if this update will help creators who use creative apps like After Effects or Cuda enhanced path tracing to get more performance out of the older GTX cards? I know that certain developers are making RTX enhanced path tracing, which will take advantage of the extra horsepower for raytracing that RTX cards can potentially provide with the RTX cores in addition to CUDA. For example, in Blender Cycles, they are working on a version which will allow users to include the RTX cores in assisting the renders of path tracing scenes, and the preliminary benchmarks indicate very promising results! So my question is if GTX cards were capable of ray trace enhancements beyond the CUDA acceleration all along, will the patch or new drivers for those cards help with that kind of stuff in path tracing rendering?

  17. i find it weird that you have medium on 2080 ti on metro exodus it can easily handle max settings at 1080p with everything maxed heck even the none ti version can easily do it

  18. I mean, if you have a gtx 1080 and have a 60hz monitor like me(I do not have a 1080) and run on 1080p then go ahead but I run in 2k but ill still get like 40fps so I don't mind

  19. Remember Hair Works? People bought nVidia cards cause of that for W3 and that was what a 35% hit. But back then, the performance per dollar was much much higher than the cards of today.
    We are much much more interested in dollar per fps today than ever before. A 35% hit will turn off many buyers and they wouldn't consider it a selling point.
    But RTX is an 80% hit in some cases and it doesn't make a difference in any of the games featured, compared to hair works where you would almost see Geralts hair in every frame of the game.

  20. so… i'm stuck between the RTX 2060 Super and the RX 5700XT , seeing the massive FPS drop using ray tracing, I don't wanna use that LOL. Should I buy the 5700XT then?

  21. Ray tracing lmao. Who cares. First they need to fix all the flickering, shimmering, lod problems, jagged shadows present in every single game. Once nvidia/microsoft figure out a solution for that, i will be buying expensive cards again.

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