Razer Opens Its Largest Concept Store in Bangkok

Razer, the company that produces gaming laptops,
gamepads, audio equipment and other hardware, just opened its third concept store in Bangkok,
Thailand. The 180 square meter store is a dream for
anyone into gaming. Located in a high-end mall, it is stocked with a feast of products
from the company, including its super thin Razer gaming laptops, Xbox accessories, colorful
mice and keyboards and more. Razer, which was valued at more than one billion
US dollars following an investment from Intel last year, has concept stores in Taiwan and
Manila, but its new addition in Bangkok is its largest location yet. The idea is simple:
it’s a place where consumers can test out Razer products without having to buy them,
while these stores also designed to be hangouts where gamers can meet up and play. So, while
you can’t buy products, Razer just wants you to come there and chill. The Razer brand is particularly strong among
fans of massively multiplayer online games, or MMOs for short. Products like Razer’s
Nagato, Anansi, Tartarus are build with support for buttons and styles that help improve gamers’
play. The Razer Naga Hex, which looks like a crazy combination of a mouse and a keyboard,
perhaps best embodies that focus on what gamers need to play the games that they love better. Razer CEO Tan told us that the company is
working to open concept stores in the US and Europe, but regulations and red tape have
held things up a little. So hopefully, for Razer fans, you shouldn’t have too much
longer to wait.

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