Remote and Multi-User Access | NETSCOUT OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet

Hello I’m Mike Pennacchi owner of Network
Protocol Specialists LLC. As you may have seen in other videos I’ve done on the
OptiView XG there are many features I have found to assist me in quickly
resolving network problems. In this video I’m going to discuss the remote and
multi-user capabilities of the OptiView XG. Most portable analysis tools are
single user. If you want to leave the analyzer in a wiring closet and access
it from your desk you need to remote desktop into it. This is where the OptiView
XG is different from the rest. Instead of using remote desktop to
access it you can download the remote user interface from the web server built
into the OptiView XG. What is the advantage of using the remote user interface over
RDP? First, the OptiView XG supports up to 32 simultaneous remote connections. This means that the OptiView XG can be the troubleshooting platform for the entire
team each doing different analysis tasks. In addition, a single analyst can have
multiple sessions going to the same OptiView XG this way you can analyze
multiple routers and switches at the same time. The second advantage is the
efficiency of the communication between the remote user interface and the OptiView XG. There have been a number of times where I’ve conducted an entire class
using an OptiView located thousands of miles away. In a customer environment,
this means the OptiView can be shipped out to a remote office and
accessed from the main location. By shipping me OptiView and not the
analyst you get the troubleshooting resources on site quickly and
economically. Yet another advantage of the remote user interface is all the
interface customization saved to each analyst computer. This means I can
customize the interface to meet my needs while not impacting the interface of any
of the other analysts. When I save reports and trace files they are saved
directly to my computer, saving the time required to transfer the
files from the OptiView XG to my computer. The OptiView XG is not a single user
resource between the support for concurrent access to the discovery and
analysis resources and the efficiency of the communications between the remote
user interface and the OptiView XG. It is my go-to tool for performing remote
analysis. [To learn more about how the OptiView XG can help you troubleshoot
your network problems please visit]

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