Retro Gaming With an old Laptop using only a USB Stick & Batocera

Hello I am Calm Cal welcome to the third
part of improve or re-use your tired laptop let’s get straight into this it’s
going to be a long video type this in the address line for the Batocera Linux site
this is the software were using which is a light operating system specifically
created for emulation it states on the website this can be used or installed
onto a USB stick and work alongside your current PC setup without altering the
settings if this is how you want to run this software then you will have to go
into your BIOS setting and change the drive boot order to start with the USB
first instead of your current drive I am running this instead of a hard drive and
had to make other changes which I will get to later so Kodi is built into this
software too – these instructions guide you into what version to download if your
computer has a 32 or 64-bit architecture you will need to select the correct
version this is also available to download for single board computers such
as the Raspberry Pi there are a lot of systems this software
can emulate here is an extensive list this software is current and is updated
when improvements are made the latest version here is March this year 2019 my
laptop is 64-bit to download this software select download from here or
here or if you want to know more explore the different tabs instead for further
information I’m going to select download at the end
of this line the file will be compressed into a zip file and takes a couple of
minutes to download and will appear in the Downloads folder if you click the
install tab it gives you instructions and helpful info and how to install this
software also there’s a link here for the software recommended to use which is
“Etcher” so if you haven’t already installed this you will need to I will
have a video covering this and other great free software to install on your
new PC here is a link for this Windows 10 hides a few things including file
extensions get this back by selecting view and tick these two boxes to show
more information on files extending this box here shows me that the file is a dot
GZ type file which is a compressed file we need to turn this back to normal size
select extract here, I always use 7-zip for this type of thing it is the best in
my opinion and it will extract to this download folder I will leave a link in
the description for 7-zip and for the other video on how to install it great
free software to install on a new PC plugged that twice now this will be part of it
along with SD card formatter which I’m using next I am going to format my USB
stick link in the description for this software if you are using a previously
used USB stick I suggest using overwrite format if
it’s new you can just use quick format I always select override format but that’s
just me when ready select format when finished it will display the file
structure which is fat32 you can see here it’s supposed to be 16 gigabytes
but it never seems to show the correct volume size, click OK and then start up
Etcher when you start up Etcher and you select image it will automatically open
a window so that you can find your file you want to make sure we’re
selecting the right file here cuz we’ve got two make sure you select the IMG
file and not the compressed file so click on here
and then we just want to make sure if we’re writing to the right drive the USB
stick which is Drive letter F in this instance so we’re just making sure we’ve
got the right one we just close this window just double check it’s not any other
drive letters let’s close this window and then we’re ready just select
flash right now it will flash the information
to the USB stick once it’s flashed it will then double
check it you’ll go through a validation process next it’ll go all the way up to
hundred percent when its ready it will say complete or finished there is it’s
got it there one successful device, one flash complete we’ll close this window
and I will take out the USB stick so we just click on this upward angle here
right click on this one click to open devices and then we’ll right click on
the data traveller and then press select remove device and then yes, and
close this window all right so when we reboot the computer we need to get into
the BIOS so in order to do this on mine it’s pressing f2 repeatedly while
were turning the computer on what I need to do is change this UEFI to legacy mode so
I’ve gone through to the boots menu at the top using the cursor keys and I’ve
pressed enter and I need to change this to legacy supports that’s what we’re
going to do now we need to save this information so you’ll see here so I need
to press f10 to save and exit so I’m just pressing f10 now I want to save
these changes and select yes – that’s the SSD out this is the USB stick which
we’re going to run everything on I’m just going to put the case back on I’m
not going to bother putting the screws in yet what I am going to do is plug in power and
also internet connection just in case it needs to pull any files I also have a USB
stick that I’ll plug in there and then I’m just going to turn it on, this is gonna be first boot something just popped up the first boost will take a little while
should be patient what it’s doing is expanding all the information on the USB
stick and an image first time and a couple of times booting up it’ll just be a little bit slow first of all takes time packaging and unpackaging, this is
booting up alright you see we’ve got no sound here so we’re just navigating
through using the cursor keys wanna do is try make things easy see whether it’s
already programmed for the ps4 controller just plugged it in and it is – so on this
first boot we’ve not got any sound so I’m gonna rectify that so plugged in my
ps4 controller to the USB port I’m gonna press this button here I’ve brought up
this system and we’ve got sound settings down here so I’m gonna put system volume
all the way up to the top and it’s not working on auto so were gonna have a look to see what else there is.. and I think that’s it so select that one and then press
back oh had a little bit of sound then now we’ve got sound! sometimes that won’t happen unless you reboot so you get like a little message where it gives like a
little sound out and it’ll say reboot and then you just press the other button
and then put restart system or shut down system and then restart it yourself
by pressing the bottom okay so we’re gonna do now is configure a controller
because on the PlayStation 4 it’s setup as this button or this keypad here and I
prefer the joystick so I’m just gonna reconfigure it so I’m just gonna press
down a button there we go so instead of selecting the keypad or joypad I’m gonna
use that as the the joystick so up, down left right so the joystick I’m gonna use as the joy pad so up and then left and this joystick to have as the other one so up and
then left and then this configuration here you can see the circles are filled
in so I’m just gonna follow what it is on this PlayStation 4 controller so A’s
gonna be the circle B’s going to be X and then X is gonna be triangle and Y
it was gonna be square start gonna have for the right hand button select is gonna be
left hand button page up is gonna be L1 L2 R2 L3 R3 and then the
hotkey is gonna be a button here and then press okay that’s it all set up so set up
one here rather than these ones cool and next were gonna add some games, there are some games here but not many like super Nintendo, Kong just load that up make sure it works start by pressing this button if you’ve got any arcade games & you need
to add credit that’s gonna be this button left hand side button sure make
sure it controls okay you go and the jump button is the x button
everything just moving smooth, I’ll just get to the top or hopefully get to the top, I said it didn’t I okay so we’ll come after then we’ll press this button
and then this button okay I just got some games I’ve got some games on this
USB stick though first we shouldn’t put that into the USB ports there to access
the menu for the games we’ve got a press F1 so on mine function and 1 right so I’ve got the USB stick here as called voodoo so got it
here find where I’ve put the roms I know got one for PC engine so I’m going to do is
just highlight that press ctrl + C or you can right-click and copy and then go
to the roms folder inside here and find pc engine which is here what I do is
just right click and then select paste that’s popped a copy there
– back to my USB stick so back into other spectrum we got renegades
so ctrl + C and then back into roms so it’s called ZX spectrum
on here so I’m just gonna go into that one right
click and then paste so I’m just gonna close this up to file and then close
window right so now to access those we need to refresh the game’s list here so
got a controller, right hand side button and to game setting and then select update game lists and then yes, that’s just done a refresh what we got we got and pc-engine
so theres three games in here now sometimes when you add them it takes a
little bit of time to actually access them so I think generating files as its going
along so press here splatter house
there we go straight away nice press this one
start the game show a bit of gameplay show its working okay so it’s working fine no lagg no
nothing I’m really impressed with this emulation to be honest so I’ll just come out of here just press and hold these two buttons down just come back out a bit oh spectrum – okay just go into there one game available target renegade – press X first time so what we need here. I think these pads are set up for Kempston on the spectrum so we’ll have
to get to control options which is number three you cant press number 3
on this keyboard here so you need to do is bring up the keyboard spectrum keyboard I think its this one yeah
it’s this button here we need to do is select number three so just using arrows
select number three press circle so it’s selected number three so we need to
select number three again for Kempston so I’ll press this button here and then
it’s already on three so it’s circle to select on here it’s asking for player
two options so we’ll set them for the keyboard but we need to press number one
so the press this button here to bring up the spectrum keyboard go across to
number one select that now all we need to do is start up on play game
so we’ll go to number one so bring up the keyboard up again and select one
that should start one of the best games on the spectrum this is – we’ll come out of there I will just show you though is if you’re trying
to emulate a certain system and it’s not going well you might need to enter
some more files – in missing bios’s a certain system say what we doing
Nintendo 64 it might need this one file to run
properly and it shows you where to put this file in order for it to make it run
into the rom folders say something that you want to emulate or find games
for in each one there’s an info file It gives you a little bit of an indication
of what kind of files it will run there’s just something to look at there
for you as well there’s one of those in most of the different roms folders
gives you indication of what you need to find I just thought I’d show you a bit
of a faster paced game remember this is all running from a USB stick there’s no
no hard drive in this computer so if you’ve got an old laptop and you don’t know what to do with it. might be Windows 10 is a bit too much for it maybe
Windows 7 is a bit too much for it maybe Windows overall is a bit too much for
it, maybe you’ll be able to do something similar to the laptop like what I’m doing here so don’t let these bits of machinery go to waste my name is Cal have a good morning afternoon or good evening farewell til
next time and I will see you later!

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  1. Let me know if you want me to do any follow up video's on this or if there are any questions, enjoy retro gaming 😁👍
    ** Update : Website has changed ** – new site:

    Video how to install Batocera to your internal hard drive using this USB stick – Internet connection with device required:

  2. where can i download it? it doesnt seem to show that download button in web link in your discription can u help me?

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