Recensione adattatore Aukey VGA-HDMI

Hi to all YouTube friends! I am Fabio and today we are going to review a simple Aukey product. It is a VGA-HDMI adapter, very useful if we want to restore old monitors and do a kind of multitasking with Windows. For example if I want to show the file explorer window I can show it in a main monitor and a secondary monitor. In this way we can optimize work times; I also know that it is used for certain gaming sessions. Well, all this then we will see it later, but now I show you the product, the unboxing, and then I will give you advice on the purchase. Aukey packages all its products in cute cardboard boxes, an ecological move that all companies should adopt. The adapter is protected in a biodegradable plastic bag, then we rightly find the guarantee of 24 months, to apply it, simply register the product in your account and another benefit of this leaflet is the sticker, which not everyone is aware of. Finally, the user manual with different languages ​​available, including our Italian. The installation is immediate, just take a VGA cable, usually they have the blue head that allows, thanks to the screws, to hook firmly to the connection. Connect everything, turn on your secondary monitor and you’re done. The utility that I chose in sharing the operating system with a second monitor is the expansion mode, which allows you to add a copy of the main screen in order to better organize the windows. These are some examples that I show you with the file explorer, really recommended for those who manage multiple things at the same time, also used for games from what I have seen. Well for this video it’s all, if you are interested you can click on the link at the bottom of the description to buy the product on Amazon. Quality is guaranteed at Aukey, even in things that may seem obvious.

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  1. Ciao, grazie di essere passato dal mio canale, nel mio piccolo cerco di ricambiare 🙂 Hai davvero un bel canale, continua cosi. Saluti

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