Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E40 (29 Nov 2019)

APPLAUSE Here we go, then.
It is Friday’s House Of Games. All week, four contestants have been
battling it out, and one of them, at the end of today’s show,
is going to get their hands on this trophy right here. CHARLENE: Ooh! How about that? The finest trophy money can
buy in a car-boot sale in Preston. Shall we meet our four contestants? They are,
as they have been all week, Charlene White…
APPLAUSE Gregg Wallace…
APPLAUSE Holly Walsh…
APPLAUSE ..and Mr Chris Hollins.
APPLAUSE Welcome one, welcome all. Here we are, then.
What a week it’s been. Wow! What a week it has been! Shall we take a look at the weekly
leaderboard as we go into our final show?
CHARLENE: Yes, let’s. Charlene, you are nicely propping it
up on five, Gregg, you are on nine, and Holly and Chris, two points
apart there, 12 and at 14 points. Gregg Wallace, a couple of second
places. No first places yet. Yesterday, you were so close.
One point away. Can you, for the sake of the British
public, win on Friday? What do you think?
Course I can. You can do it. Let’s take a look, Gregg,
at what you can win today. Look, look there are some nice
prizes. Oh, wow! There’s a cricket bat,
the House Of Games signature scent, there is a tool box,
it’s a very good tool box as well, there’s a tankard
and there’s a pillow and duvet set. Gregg, if you win,
what do you think? The tankard. The tankard has been
very popular so far. Now, Holly,
you’ve won two shows this week. You won on Monday
and you won on Wednesday. Chris, you’ve won two shows as well,
Tuesday and Thursday. Whichever one of you wins today could well be taking home
that trophy. It’s double points Friday,
of course. So, if you win, you get eight
points, second, six points. Four points and two points. Listen,
it’s been a terrific show all week. It’s been great fun having
all four of you, good quizzing as well. We’re about to find out
who’s going to win the trophy, who’s going to win this week’s
House Of Games. Shall we get on with it? Shall we
play Round One? Let’s do it. Round One today is… What we’re going to do, we’re
going to go up and down the line. We’ll start with you, Charlene, I’m going to read you out
a statement… Uh-huh. You have to change one word
in that statement to make the statement true. OK. But what is that word? Here’s your first one. I believe the answer,
Richard, is Wallace. So we change… Marge to Wallace. Let’s change Marge to Wallace. That’s a point, there,
Charlene White, well started. Gregg, I’m going
to read you out a statement, what do you need to change here
to make it true? Well, hamster has got to go.
You would have thought so. It can’t be a sovereign,
so what is it? What was…? What would it have been? Oh, I tell you what, as soon as
I hear it, I’m going to kick myself. Shall we time you out, Gregg? Yeah, I think you’re going
to have to. Anybody else fancy a go? Chris. A guinea. Is it a guinea? A guinea pig. It is a guinea.
Well done. There was a clue. APPLAUSE Holly, two wins,
are you going to make it three? Here’s your first question
on Friday. Tommy, Alice to Tommy. Is it Tommy Cooper? Of course it’s Tommy Cooper.
Alice to Tommy. APPLAUSE Well done.
Chris, also two wins this week. Are you going to take a third?
Here’s your first question. I think “eggs” has got to be
the word, it’s got to be. Mm. I would like to say dogs,
Scottie dogs, but it can’t be. His beloved Scotch… ..eggs, so let’s think of something
else that’s like eggs, cos the clue’s there. What else is Scotch? Oh, look at these three.
Look at these three. I’m going to say dogs. Scotch dogs? It’s not quite enough. Yes, Gregg? Terriers? Is it terriers? It is. Scotch terriers.
Are they not Scottish terriers? I’m afraid, no,
they’re Scotch, well, he had a Scotch terrier called Fala. Fala was the name. We will go back down the line now. Charlene, what do you have to change
here to make this true? Oh, gosh. Can you think of…?
Oh, no! Oh, I’ll say joy,
but I know it’s wrong. Full of joy. Is that right? It’s not. Chris gets in first. The only one I can think of is
grace. Is it full of grace? It is not. Holly gets in next. Woe.
Is it full of woe? Yes, it is full of woe.
“Wednesday’s child was full of woe.” Well played, Holly. Gregg Wallace,
here is your next one. What do you have to change here? It’s not Latifah, it’s Anne. So change Latifah to Anne? Yeah.
Is that right? It is. Queen Anne’s legs. APPLAUSE Holly Walsh, it is your turn now. The guy who played Darth Vader was
also the Green Cross Code Man, but I don’t know the guy’s name.
Yes. Shall I just pick a name?
Yeah, what do you want to change? Change David… Yes?… ..Paul? That’s the wrong answer,
I’m afraid. Chris Hollins. John. That’s wrong as well.
Oh, what’s his name? For crying out loud! That is… I should have just said
that is the question. Are we just shouting out names now?
It does appear so, doesn’t it. Welcome to my world. Charlene… Paul Cameron. I said Paul!
LAUGHTER I wasn’t listening. Paul Cameron! Oh, it’s not, I’m afraid! Shall I
tell you what his first name was? What? David. David. It’s Dave Prowse. Dave Prowse. Very well done if you said
that at home. The Green Cross Code Man,
and he was physically Darth Vader. Paul Prowse! Chris Hollins, last
question of this round. Come on! Let’s take a look at yours. What do you need to change here? That’s not a motor racing
Grand Prix, is it? So it is now, we are talking about
horse riding, I reckon. Mr Frisk. Oh, National! Prix to National. Change Prix to National, well done.
That’s so good! APPLAUSE Fastest time ever recorded
in a Grand National, set by Mr Frisk. That is the end of Round One
on Friday’s House Of Games. Let’s see where we stand. Let’s see how Paul is doing
on our leaderboard. Here we go. Charlene, you have one point. Tied for first place, Gregg, Holly
and Chris all have two points. APPLAUSE
Well played. Shall we play Round Two, Charlene?
Yes, let’s. Let’s do it, shall we? I’ll press this buzzer,
we don’t know what’s coming up. Today, it is going to be… This is a pairs game. The player in last place today,
that is you, Charlene, gets to pick a partner. I’m going to go for Chris.
You’re going for Chris? That’s nice. Gregg and Chris,
if you will swap places. Oh, that’s me, isn’t it? Yeah. I thought my name was Paul, yes. Charlene and Chris.
Come on, come on. That’s the first time
I’ve been out of my seat. Aw! So, we will start with you,
Charlene and Chris. Choose a category first, please.
Choose one of these four. I don’t like any of them. I don’t fancy our chances
with them either. The only ones that… EastEnders… I don’t really,
I can’t say that I know much. Neither do I. Agatha Christie, nada. I’m quite happy to go with
Royal Family. OK, we’ll do that, then. OK, we are going Royal Family. Now, this is what we are
going to do. I want the answer to a sum, OK?
And here is the sum… “Something minus something else
equals 30.” You need to fit in the numbers with
the answers to these four facts. I think Prince Harry was 33… Yeah?
..when he married Meghan. And doesn’t the Queen have three
sons? Andrew, Edward, Charles.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So it makes more sense… I am
loving that logic. Let’s go for it. So age of Prince Harry minus number
of sons of Queen Elizabeth II. You zeroed in on that very, very
quickly, Charlene. Let’s see if you’re right. So you are going
the age of Prince Harry when he married Meghan which is 33.
Oh! And has she got three sons? Of course she has. Very well played. Come on! Beautifully done. That normally takes people forever. Holly, Gregg, what category
would you like now? What do you know? None of them.
All right. Let’s go Agatha Christie. Agatha Christie for Holly and Gregg.
Here is your sum. OK. Fill in those with
one of these four facts. Her age when her first book
was published. The number of little pigs
in the title of a Poirot novel. The number of full-length
Agatha Christie Miss Marple novels. Or the number of days
she disappeared for… Oh, for crying out loud! 1926. This is completely fluke if I get
this right, so I don’t think so, but age…disappeared for ten days,
age when she first published, 28… Yeah. ..or… Are you sure she only
disappeared for ten days? No. All right. Go with it,
go with it. I like it. Age when first published, OK,
minus the days she disappeared. Let’s go with it. Let’s take a look. What was the age she was
when her first novel was published? 30! Got a chance. 30. So, if she disappeared for 12
days… 12 days, we’re in. Yeah. ..then you’ve got yourself a point.
How many days did she disappear for? GROANING Incorrect. What was the correct sum? Miss Marple novels.
Oh, that’s so annoying! Yeah. Age when first published
minus Miss Marple novels. Well done if you said that at home. Back to Charlene and Chris. Another go! You get to choose
between Owls and EastEnders. EastEnders. Let’s do EastEnders.
EastEnders? Let’s do it. Here are your four facts. Your sum is… Oh, wow. We are looking for the number
of husbands Pat Butcher had, the number of children
Peggy Mitchell had, the total number of actors who have
played Pete Beale’s grandson, Peter Beale, and the number of years
Wendy Richard was in EastEnders. So, I think two people have played
Peter Beale. I think. So, that would mean the other answer
would be 12, and that could be the number of years Wendy Richard
was in EastEnders. I tell you what, you have
been on fire because the other… ..the Peter Beale, it’s not more
than two, is it? Peggy’s got three. There’s nothing with eight. And Wendy, Wendy Richard was
a long time in EastEnders… Yeah. ..wasn’t she?
So, we’re going for…? Well done. Peter Beale actors
and Wendy Richard in EastEnders. I think you’re going to get this
right, but with the wrong maths. Oh, really? That’s interesting.
Oh. That is interesting. Let’s take a look.
So, we will start with the years that
Wendy Richard was in EastEnders. That is…you want this to be 12. 21 years! Oh, wow. OK. We’ve still got a chance.
You need this to be… If Peggy Mitchell had 2.1
children… Possible. So, how many actors
played Peter Beale? Six actors played Peter Beale! Wow. OK. Wowee. What was the sum you needed to do? I’m guessing Peter Beale actors… ..multiplied by Pat Butcher’s
husbands. There were four of them.
We would never have got that. Pat Butcher,
she had a lot of husbands. Last one of this round, Holly
and Gregg. Owls. Going Owls? About time, isn’t it? Owls.
Here is your sum. Two of these clues fit
that sum and they are… ..the number of species of owls
native to the UK whose names reference the size of their ears, the value in pounds
of the note the Owl and the Pussy-cat take with them
in the Edward Lear poem, the total face value of the word
“owl” in Scrabble, and the number of times
Sheffield Wednesday, AKA the Owls, have qualified for the UEFA Cup. “The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to
sea in a beautiful pea green boat. “They took some honey and plenty
of money,” so, that’s not a number. OK. So, you can discard that.
I don’t think… Is discarding an option? They have all got numbers for
answers. They can’t have. Well… Plenty of money. Keep carrying on.
“Wrapped up in a £5 note.” There you go. So, that’s a five. UEFA Cup campaigns. I don’t know. “Owl” in a Scrabble score, a W, an
L, and an O wouldn’t be that high, would it? Six. Do you reckon? Well, shall we go Owl and the
Pussy-cat and the Scrabble score? Scrabble, yeah. Yeah?
Is that what you fancy? Yeah. Yeah. Let’s find out. The Owl and the
Pussy-cat, what is that note? That is five. Plenty. Is the “owl”
Scrabble score six points? Yeah! Very well played. So, Gregg and Chris,
swap back places, please. That was well done. At the end
of that round… Isn’t any money! Isn’t any money in The Owl
And The Pussy-cat! Let’s take a look at the scores
at the end of Round Two on Friday’s House Of Games. Charlene, you have two. We have joint leaders. Gregg, Holly, Chris, all with three points. How close is this? Too tight to mention. Perhaps
Round Three will be news-based. You never know. You never know.
Shall we find out? It probably won’t be. Shall we find
out? Round Three. It is today… ..Z to A. What’s going to happen now? Three clues at a time are going to
appear on your screen. But we’re only going to reveal
the letters of those clues one-by-one,
from Z all the way up to A. As you see the letters filled in, you’ll start to work out
what the clues are. Need you to buzz in as soon
as you see the connection between the three clues. Let’s find out your first
three clues. What’s the connection
between these three, please? Yes, Chris. Grease. Yes. Is it Grease? Oh, yeah! It is. Danny, Sandy and Rizzo, well done. All characters from Grease.
Here’s your next one. What’s the connection
between these three? BUZZER Yes, Charlene? Shakespeare. It’s Shakespeare plays.
Yeah. Well done. Well played. APPLAUSE Here’s your next one. What’s
the connection between these three? BUZZER Yes, Gregg? The Muppets. They are all Muppets. Oh, well done! APPLAUSE Next one. That’s a long one at the bottom. BUZZER
Yes, Holly? Volcanoes. Are they all volcanoes? Well done! The trick, if you want to
impress people and pronounce the one at the bottom, pronounce
it exactly as it’s written. That’s the…
LAUGHTER Well done if you said that at home.
Here’s your next one. What connects these three clues? BUZZER Charlene? Winter sports. That’s the right answer,
well played. APPLAUSE Well done. Final question. Let’s take a look. Yes, Holly? Rabbits. They’re all rabbits. Yes, they’re all rabbits, all fictional rabbits.
Very well done. APPLAUSE Shall we take a look at the scores
at the end of that round? Whoa! Wow! Wow! Look at this. Whoa! Charlene, Gregg and Chris all
have four points. Holly Walsh has five points! Well done! I don’t know… Two rounds to decide
not only today’s winner but the week’s winner, as well. Shall we play Round Four? Let’s do it. It is… What we’re going to do now, we’re
going to ask each of our contestants a question and we’re going to give
them four multiple choice answers. One answer is correct. The other three answers were written
by their opponents before the show. OK, so if you get a correct answer,
you score a point, but if you choose one of
your opponents’ answers, you gift them a point. Charlene, we will begin with you. Here’s your question. I’m just going to
go for Pussy Galore. You think that was the answer.
Is that the correct answer? I mean, someone’s played
a glorious bluff there. Who wrote that? Damn! Me. Gregg Wallace,
as I live and breathe! APPLAUSE So the real answer was… Oh! Oh! Sylvia Trench. Who wrote Nurse No? Me. That is Holly. And Lia Lovelace, Chris Hollins. Gregg Wallace, question for you
with four possible answers, only one of them is true. I reckon he punted. Is that the correct answer? It is not.
What is the correct answer? Downed a yard of ale, there you go. And who have you given a point to?
Who wrote punting? Chris Hollins, a point for Chris. Very well played. APPLAUSE Who wrote counting to ten? Me! LAUGHTER Counting to ten,
that’s a funny answer. And running naked around Christ
Church College green was Charlene. Holly Walsh, time for you, now.
Here’s your question. There are four possible answers. Sorry if you’re having your tea! Coal. Is coal the right answer? Has Holly just got a point? Wrong, I’m afraid.
Someone’s sold you another dummy. What’s the correct answer? Peanut butter was the
correct answer. No way! Wow! So who have you given a point to? Who wrote coal?
Knows what he’s doing. Gregg Wallace gets another point. Well played, Gregg.
APPLAUSE Let’s reveal the other two.
Who said seashells? Oh, Chris. Oh, Chris. I expected better of you. Really? Really? Because I didn’t! LAUGHTER Well, I…I suppose I didn’t. Chris, you have a question, now.
You have a chance to get a point. Here’s Chris’s question. LAUGHTER So, Chris, one of those
is the correct answer? Do you know what? I would love it
to be “it’sforyooou!” But I don’t think it is. I think it’s going to be “Ahoy”. Let’s find out.
Is that the correct answer? It is the correct answer,
well done. APPLAUSE I wonder who said “it’sforyooou!” Do you know what?
I think I’ve actually jeopardised my
chance of winning this, but it was worth it.
It was worth it. Absolutely worth it for
entertaining us, Holly, thank you. That was Holly.
Who said “Welcome”? Me. Charlene. And Gregg, “Hello”…
Hello. ..was Gregg’s answer. That’s the end of Round Four. We have one round to go
on Friday’s House Of Games. No, God, this is too nerve-racking!
No way! One round. We’ve been together all
week, just one round separates us from the trophy ceremony.
Shall we see the scores? Here they are. One round to go. Oh! There’s two points in it. Charlene, you have four. Holly, five. Gregg and Chris have
six points each! APPLAUSE We’ve been here before, mate,
haven’t we? We’ve been here before. It has been so close all week.
Chris, you’ve won two shows. Holly, you’ve won two. Gregg, you’ve been second
a couple of times. Charlene, we want to see a
non-fourth place from you here. Final round of the show,
final round of the week, it is… Oh, smash it up! Who is going to walk away
with today’s prize? Who’s going to walk away
with the trophy? Who’s going to be
House Of Games champion? Fingers on buzzers. Give me a
correct answer, you get a point. Give me an incorrect answer,
you lose a point. Your first category for
this round is… ..will be the pictures.
There’ll be clues underneath. Smash them together.
Here’s your first one. BUZZER Yes, that is Chris. Karren Brady Brunch.
Er…Karren Brady Bunch. Karren Brady Bunch… That is good. the right answer.
Brady Bunch and Karren Brady. APPLAUSE Well played, Chris. Good start.
Here’s your next one. BUZZER
Charlene. Duncan Bannatyne Tees? Incorrect, I’m afraid. You’ve given a big clue to the
others, though. No-one…?
BUZZER Gregg is going for it. Duncan Bannatyne and Wear. It is Duncan Bannatyne and Wear. Well played. Point for Gregg.
APPLAUSE Here is your third entrepreneur. BUZZER Yes, Gregg? Alan Sugar Plum Fairy. It is Alan Sugar Plum Fairy.
APPLAUSE Point for Gregg. Let’s move on, shall we?
What’s your next category? It is… Oh, come on! Yes! Oh, the former greengrocer,
how about that? We’re going to show you some
pictures of fruit and veg with a
clue underneath. Can you smash them together?
Good luck, everyone. BUZZER
Yes, Charlene? Rhubarbara Windsor. Rhubarbara Windsor
is the right answer! Rhubarb, Barbara Windsor. APPLAUSE Here’s your next one. BUZZER
that is Holly. Avocadodecahedron. Avocadodecahedron! Wow! Well done! Correct! Wow! That is a ballsy word to say under
that pressure. Yeah. Avocadodecahedron. Here’s your third fruit or veg. BUZZER
Yes, Charlene? Ackeeley Hawes. That’s the right answer,
well played. APPLAUSE Here is your next category. ..will be the pictures, there’ll the clues underneath.
Here’s your first one. BUZZER
Yes, Holly? Genesissy Spacek. Oh! Genesissy Spacek is the right
answer. Oh, yeah, well done! Genesis and Sissy Spacek. APPLAUSE KLAXON And that is the end of the round!
Oh, no! That is the end of the show. That was amazing stuff. Charlene got an awful lot right in that round, I would say.
Yes. Yeah. Let’s find out who won
Friday’s House Of Games. Oh! Gregg Wallace has won Friday’s House Of Games!
APPLAUSE Eight points. Well done! Very well played, Gregg.
Well done, Gregg! Holly and Chris are level on seven, and Charlene is on five. So, Gregg Wallace, our champion on Friday! Wow! APPLAUSE Gregg, finally!
That’s about time, isn’t it? I can’t pretend I’m not
completely chuffed! I’m delighted. Excellent stuff. That means you take home a prize,
of course. What would you like?
I want the tankard, please. You’re having the tankard,
quite right. Gregg Wallace takes home a House
Of Games tankard! Well played. But the small matter of
the trophy still remains. It was double points Friday, So who is the champion of
this week’s House Of Games? Let’s find out, shall we? Oh! Wow! Chris Hollins! Chris Hollins, by two points. Oh, my goodness. Pass that along to Chris Hollins,
please. Oh, wow. You can see what…
That’s what I could have won! That is unbelievable. Thank you so much, Holly. No, my
pleasure. Chris, congratulations. Thank you, gang.
I really enjoyed that. It’s been an absolute pleasure
from start to finish. Thank you all so much,
I absolutely loved that. Great quizzing, as well.
Hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for joining us.
Thank you for joining us, as well. We will see you next time
on House Of Games. APPLAUSE Well done. Cheers, mate.
Thank you very much. Well deserved. MasterChef next, eh?

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  1. I paused for the Eastenders' question because I really wanted to think about it. I eventually got it right (after several minutes) with a mixture of logic and remembering my 4Xs table, but if I was playing in real time I would have screwed that up…

  2. Has anyone apart from Charlene heard of that last fruit? Even after seeing the answer I don't know where to divide it…

  3. The story of "ahoy" as the suggested greeting on the new telephone was on QI. Most of what I know comes from The Simpsons and QI

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