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Hello everybody! This is Calum from Tekuben. Today we’re in
Rainier National Park. This is the beautiful Sunrise Lake right below us
with the valley and trees and…it’s a lovely sight. Today we are going to take a
look at what’s in my hand, which is a Fjallraven 15-inch laptop backpack. Pretty
excited to take a look at our first Fjallraven. We’ve seen these in the wild and,
over the last couple years, and it just seems like it’s getting more and more
popular so we decided to get it and take a look for ourselves and see if it’s worth the hype. Right off the bat as soon as we got this we appreciated the
material. We can feel it’s very solid. Fjallraven claims that it will not easily pick up
dust and dirt and scratches. Essentially, it’s tough, it’s durable. Fjallraven is a
Swedish company. Swedish outdoor apparel and gear company so it’s good to see
that this is tough. The other thing we like about it right off the bat is
the classic lines and we think this is why it’s gained so much popularity over
the years. It’s simple, it’s no-frills. Elements of the bag, the way they designed it
such as the X-mount on the back is meant to help you relieve backache when you’re
wearing this backpack for long periods of time. Little details such as this
button hook so that when you have…this strap pulled up you can actually button
this in to keep it nice and tidy. You’ll notice I have an Osprey Daylite here
and one of my complaints about is that there’s just too many straps so I wish it has something like this too. So it’s very considerate of them, and once
you do get it on you, it’s not like there’s a lot of excess strap there. So you’re not going to have this swinging around. What sets the laptop backpack apart from the other
Fjallraven Kankens… – and if you’re thinking ‘Oh that’s how you say it’, I’m not
so sure myself it’s just the way I think it sounds, or it’s supposed to be pronounced –
but what’s special about the laptop backpacks is the fact that it
has a laptop sleeve. Now this one is for a 15 inch laptop. They also have one, I
believe for 17 inches and a 13-inch laptop backpack as well. the only
difference is just literally the height of the bag. Everything else about
it is the same. Now, this one that we have here is the Ox Red. There’s like five
different reds and 20 different colors overall so you can definitely find a
color that suits you. There’s a small pocket in the front.
Going to test this out here by putting in, let’s see…a cell phone: my Blackberry, maybe
some car keys and just take a look and see how…two sets of keys…receipts all
that stuff just to see how it will all fit in. So, that shouldn’t be a problem there. Now we have a pillow in here just to give this bag some form. Before we take the pillow
out, notice how they have a water bottle
slots on either side. It’s not elastic though so I’m not quite sure how usable this
is. It’s certainly not going to fit a water bottle right now once it’s… since it’s packed now. I am going to take us out
so we can take a look at the inside of it and I haven’t thought about what I’m going to
do with the pillow now but on the inside again very clean very simple classic.
This Kanken was designed as a school backpack so you know it’s still kind of
maintains that character you put your name your address your contact number of
whoever gets lost someone can return it back to you. Here you have that sleeve with a padding. I’m not quite sure if you just take this out. I think if you do you
still have enough padding in the back so you can take this out, I guess for, you
know, your folders, your binders, whatever you want to keep flat. Now it does open, as you can tell, like that. So it’s a wide opening where you can easily pack things in and
just for purposes of demonstration… I’m going to throw my Osprey Daylite…I’m going to have you carry my pillow… thank you very much, and we’re going to
put the Osprey Daylite that I have into this backpack and then we’re going
to see if this fits with the hat and all. Now this backpack has a sunscreen lotion, it has a battery pack. There’s a muffin in there somewhere. A granola bar, two bottles of water and I think that’s about… Oh! And a pack of trail mix. So…roughly gives you an idea of how much it can pack right? So let’s see if this will fit in here… We do…it does seem like it will. There…now, it’s two zippers…U-shape or U-line. And it looks like it does. There you go. And the other thing I really like about it is the handles. You’ll notice there’s two of them, one in the back, one in the front. Unlike some of the backpacks that
only have one handle in the back, when you pick it up, it’s kind of lopsided. Here you have better balance. Just keep in mind when you’re…right
before you’re wearing this, if you don’t want it to open up like this, you can tie it
together or button them together, rather, with this thing… that I’m sure I can get to work here… …and, voila! The nice Arctic Fox logo there. So there it is! Yeah, it can fit a lot. Still seems like
there’s a little bit of room for that laptop if you want to put it back in there.
And there’s our look at the Fjallraven 15-inch Kanken laptop backpack… There you go! Please take a look at our channel. We’re
going to have a few more Kankens that we’re going to look at and also check out our
other videos that we have. Thank you very much for watching, enjoy
the view. Shout out to… Brazil!

45 thoughts on “Review: Fjallraven Kanken 15″ Laptop Backpack |

  1. Nice video! Only the 13 inch is not same as the 15 and 17 inch ones, because the 13 inch doesn't have a seperated laptop sleeve

  2. a very informative review. thank you! i have been considering getting the 15 inch backpack, so this is helpful. the padding gives the backpack its shape, and i guess it's optional depending on how many things you pack in the bag. it can also be used as a small cushion to sit on if you're outdoors or something.

  3. is this definitely ox blood because it a much deeper colour than all other videos I've searched on youtube to figure out its true colour?

  4. Hi ! I was wondering, I'd rather buy a 15" laptop backpack because of the space and that laptop sleeve, but if I take a laptop with me, it will be a muuuuuuch smaller one, it's a hybrid, between 10" and 12" do you think there is any risk ? :/

  5. actually just the review I needed to see. I wanted to know if I can fit enough for school, and it looks like I can fit that and more. thanks for the video1

  6. I might get the classic or the 15inch bc of the straps. Ive been told the classic fits a LOT so itd be good for school, but I'm worried about my bag being heavy and the straps digging into my shoulders. I know you cam buy padding for the straps but a reviewer said to just buy the 15inch instead of getting pads as an attachment w the classic. So if you have a classic that carries a lot of weight, does it hurt?

  7. Right when you put the other backpack into the Kanken I was sold lol. I was debating on the 13 or 15 but I heard a lot of people in reviews say when the 13 is full the side pockets are too tight. Plus the 15 has a ton more room which is exactly what I need! I'm a Chemistry major and the textbooks are THICK haha. I actually really thought it was time for a long-term sturdy backpack because I forgot my textbook and this could have been avoided if it fit INSIDE the backpack I have now…but can't wait to buy one of these! Thanks for the upload video!!

  8. Hi, I am looking for a bag that can double up as a laptop bag but also for day trips and hiking.. do you think the laptop bag does both jobs or am I better off getting a standard Kanken without the laptop compartment? Thank you! x

  9. The ”Padding” in the big pocket is No padding. U are supposed to sit on it when ure outside Hiking and studf

  10. Geez you have so little subscribers but a lot of views on some of your videos… I’ll sub, maybe I can help a bit

  11. I have a 13 inch laptop and I’m going to grade 10. I want the classic. 13 or 15 inch laptop one. I feel like the laptop one look a lot stiffer though and I need lots of room so idkkkk. Can someone help me decide???? Plz n thx

  12. I think you have a fake kånken. Correct me if I’m wrong but there’s no swedish flag inside it and no sticker on the seating pad

  13. I love ox red and plum, they’re quite similar. I’m considering getting a plum one in the size 13 laptop for highschool.

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