Razer Blade Late 2016 – It cost me $25,000

I’ve had a review unit of the Razer Blade
Late 2016 since launch. In fact, I BOUGHT a dozen of the first ones
off the production line back in October so I could box them up and give them out at my
staff Christmas party..so why did it take so long for me to do this review? Because I was waiting for a very special Blade..A
one-of-a-kind, signed LTT edition Blade that will soon be in the hands of a very lucky
winner who graciously agreed to let me showcase his beautiful prize in my review before sending
it along. Here we go. [intro] [pre roll] The unboxing experience really hasn’t changed
a lot since the original Razer Blade 14. You get a laptop, Razer’s characteristically
compact 165W power adapter, and some papers to accidentally throw away before you remember
about the earth and sh*t.. In fact, not much has changed outwardly about
the machine in general aside from the textured LTT design by Ed… which you won’t find
on the one YOU buy at the store… It still rocks a normal, NON-MAGNETIC power
cord – HINT HINT, RAZER! (F***in’ magnets!) to go with its 3 USB
3 ports, audio jack, Thunderbolt 3 port, and HDMI port, but like.. This looks like the same damn computer. Still with the black. Still with the rubber feet. Still with the dime thickness, and still with
the bright green Razer logo that causes gamers to rush the stands and professionals to refuse
to go to meetings with their laptops because they’re too embarrassed.. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Even most of the key specs are the same! CPU- SAME, RAM – SAME, BATTERY – SAME..Though
the maximum NVMe SSD size got doubled to 1TB and the GTX 970m from last gen has been bumped
to a GTX 1060 which means the Newest Blade is a VERY capable little VR machine, and that
BOTH the Thunderbolt and HDMI port can handle 4K 60Hz now, Not that a 1060 will run most games at 4K
60 frames per second anyway.. which is where my favorite difference from last gen comes
in. The Blade is now available with a glass-topped
3200×1800 touchscreen OR a matte 1920×1080 non-touchscreen that’s cheaper, saves a
little battery, avoids any issues with poor resolution scaling in Windows, and translates
to up to double the framerate in games. Obviously you CAN turn down the touchscreen
model to 1080p, but then you’re dealing with interpolation instead of a crisp native
resolution image. And for me personally, the difference in sharpness
has a much much smaller impact on my gaming experience than the massive difference in
framerates that make animations on the 1080p Late 2016 2-3x faster than other Blades.I
mean SURE a Razer Core upgrade would boost performance, but that thing’s like 500 bucks
PLUS a video card.. So it got some upgrades, but many of the complaints
from previous Blades DO still exist. They run hot – interestingly the higher
framerates of the 1080p model puts more strain on the CPU while gaming -, they are loud when
you’re pushing them hard, and the input lag on the mere 60Hz display is FAR from the
best I’ve seen on what is purportedly a “gaming notebook” With that said, the webcam is still pretty
good even though it hasn’t improved much if at all, the trackpad took a major leap
forward in responsiveness and acceleration curve tuning in both 2016 models, and the
keyboard thankfully bears no resemblance whatsoever to the one on the higher end Blade Pro. It’s one of my favorite laptop keyboards
ever in spite of the lack of illumination of the secondary functions – a downgrade
from the 2015 model that seems to have been borne from a desire for RGB backlighting that
bothers me pretty much daily. So on the surface not a lot has changed even
going back a few generations.. but when you look closelier, Razer has been absolutely
refining the experience withthe improvement to the surface temperatures of the device
during use being among the most noticeable day-to-day..and while the Blade has been good
enough for a while for me to use as a daily driver for some time as a “work first, game
second” kind of person, it wasn’t until this generation that it was good enough for
me to spend money on it, dropping over 25 thousand US dollars on these machines for
my entire staff. So do I think the Blade Late 2016 is the best
Blade yet? You’re damn right I do.. Let’s just hope they don’t trash the 2017
model by putting that awful keyboard from the Blade Pro on it or the next time my employees
get new computers they might be from Apple! Thanks for watching guys, if this video sucked
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100 thoughts on “Razer Blade Late 2016 – It cost me $25,000

  1. I commend you for the way you treat your staff and reward them, id be lucky to get a free bagel at the multi billion dollar company I work for.

  2. you gifted all of your staff one of these? you seem to be an awesome boss linus.

    (yes, it is more or less usual for a good going company to give its employees a bonus on christmas/the month before; but still…its not done by every employer and even if, its not necessarily something awesome like this)

  3. Wait
    Razer was offering $25,000 for tips on Project Valerie
    Linus gave Razer back the Project Valerie

  4. I would work for you just to get one and love every minute of being an secretary that runs and gets coffee lol.

  5. Here's me from Denmark can't even buy one cuz there isn't any shops with Razer Laptops
    Can you buy 1 to me xdxddddd

  6. why sacrifice 4k res to 1080p to play 70fps lol never focking mind just build your own micro atx gaming rig for 1k will beat this crap. althought i love this brand the 14 inch Razer pro 4k Screen with basic nvidia 1050 its like gmaing on the go 🙂 but not this one 25k

  7. The Apple joke. There should be one in every single vid. Here's another.

    You could use that $25,000 to get like 5 of Apple's best MacBook with the highest specs. And I'm no Razer fanboy, but the Blade would be way better.

  8. I was going to make fun of Linus for the use of the word closelier. But checked it out, apparently it's a word. Im now going to use it like a dick to get other people to correct me. *Lightning flashes – Muhahaha!

  9. You could probably find someone selling a 2014 Dodge Challenger for the same price, but some people might want laptops more so what ever floats your boat. 😀😀

  10. I like keyboard on the Pro version! It is hard to get used to the offset trackpad, but I never use it anyways. My only gripe, other than the trackpad location, is that its at the cost of a numberpad.

  11. While it's weird to brag about doing something nice (even though he's supposedly doing so to illustrate his approval of the product), it's good to hear they're doing well enough to afford an unnecessary expenditure like new computers for everyone. I want these folks to keep doing what they're doing for a long time and I'm glad they're making enough money to do so.

  12. rofl, ill be honest not a huge fan of linus but the bring the laptop into a meeting fucking made me laugh my ass off. You know why? because I own one and refuse to bring into the office because of the logo. I bring my t440s.

  13. According to what I read, I thought you couldn’t use both the thunderbolt and HDMI to run 2 external monitors at once?? Was that info incorrect?

  14. I always believed people scared of clowns were faking it, but not anymore… Thinking of meeting Linus as a clown in a dark alley is not laughing matter.

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