Razer Huntsman TE – After 60 Days Finally A Review!

good people I’m Dimitri and my gaming
setup has changed quite a lot in the past few months I’ve replaced the Razer
Viper ultimate with the extra Phi M for RGB
mouse and absolutely love it I am constantly in between audio to
right now I’m really liking the wireless Anheuser GSP 370 I also stopped gaming
on my personal threat Ripper system and instead been using this insanely compact
and powerful hoarser I 165 that has the same hardware as my Intel workstation
which is just insane but the one piece of the puzzle that actually hasn’t
changed in the past two months is the keyboard this is the Razer Huntsman TE I would say Razer gets major points here
for actually listening and releasing a keyboard with all the features that
people have been asking for and it’s what price to you at the hundred twenty
nine dollars compared to offerings from Logitech and steel series the Huntsman Te
actually has an upper hand and I’ve actually been using it for two months
and we intentionally want to postpone our review videos so that I’m not using
it for a week and giving you my impressions on the build quality and all
the feature set but instead deliver a more longer-term
piece that allows me to see if anything has gone wrong with this keyboard in the
meantime this should be fun let’s begin after this want to step up your air flow
game look no further than the master fan SF 120 M from coolermaster featuring a
damping frame designed to ensure stability a connected fan blade design
for optimal cooling performance and an anti vibration motor that ensures better
acoustics it’s very simple to install and it comes with three fan speed
controls check it out down below alright so let’s go over the basics first I am
quite surprised not to find any snakes only the Razer text above the arrow keys
the frame itself is surprisingly light it’s mainly plastic with a thin metal
plate below the key caps which are floating style and the first thing that
I appreciate here is the standard bottom row with emic stems on the switches for
easy key cap swapping and customization something Logitech refused to do on
their latest Logitech G Pro X keyboard we have a Type C connection with a
braided long cable only on the left side again awesome for custom type C cables
and in the bottom the dual height adjustment is always nice but the
keyboard with these extensions is not as stable especially on a mousepad surface
the key caps are double shot PBT and that coming from Razer surprises
everyone they are slightly more grainy and matte texture compared to what ducky
offers but really solid key caps overall there are a bit lighter in color than
the frame so they’re more dark gray than black and these are so much better than
what Logitech and still Sears offer at the same price so non-glossy fingers
even after months of usage plus no more gamer II font it’s a slightly bolder and
larger font versus the huntsmen elite it’s clean it’s easy to read except the
font size for the top-right Keys is just too large and looks kind of awkward
spending the entire key cap however there are many keys with uneven lighting
caused by these black injection in the bottom and it’s honestly not a
deal-breaker as brightness is quite strong vibrancy and color is beautiful
and while the secondary characters on the F keys are not illuminated they pop
just fine in white now what we have under the hood are Razer’s new linear red
optical switches they are incredibly light at 40 grams operating at 1
millimeter so super fast with total travel distance of three point five
millimeters so their light super fast and smooth there is no metal on metal
contact to register the keystrokes since their optical so the entire movement up
and down is clean effortless loud when you bottom out and is rated at a hundred
million keystrokes now each switch comes with its own stabilizer and this means
presses it off angle result in smooth motion
no sticky keys here so the execution is perfect but these sound characteristics
are a bit more clunky especially when you bottom out and that plastic touches
and that metal sounding just kind of reverberates through the entire frame
it’s not that Pleasant if you love speed switches this thing is absolutely no
brainer the actuation point is high and the switch is very light it’s one of the
reasons why I’ve been using the keyboard for so long just to try to get used to
the feel while in game and for text for example the weight of my fingers would
press into the key without my attention either activating shift spacebar or
pressing a and this doesn’t happen with my MX browns from ducky secondly typing
airs in the first two weeks were annoyingly common I had to develop new
finger memory for more precise keystrokes during text input and fast
– now I’m perfectly comfortable with the weight and the speed of the switches
this is my gaming keyboard of choice for csgo and anything casual I’m really fast
at typing with a huntsman but I do prefer my MX browns on the ducky for
anything text related because the switches are heavier and the quieter too
and now the thing you’ve all been waiting for what issues have I
discovered in the past two months so nothing major but basic things like
dust pick up on the sides of the key caps is a minor thing because they’re so
textured my Alt key is starting to wear out at the front edge and no one in this
household likes the sound of this keyboard including myself and at least
four times that I can remember I have accidentally activated the sticky shift
key by pressing it five times and that has resulted in multiple frustrations
not realizing what was happening in game where I’m walking without pressing shift
or doing something really strange at 4:00 sharp the actuation happens so fast
and the recent point is exactly at the same time so you can you can be pressing
it as fast as you can and just be mindful that the switch is very fast and
requires a bit of readjustment in terms of finger memory and also realizing that
the weight of your hand will press on those keys and lastly the synapse
software is optional because of guest node in which you can macro every single
key change up the lighting save the profiles to the keyboard and then
migrate to computers without synapse installed and what I’m hoping this
keyboard would do is send a shock wave to other brands because of just how well
this keyboard has been received not only by gamers but by the entire keyboard
community as a whole it’s a strong recommendation from me if you want fast
and light switches and if you don’t mind the sound alright that’s all for me make
sure to check out this other relevant content over here subscribe for more
I’ll talk to you in this video

100 thoughts on “Razer Huntsman TE – After 60 Days Finally A Review!

  1. Rating an optical switch in keypresses doesn't make a lot of sense, since the limiting factor is the lifetime of the optical LEDs, not keystrokes

  2. I picked up the blackwidow elite on Black Friday but the blackwidow te is on sale on amazon for $75. I like the TKL design for more mouse room but can’t find too much comparing the two.

  3. I got the TE on Black Friday this year and i love it. The only problem is i rest my fingers on keys and then they accidentally goes off which i will probably adjust to over time. I LOVE IT!

  4. How the hell do you not have sticky keys disabled?!
    It's like the FIRST thing to do when you install Windows!

  5. Nope. Not even a little. Razor keyboards are windows proprietary. So tired of their crap. Please don’t support this crap company there are many many keyboards out there better than this. <own a black widows elite and it’s for sale! How are you not using a mass drop ctrl or something good like the ducky one 2 mini?!?!?! Gmmk? Build your own? Seriously razer?!?!? How much are they paying you for this

  6. "strong reception from the entire keyboard community as a whole" is a bit of an overstatement haha. Check out Taeha Types 2h teardown/comparison of this board. It's not that great of a board, especially soundwise but also in terms of the stabilization on the larger keys.

  7. Those Ducky sure are nice but so expansive. 🙁 I got the Logitech Pro tkl and I like it but as I looked at the texture I was thinking that it would get covered in finger oil after a year even if I wash my hands all the time and never eat at the computer. This is what scares me and might warrant investing in a ducky mx brown.

  8. I had a Razer Chroma Keyboard, it's a great keybord until a few years later the plastic slots that stop the key caps from falling off , break off I had to order spears . But I do love the clickyniss of the keys.

  9. @HardwareCanucks Can you please give us a real detailed review of the ASUS ROG Strix XG43UQ Gaming Monitor!!!…

    Why have you ignored this product as if it doesn’t exist? But you do reviews on others??

  10. Love it how all the non-Windows users are complaining about Razer and trying to rally a boycott because they only make products for Windows. If 87% of your customer base uses one OS platform, you'd do it too.

  11. I'm surprised why won't these big manufacturers do a wireless TKL version. Keychron and others have been doing it for years. I want to get rid of my massive mechanical keyboard but I don't want just another wired keyboard. It should be an upgrade not just by going to TKL but also wireless. So I have one less cable cluttering my desk. Come on guys. Wireless that s**t. It's not 2005 anymore.

  12. The issues you have with optical speed switches are very similar to all the adjustments people made when shifting to other speed switches from Cherry and Kailh

  13. I dont understand how the sound of the switches arent a deal breaker to more people. The metal twang sounds like a poorly done sword fight, and then on top of that you have a ping that sounds like there was no switch, just a bunch of springs in a lunch box that you decided to hit. It sounds horrible. I dont know who decided to put the springs in such an open switch but they should have made it a tighter fit so the spring didnt ping as much as it does. Ewww

  14. pbt keycaps, pretty clean design, standard bottom row are great, price is decent, but boy is it loud/noisy..

    Overal it's a nice improvement over their past boards imo.

    The sticky keys thing is your fault for not having that disabled yet…

  15. Two month are not enough.
    After 3-4 months with my Death Adder Elite, the rubber pad on the side started to come off.

  16. Have you found a way to quiet the damn keyboard? I've asked everywhere without a response. O rings won't work. The only thing I can think of is to tear open the keyboard and modify it somehow.

    Oh yeah, this keyboard is so feather light. I love it for gaming.

  17. That metallic resonance sound grinds my gears, though I am sensitive to that frequency range.

    My old CM Quickfire Ultimate has the least, with the stabilizers being an exception, I had a Logitech G Pro for a bit that I didn't like for that resonance sound, and my Ducky One 2 Mini has it but its strangely muted and has a different tone so it doesn't bother me. I was able to try the huntsman TE in store and it was like nails on a chalkboard lol

  18. Seems like a decent keyboard, but probably not as good as the keyboard I'm getting, which is Ducky x Varmilo MIYA-Pro Panda TKL

  19. The colors of my actual switch aren’t a bright red, but instead are an amber color and it looks really bad (it is really annoying that the pigment is wrong).

  20. Hey Dmitry. Great video as always. I was just wondering about that lovely music track in the beginning of the video at 0:35. What's it called?

  21. Just got GSP 370 and Huntsman mercury + Lancehead mercury .

    You Tried GAME ONE and Game Zero, GSP670 what's your view of sound quality among those ?

  22. I find it wierd how no tech reviewers call out the huntsman for only having one type of switch, for obvious reasons you should be able to get the purple switches and there should be a tactile variant as well

  23. I used it for a little over two months before I couldn’t take the actuation anymore. I went through the whole learning curve and got used to it for gaming and typing as everything mentioned in this video. After plugging in my apex 7 with browns again it’s just such a better experience all around. I would every so often still accidentally hit keys while resting my fingers and it just gets old. I was perfectly happy with it but all it took was trying a slower heavier switch again to know this wasent for me. Sad because it’s a really nice keeb. My thoughts.

  24. Again second characters not iluminated, this is another keyboard fail, keep the bad job razer and yoy will loose more buyers

  25. haha have to disable the sticky keys man… thats on you… but you're really underplaying the sound of this keyboard. It's just awful. This is the most annoying and noisy keyboard I've ever used. Unless you absolutely love clicky keys, don't even bother.

  26. Basically lighter and shorter throw switches doesn't mean better. It's all marketing BS.

    For people bottoming-out looking into tactile or tactile/clicky switches maybe a heavier switch as well that way your fingers learn they don't need to keep smashing the keys. If you do still insist on bottoming-out look into some o-rings and save your fingers.

  27. I thought these red keys were suppose to be quieter than the purple ones. Good thing I didnt blind buy it. The wife bitches when Im gaming and the keys are a bit loud.

  28. I can't use the original huntsman because of the same keyboard stand, when it's on a mouse pad, every time I re-adjust the keyboard position a little bit by pushing it back, the stand collapse.

  29. My issue with my K70 mk2 LP (with silver switches) is the weight of my hands triggering keystrokes. I have tired arthritic hands, so it seemed like a good idea at the time, regret it. I end up with multiple "N" and "T" especially.

  30. I had a huntsman, which I rma'd because it was missing keystrokes. Replaced it with a huntsman elite and… It's better, but it still happens. While I was waiting for the huntsman to ship to razer and the elite to ship back, I was using my 2014 black widow, and had no issues with missing key presses. Tried upgrading synapse 3 (black widow still runs on synapse 2, with my Ouroboros mouse) to no avail. Did you notice any of that?

  31. I had the full 10 key Huntsman. It was a thing of pure joy and luxury to touch. Loved it from its touch/aesthetics (the cold metal frame felt amazing). However two major flaws in it, the accidental button presses would drive me insane. Barely touching a key would cause it to trigger (oh no, you DIDN'T want to jump off that ledge over and over again!? Sorry!!). Secondly, it broke. Sorry but I've abused keyboards for years and never had an issue. One of my keyboards lasted me through nearly 12 years of heavy abuse (drunken Uni spills, 6 house moves, being dropped, bashed, food smushed into it) but this one was treated like nothing short of a show piece and broke after just a few months of use, like fully FU I no longer work kind of not working.

    Also… don't use it when there are other people in the room (like me, sorry wife and kids) it's a bit of a di**ish move because it is extraordinarily loud. Personally I thought it sounded fab and was the reason I wanted it, for proper long haul report and book writing but it's genuinely awful for anyone else in the room.. or house.

  32. As cool as this is, it's too expensive for me. I ended up going with the gmmk during black Friday, 85€ for a full size with even a wrist rest is honestly a FAR better deal

  33. I'd rather buy a Corsair for $50. Seriously, keyboards are keyboards. It's not like a mouse where getting a certain kind will actually be noticeable. People seriously need to stop paying this much for a keyboard, it's nowhere near worth that kind of money

  34. i''m considering changing my keyboard,my biggest concern is most newer version of gaming keyboard seems to use metal/aluminium plate
    Since my house electricity is not grinded,would i get unnecessary shocked from electric current??
    maybe someone can help me with this issue

  35. So guys, I've never owned a mechnical keyboard since until 2017. Till now I've used ONLY Cherry MX Browns. I'm wondering if I should try this keyboard as my keyboard is starting to degrade. Should I upgrade my keyboard to this which has a different type of switch, or upgrade my Razer DeathAdder Elite that I got in 2017, to the Razer Viper Ultimate? Also I even misclick with browns if that affects you guys' opinion*

  36. Guys what do you think I should get? Razer huntsmen, ducky one 2 Mecha mini, a matrix keyboard (one of the new ones) or vorte3x poker? I have no idea what to choose

  37. the weight of my fingers are enough to accidentally click any 45g switch, that being said I can only use 60g black switches.

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