Repairing a No Display PC . 5 Beeps Motherboard Capacitors Problem

today i got this HP PC . it has no Display in its own GPU or in the external GPU Let’s Remove all the connectors from the Motherboard Remove all the Motherboard Screws After Removing all the Screws take the board out Here is our Problem .. this Capacitors are Burned and the processor voltages are not stable Let’s remove this housing to desolder the defective Capacitors Let’s take the Capacitors out and replace them with new This are all 6.3V 1800uF Capacitors i didn’t have all the 7 – 6.3V 1800uF so i replaced them with some 6.3v 1500uF. it should work just fine 😀 This are the bad ones let’s put it all together and see if we have any Display or if the Processor runs oooppppssss i’ll put some thermal paste later , i don’t want to spend it if this PC doesn’t run connect all the Wires Let’s Power it Up looks good ,, also the HDD is Spinning 😀 connect a monitor and Format it to Windows 7 😀 Thank you For Watching 🙂

10 thoughts on “Repairing a No Display PC . 5 Beeps Motherboard Capacitors Problem

  1. Hello my friend, I have a problem My Computer on power up, it emits 5 beats and the video does not appear. Will it be my processor? help me

  2. bro how to satting the 5beep?? can you help me?
    and whatapp me +60127144806 pleas…you help the me…one day any people hlep you back bro…

  3. so it's a processor related problem or processor capacitors problem, i have the same problem and my processor is only 7 months use core i5 7500 so should it be mobo?, although mobo is 7 months use also

  4. in america ,only 50 people from each states would consider doing that, and the rest buy a NEW pc LoL,

  5. My brand new gaming pc is having this issue, it is literally brand new and idk why it’s doing this, it has a gigabyte mother board

  6. my pc had 5x beep, my motherboard is H81M-VG4 R2.0 and i5 4460 processor, but after 15 sec of letting it turned off then i turn it on again it works. im wondering what is wrong with my pc

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