100 thoughts on “Red Sun Rising – Deathwish (Official Music Video)

  1. 0:45 the onscreen captions say "its stinging" but in the description it says "its the end"


  2. Literally had a panic attack over this but I love the song, I was crying and hyperventilating while adding it to my playlist

  3. I really couldn't care less that all the humans died but the dog made me cry because reminded me of when my golden retriever died so red sun rising I give you the middle finger for eternity.

  4. Forza did the same thing with me. HORIZON XS'S Malcom doesn't lie.

    Oh and go to this stamp to ignore the start commentary= 0:13

  5. He said " no one here can save us"
    There is one that can.
    That's all I have to say about that. You know who I'm speaking of. That's how you know it's true. I love you all still reading. It's true. It's a death wish culture tonight. Pray for the dawn.

  6. i actually personally know the singer, and my mom does too. i really like this song. its probably one of my favorites by rsr!

  7. I absolutely love this song but can no longer watch the video, mainly because of the dog. I'll just start crying immediately. But – I think, every once in a good while – we all need some doses of stuff like this, so we don't take things for granted.

  8. I'm curious about the flower with eye. 20+ years ago I created a clamation of the flower metamorphasing from the earth. I even ended the claymation with blood splater(s). The similarities are impeccable. Love it .

  9. I mean, again…REALLY? The 'outro' is💩.
    Actually, yeah, this is total-pooh. Like, completely 💩. Thanx 4 playing. Knowing this mess is out there, makes me sad. S M F H🙄

  10. I when first heard this song in 2018. I didn’t realize how deep the songs meaning is now coming back I realize the meaning is much more.

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