ROG GameFirst IV Teaming

ROG is proudly presenting the latest version of GameFirst which is known for its fantastic multi-gate teaming that allows you to increase your total bandwidth by combining the connections of up to 4 gateways Here we use 2 gateways to combine the bandwidth of a broadband connection and a cellular Wi-Fi hotspot To establish base speeds for comparisons we use Speedtest to test the total bandwidth of the broadband LAN connection It’s 93.62 Mbps Then we switch to the Wi-Fi connection and verify the speed of the cellular hotspot It’s 14.79 Mbps In this test , it looks like the PC is able to connect to 2 networks simultaneously so let’s see if this is true We use 2 different browsers IE and Opera to run two Speedtests and see how much bandwidth the computer allocates when 2 apps share the same internet connection The 50.55 Mbps and 44.20 Mbps add together reporting 94.75 Mbps which shows that both applications are sharing the bandwidth of the LAN connection And let’s see what would happen after turning on GameFirst and run the same test again The total bandwidth increased, which is and this verifies that by using GameFirst users can combine 2 separate Internet connections All in all we reached GameFirst also assigns connection for different applications For instance, we can run MiPony with Wi-Fi and Thunder with LAN or the opposite Users can thus efficiently manage connection traffic and reach perfect gaming experience with GameFirst This is the end of the video If you have any questions, please visit ROG support site Thank you

36 thoughts on “ROG GameFirst IV Teaming

  1. For people find link to download it.
    In Utilities section

  2. I have a crap Mobo and i still download steam games from what im paying for my IPS. always set at 176mb/s obviously web browsing and all the other platforms/sites dont allow for downloads higher than 10mb/s on their crap servers. Yes it is possible to download steam games over 100mb/s if you are paying for the service. obviously if your paying less than you can't. People need to stop falling for higher end mobos just for getting more speed.

  3. So how do you use it? When pairing ethernet and wifi does it work automatically? Should I leave it in automatic or manual mode?

  4. i am having trouble with GameFirst IV while using my mobile hotspot to play bf1 the game loads but it doesn't connect to any server is there a solution ?

  5. I know this video is a year old but, to download it put in the driver disk that comes with your motherboard. Then go to the utilities page you'll find it in there if your motherboard is supported.

  6. this is the official ROG youtube and you guys are using that freaking DUMB STEREOTYPICAL MUSIC TRACK! OMG

  7. and where i can download this software??
    Many softwares what are on my driver-CD, are not avaible on the ASUS website…. is this a ASUS joke? i only can download some of these driver/utilities… but not all… i have to install the old stuff from the disc.

  8. why my game first III always stuck and not responding when i wanna try to open the tab of network monitor???
    my Laptop is ASUS GL552VX

  9. Hi, please help me. I use asus rog strix GL503VD. And I accidentally deleted the software GAMEFIRST IV. Does anyone know to get the software back to my laptop? Thanks.

  10. and it still blocks the xbox shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucking fuckfaces FIX that idiots otherwise its useless

  11. ПО – говно. До установки было 93 90 мбит. сек. и пинг = 1. После установки стало 20 20 мбит. сек с мингом 20. Удалил на хрен ее и мои 90 мбит. сек вернулись.

  12. I guess, the best way is set auto, if you want the smooth speed, but rather than, I recomended with DNS set-up by using cloud flare server.

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