Razer Phone – The Ultimate Gaming Phone!

Hey, how’s it going? Dave2D here. So Razer just announced their new product, the Razer Phone. And I’ve been using their engineering sample for a little bit, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts with you guys now I don’t feel like it was an unexpected product announcement they did purchase the Nextbit company a little while ago and if you don’t remember them they made the Robin phone this was an Interesting phone, I felt like it was one of my favorite looking phones from last year But it fell short on the technical perspective the razer phone is a completely different beast in terms of the insides It’s got similar aesthetics I mean it’s boxy and it’s got I dunno the same kind of vibe to it. Now the Robin was a colorful plastic phone But the razer phone is black. It’s all metal and feels very tanky squared off corners with a very beefy feel to the device It’s got an industrial look, but it’s comfortable to use. The Razer logo is on the back And it’s pretty subtle it’s black and silver nothing crazy, and it’s not lit with RGB or anything like that There is if I’m not mistaken a limited edition Green logo that you can get like if you’re one of the earlier adopters you can pick up one with a green Razer logo Which is kind of cool the buttons on this thing are really nice. It’s a very tactile click when you press it You can really feel when it activates and the fingerprint scanner is just like on the Robin side-mounted power switch with the fingerprint scanner built-in It looks kind of small because the power button is just this oval instead of a circle, but it works fast and it’s reliable. It is a flagship phone, it’s running the Snapdragon 835 which is a really capable processor It’s got 64 gigs of storage expandable with micro sd and I haven’t been able to test the cameras But the back is running two 12 megapixel shooters one shoots wide one shoots zoomed They’re both mounted top left with a little bit of a protrusion the selfie cam up front is 8 megapixels But let’s switch gears and talk about what makes this phone Special and the first thing is the screen this is a 5.7 inch screen It’s an igzo panel wide color gamut, but it’s 120 Hertz now This isn’t the first phone out there with 120 Hertz panel But because it’s razer and because their products are usually geared towards gaming. This is gonna make for an amazing Gaming experience high refresh rate on mobile devices is not common But when you combine that with a fast processor you get a really smooth Visual experience you’re able to see twice as any frames as before so every animation or movement in games Or just even the UI will look really clean now. This is something That’s hard to showcase in my YouTube videos because I shoot at 24 frames per second And this is happening at 120 frames per second But even the system UI feels incredibly smooth and games that can support the high refresh rate are gonna look awesome The speaker’s up front are really good They’re stereo speakers one on each side and they’re front-facing so it’s just really good location. They get loud There’s dual amplifiers in here and the sound quality is quite good. There’s no headphone jack though There’s a USB C port for both charging and for use PC headphones But they also include an adapter for use PC to the regular 3.5 millimeter jack There is also a THX certified DAC in here for really high quality Audio output this thing has eight gigs of ram which is a ton there’s a lot of laptops and even desktops that still have eight gigs of ram and whether or not It’s useful really depends on how razer manages the memory if they have a really aggressive memory management Then it won’t be but I feel like they’ll just let the apps sit in memory And I’ll be fine because it has so much memory They also have a big battery in here 4000mAh and supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0+ We’re looking at a 50% charge in less than 15 minutes It’s quite impressive so 4000mAh power battery with quick charge time Can’t go around with that right phone overall is quite impressive. The specs are really cool I mean the 120 Hertz panel looks. It looks nice as for the pricing 700 bucks It’s not the cheapest phone, but with hardware like this. You kind of expect it to be at that price I’m gonna be doing a more thorough review once I get my retail unit in just kind of spend more time with it But that’s basically it a first look at the razer phone. Okay. Hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you liked it subs if You loved it. See you guys next time

100 thoughts on “Razer Phone – The Ultimate Gaming Phone!

  1. This thing has some pretty impressive specs and it feels like a reasonable price for the hardware they've stuffed in there. Thanks for watching!

  2. “This is going to make for an amazing gaming experience”

    Man I can’t wait to see how many fps I can get in candy crush max settings!

  3. For the people who want the wallpaper on the TV behind Dave, here it is:


  4. It dope but i feel like they pussyasses could have added a headphone jack. Stupidass motherfuckers, they needa fire their engineers

  5. vainglory will launch 5v5 this february with 120fps . yeah considering the best mobile games do that will make this phone super awesome

  6. Meh I have its good but the camera sucks has lots of problems, when watching youtube it'll flash blue every now and then doesn't bother me, sound is really really good, cheap if u get it on Amazon about $$600 better then like $$800 other than that a really good phone if you can get past some of issues.

  7. Newest iphones are better for gaming (maybe not for speakers) but have you ever seen the difference between ios pubg mobile, and android pubg mobile for instance? For some reason graphics in newest games are more optimized for ios

  8. PC gamers: NBA players
    Console gamers: College players
    Laptop Gamers: Street Ballers
    Smartphone gamers: Fucking 10 year olds wearing Steph Curry gears who can't even dribble.

  9. Best Buy has it on sale for $499 it's on clearance I just picked up two of them Samsung Galaxy note 9 killer

  10. Mine got poor wifi and LTE performance compared to my iphone 7 🙁 I cannot maximize my online gaming experience due to the wifi/lte connectivity issues 🙁

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