Rock of Ages 3 – Dev Diary #1: Rock Solid Foundations | PS4

Originally, like, when we were designing the game, it was conceptualized as just you have this ball
and you have go through an obstacle course. but we thought wouldn’t it be
more fun if your ball is a giant rock and the obstacle course is not just obstacles but the entire enemy army. But the tone, of course, is silly. It’s kind of Monty Python, the sort of humor. So we knew that we wanted
to introduce from a design perspective something that felt fresh. Then there comes the mix between
tower defense with the boulder mechanics. But we also thought that the art style that kind of brought in brought in Terry Gilliam’s, like,
cutout animations and everything was also something that
would give it, like, its own identity. The idea that you go
through different periods of art history rather than just play
entirely on a medieval setting. I really wanted to have that in. Like art history was one of my favorite classes and the idea of going through different art periods so we could do levels look very different, It seemed very fun. So for the story in each game we wanted it to start based on Greek mythology or some sort of myth that’s related to a giant rock. And if we keep on making Rock of Ages
games, we’re gonna run out of myths. In this case, we’re starting with the Odyssey. and the first chapter is when
Odysseus and the 100 sailors are trapped inside of a Cyclops and a cave. In this cave the Cyclops
blocks the exit with a giant rock. And that, of course,
is our character The Boulder. So the first game was this crazy
concept that came out of nowhere like a little doodle we drew on a paper that eventually we transformed into what became Rock of Ages 1. We did a lot of stuff we wanted to do. But then Rock of Ages 2 was more the vision
that we originally wanted to do with the game. That’s why it’s bigger and bolder. This time we wanted to add — The main thing that we wanted to do
but never had the possibility to do was a level editor where people could make their own levels and it’s a really big and fun feature. We’re trying to give the players as much
freedom as they can to make their levels as unique and different as possible. For Rock of Ages 3 we wanted you
to be able to break more **** than ever before. That means you have more tile sets,
more units to break, more boss fights, and more of everything than ever before.

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