Rich Minecraft Gamers vs Poor Minecraft Gamers

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100 thoughts on “Rich Minecraft Gamers vs Poor Minecraft Gamers

  1. You used the team extreme cracked minecraft launcher in the rich part… You can tell because of the server. Probs should of deleted the server to make it look like he brought it.

  2. Look, im not trying to be mean but starting hypixel bedwars without practising pvp or bridging skills, what i saw is a noob swimg a sword at mid aor doing nothing… but nice try to nreak bed tho! Even if im goddamn good at that coz of fps… all my froends say that im a young mlg pro in minecraft coz of my skills :L
    Edit: nice teamwork kill on that one guy at mid

  3. Hey man just wanted to say that you can also play this server in Minecraft:
    Hope you enjoy playing Minecraft 😉😉😉

  4. Wait are you Vietnamese cause I saw the ad of Vietnam, it calls Chương trình 7 bữa sáng ( 7 breakfast show)

  5. Nothing bad will happen to the stickman, because notch actually doesn’t care if you do it, he allows it. Not sure if it applies now since Minecraft is now under Microsoft’s wing.

  6. You can play Minecraft 1.12.2 for free if you get the demo with Minecraft launcher and then install Forge. A new choice in the launcher will appear, that will play the full Minecraft 1.12.2!

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