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  1. A bunch of friends have used MSI motherboards forever. I build my first pc and the MSI board I purcchased had a bent pin. I fixed it… and ended up switching to the ASUS z390. scrapped the 7700k for an 8700k. Pretty happy so far. Plus I could give the mobo and cpu to a friend to build his own.

  2. you ever just want to get an old motherboard or cpu and just bend the pins on purpose

    some men just want to watch the world burn

  3. This is common problem .I also have got similar problem when i made slight mistake of putting the CPU back to its socket after i just clean the pc.

  4. Hello. First of all I would to mention the fact that I lack of this type of knowledge. I have a motherboard which might be dead. When I turn my pc on, I hear 2 beeps (2 short ones) and nothing appears I the screen. Fans and psu is working but nothing happens. I went to a technician and told me that the motherboard is dead. What do you think guys?

  5. I went to clean my mothers PC because it just stopped working one day, and the pins are just all bent like crazy, and it came like that from the dell store! I have no idea on how it was working previously. Ridiculous that they would sell us a PC with bent pins like that.

  6. i wih i seen your video 2 months ago when i put the LGA cap back in the wrong way and bent pins and got so angry and smashed the motherboard

  7. Is it possible for a pin to bend with the cpu installed? Recently my pc has stopped using a stick of ram and i was told it could be a bent pin, but i dont see how it could get bent without the cpu being touched.

  8. Year and a half after this video my rampage v ed.10 stoped working. Took it out just now and looks like the cooler was too tight and like all the pins are slightly bent. I've never seen that….
    I plan on seeing if an insulin syringe needle with a rounded off tip will fit around individual pins to straighten them out. Otherwise it is ruined, so might as well try. Ironicly it had been running a 6850k at a stable 4.6ghz.
    So maybe something else is wong too.
    Meanwhile a maximus xi formula and 9900k is going in.

  9. I truly think us people that build computers need to let our voice be heard. Especially when comes to this damage. The board manufactures should take responsibility and fix/replace boards still under warranty.Or at least sell all the replacement parts like the socket so can be fixed

  10. Mechanical pencil with the lead removed works good also, the opening is just the right size to fit the pin inside and bend it back.

  11. So… dont use a pick.

    That's bad advice.

    Use a pin, long, with a ball on the end. A plastic little ball.

    That's is the best thing to use for doing this.

    I have fixed way more sockets than Linus has, without a doubt. Trust me on this one. You want something you can do small movements with.

    This allows for big movements potentially. It's bad practice.

  12. hi love your show i live in south africa i have gaming board so i did clear it yesterday now no more beeping and displayed need heip please

  13. Linus please help repair my ASUS RAMPAGE V EXTREME X99 motherboard that has 3-4 bent pins. I would really love to get this board to work for a computer build..

  14. Imagine when the pins were on the chip, PGA that AMD still uses. Just straight pins that you have to line up with the socket on the motherboard. And they are a real headache. There is no "close enough". It's perfect or it isn't going to go into place, and you probably just bent more pins trying. Main reason that I defected from AMD, which was all I used for years.

  15. usually the pins really are not bent just out of alignment, if you take a hotdog stick clean it and use it to lightly brush your cpu socket pins in the direction they look like they want to lay. if you do this very lightly they will move a little at a time, till they line back up.

  16. I have motherboard with two Grahpic slots and i give there two grahpic card and i doesnt want to have 2 gpu so i want to give it out i screw out and do everythink so i have to push slot and it stop equiping gpu and it isnt want out so i give it out of motherboard with slot and i destroyd motherboard so funny and sad

  17. Hey Linus take a look at this video and tell me if you have ever tried it – you might try it at least once

  18. Linus I've been watching your videos for about a year now. My pc would boot up everything connected everything running fine. But the monitor was showing no signal. When I was about to give up hope, I said to myself I should try this one last thing, I wiped my manly tears and gave it a try and it worked, I don't know how it worked but it did. Because of this everything is all working the way it should be. Thank You so Fricken Much.

  19. I have an otherwise new z97 board with a lot of bent pins. Never used it. Friend gave it to me after he seated a proc incorrectly. Maybe I'll try to fix it.

  20. Hey linus. I know this video is over a year old but doing what you shown in this video helped save my pc.. I took my cpu out to deep clean my pc and accidently bent a few pins putting it back together and the pc wouldn't boot at all. After following your steps it's back up and running again. Pc shop near me said it would be £120 to repair even though its an old 775 socket board. Tha ks so much for this video as I said it saved my pc and me alot of money 🙂 keep up the awesome work and try not to drop any more cpus 😉

  21. What if it has the plastic peace on it but the CPU itself is bent?. Does the plastic pieace protect it from vents and only bents the CPU?

  22. ASUS sent me back a replacement Sabertooth X99 motherboard with bent pins. It works and I'm typing this on that very system but it pissed me off because if I sent them a board with that damage I would have likely been SOL. I called them as soon as I got it and demanded they at least note the database so that in the event I have to have it replaced again I'm not SOL.

    I have this same ASUS ZE X399 motherboard. I hope I never have to do this as I don't have steady hands…

  23. Question, how can you bend a pin in the middle of CPU contact, after it is installed, theoretically correctly?

  24. I had like 5 or 6 BADLY bent pins on my motherboard… I used a magnifying glass and pointy end tweezers… I don't know how I did it, I'm usually the most goofy and unprecise guy ever… but I resurrected the motherboard 😀

  25. i was in a pinch and used my eyes a pocket knife and nothing to hold it but my hand and guess what im typing this comment on lol

  26. I try to fix my socket pins with a toothpick,, and I accidentally remove 2pins but when I test it, it still works

  27. I wish there was a bent socket warrenty, cause dumbasses like myself could accidentally bend the pins. Human error is just shitty like that

  28. Thank you Linus, just finished recovering my Asus H170 Pro Gaming, it was dead since I shipped from Jakarta to Mumbai last year.
    got to technician shop got the simple answer, socket is damaged need to replace the mother board. just than happen to watch your video and whoa… I did manage to recover..
    I used my Samsung S8 plus Camera in video mode with full zoom to see the bent pins and used a needle to fiddle around with 2 of them to align.
    thanks a lot mate… you rock.

  29. I like to use a mechanical pencil, the tip is hollow with a very small diameter, you just kinda push slowly and move it up and down, this is the only way to fix a pin I know of that gets "folded" also where a knife does not help.

  30. I managed to fix my bent pins using this and a couple of other videos. One tip I would give is to use pointed forceps as they have the right mass/size, and of course a good magnifying glass. Its not too hard actually.
    I still have to try out the video card baking idea. Would a heat gun do?

  31. My GA-Z290X-DESIGNARE board had some memory problems and I discovered it had bent pins. I used a SIM tool to straighten them, so thanks.

  32. intel sockets scare me, because of this. I cant see during installation if a pin was bent or not, where as amd you can see the pin's going into there coordinated slots. My PC has been working fine for about a week now so im guessing its good. Wont know untill i pry it back apart an eyeball it, Intel's sockets leave plenty of margin for failure that's for sure. Least they could do is isolate the contacts from each other instead of a big open socket… Diff not a socket for first timers, One shaky linus hand is all it takes to wreck the entire board.

  33. My new Gigabyte arouse xtreme x399 motherboard showing code 00 or D0 but amd 2990 wx cpu is warming up and no post screen anyone can help me out how to identify problem with cpu or gpu

  34. what about when you have a asus motherboard with error 00, and it doesn't show anything into the monitor, how can be fixed??

  35. Using medicle needles is best. they are ultra fine and hollow in the middle. you can get them in different sides and are very good and handling the pins… not just moving them around but other things. unbending them and so on.

  36. i had to do that to a motherboard bought on ebay after get refunded i thought there is nothing to lose so …luky me its working

  37. holy shit my A slot ram weren't working and I was about to buy a new motherboard. I remember this video so I came into it and I did had a bent pin. This video really saved me a lot of money thank you Linus!

  38. Okay, so I have a Leader (its an Australian brand) Visionary 8650 (i think) from 2008. It has a MSI X58M. It WAS working two years ago…..but one day it decided not to post ANYTHING. No bios, no screen, not even bios beeps. Yesterday, i tried to fix it. I got the thing to actually turn on and turn off. Everything seemed fine, hard drive was connected, CPU was DEFINITELY connected cause i could feel the heat from it, GPU was working as well….except I didnt hear a single bios beep. Does anyone here think that over so many power surges and outages that the bios chip has been fried so nothing posts?

  39. this video saved me. lol. had 2 bent pins on my z370-a courtesy of the tech at a nearby pc shop. -_- fixed them with a sewing pin and booting fine now 🙂

  40. When I was building my PC, I used the stock cooler (Ryzen 2600X), and stock thermal compound. I had to remove it because my motherboard was defective, and when I released the cooler, it ripped the CPU out of the socket because the thermal compound was so tacky. I was lucky to have as few bent pins as I did, considering the force with which it came out of the socket (it managed to bend the metal cage on the way out). I legend I know spent 3 hours with a flathead screwdriver realigning all of the pins, and now it works perfectly (also I'm never removing the CPU again, because he would hardly want to do it twice).

  41. Hmmm I have two banks of Dimm slots that don't seem to work on my x399 board….guess its time to get the magnifying lens out…

  42. I REALLY thank YOU 4 this video. After 4 days, i solved my issue.
    Sorry for my english, simply YHANK YOU!!!!👍👍👍

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