[ROG x NiP] What Makes a Man? GeT_RiGhT in the ROG Spotlight

Not that I’m saying that all the clips is similar to me but I recognize that person at least when I look at it so it’s pretty cool to watch it like that The film crew the producer actually who was making the whole segment of the advertising He asked meand Patrick (‘fOrest’) actually in the beginning asked us a lot of personal questions and then they actually got a kind of a good idea about how I am as a person I am pretty happy about the results so it’s a pretty cool thing When I was a younger kid I think I was a very active kid I did a lot of sports. I did like basically whatever a normal kid back in Sweden is doing So you can say like I was a very active and social person but at the same time I wasn’t really a social person because I was very shy to take contact with persons I’ve always been in interested in computers and I was very lucky when I was a kid that my father bought us a computer early and I got introduced to CS and other games When I was sitting on my computer I was way more social and I could talk to people online even though I didn’t even speak English back then I would say like I was kind of two different persons when I was a kid One that was like a really active kid I was social working hard and I wanted to be something in sports regular sports but at the same time I had this other guy that was the same person like me who was playing on computers all the time But more if I could really describe myself would be like a small kid a tiny kid I was trying to be fitting into the group but wasn’t really daring or couldn’t truly make it until I found the way in the computer I guess I was nine years old maybe My brother gave me my nickname It’s not that I really fancied it or really picked it out because of a reason it’s just like I asked my older brother for a nickname and he gave me that I played games all the time and I was playing CS all the time When I was around fourteen or fifteen I know that I lost a lot of friends because I became like bigger and fatter like I didn’t take care of myself and I was playing games all the time because I didn’t feel like comfortable in myself I know a lot of my friends they disappeared for years because I chose this path I would say they have experienced it because they thought they were too cool for me when they actually want to be hanging with me now because of who I am. So I guess it was good in a way that I got bullied because then I know they are not my true friends I think that’s pretty cool mostly because I think that you should do it I think it’s a good thing to be shown here because we live in a society or a world in general that people should take more of a stand and actually help out other people because you never know who this person is or what they have gone through I think it’s cool thing it’s shown in the commercial and I think that’s something that should boost everyone else to do My philosophy with my whole career is basically just to make a difference in a way It might inspire other people to take this road because this road is very interesting I can’t say it’s beautiful I can’t say it’s bad or anything like that but I would say it’s interesting but I would say it’s interesting because you can experience so many different things I think that fits perfectly to me Mostly because my career has been very difficult I had a lot of troubles and problems during my career but I’ve also seen a lot of good things and beautiful things In the end I believe you will be successful or succeed with the thing that you want it to become And I think that slogan basically stands for me like that Dare to dream keep on playing

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  1. When u get addicted to computer games, You gain fat only and nothing else. Interest from studies also gets diverted

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