Removing and Replacing the Graphics Card on the OMEN by HP Accelerator PC | HP OMEN | HP

To remove the graphics card, first remove the top cover. Detach the power connector from the graphics card. Note the connector has a latch that must be squeezed to remove the connector. If a long graphics card is installed in the
unit, detach the two Phillips number two screws for the VGA bracket, and pull the bracket out of the unit. Use a slender-barreled screwdriver to loosen the captured single Phillips number two screw at the rear of the unit that secures the graphics card to the unit. Press down on the graphics card latch to release the graphics card and carefully pull the graphics card out of the unit. To replace the graphics card, carefully press the graphics card back into its slot on the I/O motherboard until it is correctly seated. Tighten the captured rear Phillips number
two screw to secure the graphics card to the unit. If the graphics card installed is a long graphics card, place the VGA bracket against the rear edge of the card. Secure the VGA bracket with its two Phillips number two screws. Replace the power connector to the graphics card.

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  1. hello, I have the omen and it works great for e-gpu activities. but units plugged into the usb hub, and the internal ssd that i put in it isn't detected. when i tried downloading the firmware for the omen from hp's website, it wouldn't install. solutions to this?

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