RTX 2070 vs GTX 1080 vs GTX 1070 – An RTX Card that Brings VALUE…!?

– Are in the locker for a GTX-1080 or a GTX-1070 or you’re possibly waiting for a RTX-2070 to magically drop
down from the heavens. – Yusuf that’s your cue to drop a RTX-2070 out of frame so it looks like it’s dropping down out from the heavens. – SHAW! (magical music playing) – So the RTX-2070 is finally
released into the wild and is actually the first
RTX card that I like in terms of, dare I
say it, value for money when we look at what
you can buy one for at the moment. You can get one for currently $530 USD or in Australia $830 AUD. And at this price point it
does pose some decent figures. I’ll pull up some synthetics for you guys at the moment so you
can see how it performs against the other cards in the stacks and you maybe thinking of
purchasing in terms of value for money. See here
it’s bidding out a 1080 comfortably and also bidding out the 1070 by a long shot. However
it does of course still fall behind the GTX 1080 TI. Now this card itself, they
gave you by RTX 2070 OC edition, I did manage to overclock this thing about 80 megahertz on the core, about 400
megahertz on the memory. This did translate into
gains, not just in the synthetics but also in the games too but it does come at a cost of increased power consumption and the next synthetic we are gonna pull up for you guys is Time Spy Extreme. Here
the RTX 2000 series cards do pull ahead of the GTX 10 series cards specially in relation
to the fire strikes scores and the over clocks
do give the GTX 2070 a bit more of an advantage and of course when you overclock the 20 series cards, you do gain more performance
but if you do overclock the GT 10 series cards as
well then you will gain performance on those cards. But of course when it
comes to overclocking your mileage may vary. With that aside, let’s take a look of some
gaming benchmarks and then get on with the
conclusion with the RTX 2070. (upbeat music plays) – Welcome back to TechYesCity,
on this test bench here today we are using 7820x
clocked to 4.5 gigahertz coupled with 3200 megahertz CL14 timings memory and the first few benchmarks I’m gonna pull up for
you guys is Destiny 2 at 1080p. What we can
see in this benchmark is the RTX 2070 is
comfortably pulling ahead of the GTX 1080 and also the GTX 1070 but still falling behind the 1080 TI. 1080p is a little bit more CPU bound and I decided to test 1080p and also 1440p ultra setting because I believe this where the 2070 sweet spot is going to lie but looking over the 1440p numbers, they do see a little bit of an advantage to the 1080 TI in relation to the 2070. Of course the 2070 is still powering along compared to those other 10
series, non TI variants. Then moving on to the next title “Crysis 3” of course even in 2018 there is still that
question that goes around “Can it run Crysis?” – And in this particular
game at 1080p and 1440p in particular at max
setting that’s very high on all the dials. Yes, it can and it did so very well. I’m surprised to see the 2000 series cards doing a little bit better in relation to the other games. When
we look at the numbers we can see it’s comfortably pulling ahead of the GTX 1080 and also the GTX 1070, still falling behind the 1080 TI of course but still starting to
weigh up in terms of the 2070 being the, at least
so far, the king of the 2000 series lineup at least in terms of value for money. But
pulling up some further numbers for you guys “Far Cry 5” here at 1080p we were actually CPU
bound a lot of the times so the results didn’t vary a whole lot. Then we move up to 1440p. We then see the 1080 TI start to pull ahead of the 2070 and also the 2070 gaining
a comfortable lead. Yet again over those 10 series cards. Next up here, we got
“PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds”, a game that is on its way out I believe and at 1080p, the RTX 2070
and the 1080 and 1080 TI are nearing maxing out because of the CPU so the CPU is the limiting factor again at 1080p here. The GTX 1070 was
falling a little bit behind. Moving up to 1440p though
we then start seeing a difference between
these 3 cards but it was surprising to see that
the 2070 was a lot closer to the 1080 TI than it was to GTX 1080 and I believe this has
to do with some kind of optimizations that are happening
for the RTX 2000 series cards in relation to
PuBG. I’m not quite sure. If I pull up some numbers
from a previous review we can see that the 2080 as well was comfortably beating the 1080 TI in this particular game and I have also updated to the latest drivers so the 2000 series has had a little bit of time to mature since the last time I reviewed the 2080. However if you like World of Warcraft, then the bad news is
this game does need very high single core performance
and we are showing here that I have to
literally max this game out with a 200 resolution scale just to get the graphics cards to
be stressed near a 100% and even here we are heading a fierce CPU limitations. I believe going even higher may stress these cards more but again here we are getting of a
40 FPS with the 1080 TI even if we drop it down to
1440p we are still getting around these numbers as the game starts to be CPU bound but we
can see the 2070 is still pulling ahead of the 1080 and 1070 in this particular benchmark
the 1% was showing this is well and then moving across to SCUM we are testing here at high settings this actually performed
pretty well in this benchmark pulling ahead
1080 and also the 1070 but still falling behind the 1080 TI. I actually couldn’t test
the 1440p for some reason cuz I was testing on 1080p monitor and to get the 1440p numbers, I was using the VideaDSR settings which does enable a high resolution but in this case it didn’t work probably in only this particular game I didn’t really undestand what was going on there, maybe its a bug who knows and now the last of the gaming benchmarks is the Final Fantasy 15 demo. You’ve got this in two
flavors, you can either set it in default mode with no
DLSS enabled or also set it with DLSS enabled. Now what we saw here on the normal mode the RTX
2070 was pulling ahead of 1080 and also the 1070 but still falling behind the 1080 TI by quite a bit. When we enabled DLSS mode, the RTX 2070 does pull ahead but it
does so at the expense in my opinion of this
game, looking a little bit worse than the normal benchmark that we’re used to so DLSS is a
feature that is promised on the RTX 2000 series cards as well as re-tracing but as I said
in the previous 2000 series card reviews that I have done we’re yet to see these
properly implemented in any game and on top of the that, is the game gonna be enjoyable and is it going to be mass adopted
and not some show pony game like Ashes of the Singularity. Now moving on some other numbers in particular for this card,
the power consumption with the RTX 2070, I’d imagine would be normally a little bit lower than this but because the gigabyte
model is overclocked out the factory, it was pulling
numbers that are higher than the 1080 and also the 1070. When we overclocked it, we again increased power consumption by a little bit too. This was power that was derived from the wall and that’s where we measured it and all four cases
here. Moving over to the thermals, the noise and
also the temperatures Gigabyte’s cooling solution
right here is a dual slot cooler this time
around. If we compare it with the 2080 TI for example where even the 2080, they use what’s a two and half slot cooler on those models, so it is thicker and it does
weigh than the 2070, 2070 coming at around 850 grams as opposed to the 2080 TI and the 2080 which come in over 1 kilogram. But nonetheless it does use less power and doesn’t need such a big cooling solution. Its got 382 mil fans which do an absolute fine job of cooling this thing and keeping the noise low. So we can see here we’ve
got 100%, 80%, 60% and also the order of fan speed
which were a little bit higher, I must admit than the 2080 when I did that review but the noise was very well under control I’d say at 60% on the fan speeds is the sweet spot for this card which kept the temperatures very low at a comfortable 66 degrees. Which for me personally I do like keeping my graphics card under 70 degrees. So this cooler is definitely capable of giving you quiet noise as well as giving you low temperatures and of course decent overclocked as
we talked about before. But also with this card
in particular, we’ve got an RGB logo on the
side here that lines up with the Gigabyte logo.
You can change this via software if you wish
to. On the rear of the card you have got 3 display
ports and 1 HDMI and you have also USB type C if you wish to use that in conjunction with other devices or VR for example. So there it all is ladies and gentlemen for the RTX 2000 series
cards from Gigabyte. These are a gunmetal
gray and black aesthetic. It does look, in my opinion, a lot better than their 10 series counterparts for the same Gigabyte models. They are including as well a 4 year warranty on these cards at least in Australia. Very aggressive, very
good if you’re looking for something that you can put in your computer, set and forget
and have peace of mind, knowing it is going to
last you a long time. And of course what about RTX 2070 when we compare it versus the
GTX 1080 and also the GTX 1070 and even 1080 TI in terms of value for money. There
is a reason why I put these three 10 series cards in this graph because I believe they
are closest competitors to the 2070. And what
we saw here was pretty good value for money
coming out of this card. It’s also got those new features. If they do get implemented
and how and when they do get implemented, I have
no idea just yet because what we’re kind of seeing
is just demos and promises in the moment but they do have re-tracing cores on boards,
they do have the support for DLSS which I’m sure when its released it will be pretty good
and you will be able to benefit from the value the 2070 brings. At least we’ve been waiting 2 years for it so it’s not impressive by any means but it still is better, I feel than the 1080 at street retail
price and even the 1070. So it is coming in at a decent price point especially when we look
at the 2080 which is nearly $300 dollars more
and its not giving you a whole lot more performance
but at the same time you still get those new
ray tracing features and as we said before
DLSS support, so it’s good to see there is a kind of a value orientated option for the RTX 2000 series cards out there. If
you’re looking to upgrade to these series, then
this is a decent choice. And that’s about it for today’s video. If you guys enjoyed this
one, then be sure to hit that “LIKE” button and let us know in the comments section below
what you think about the RTX 2070. Love reading your thoughts and opinions as always
and I would catch you on another tech video very soon. Peace out for now. Bye. (upbeat music playing)

100 thoughts on “RTX 2070 vs GTX 1080 vs GTX 1070 – An RTX Card that Brings VALUE…!?

  1. Lots of comments about the 2070 being bad value against used cards, of course used cards are always the best value, but not everyone wants to buy used. New vs New the 2070 is the best choice in the RTX 2000 series at the moment.

  2. Thanks for the video and nice BMs!
    I'm ordering parts now for a B&W build and am leaning toward a white 2070 card.

    I know I can buy a used 1080/TI for cheaper but am leery that someone ran it 24×7 for 12+ months to mine with, which equates to 10 years of intermittent use. Even if the seller offers a warrante good luck collecting $ if the card fails.

  3. I was lucky enough to get a 1080 windforce the day the rtx announcement happened for $320 shipped with a warranty till 2021

  4. To anyone reading this comment: let me just say that I bought a used evga gtx 1080 ti for $720 CAD, which is equivalent to $550 USD, with no taxes. If you bought a rtx 2070, you FUCKED UP BAD and could have gotten a used gtx 1080 ti.

  5. I'm so confused, because the 2070 is cheaper than the 1080 in most cases here in Canada. A lot of bench marks seem to make it look like its on par or better with gaming. Future updates should hone the 20xx series even more, and so it seems like it should make more sense for me to buy a Gigabyte 2070 OC for $715 in place of a 1080 that costs $856.

  6. To be honest when buying new RTX2070 is the fastest card in its price bracket that also draws the least amount of power. Obviously after 2 years you would expect more from nVidia but this is what we got 😊

  7. I just bought a Gigabyte 1070ti Gaming 8gb. Newegg had it on sale for $389 on 11/09/2018. From what I've see, I should be able to OC the 1070ti to be on par with the 1080. This should be enough card for me for the next year or 2. I'm really excited to see what the next gen from both AMD and Nvidia bring.

  8. *neh i got a 1080ti used for the same price" yes, just pray doesnt break apart in 5 months due minning or whatever… comparing gpu new vs used with no warranty is no sense.

  9. Wish one is the best in performances between a Gigabyte RTX 2070 Gaming OC vs MSI RTX 2070 ARMOR OC? Cause in all the videos I saw the MSI RTX 2070 seem to be a little bit better in performance. I don't know wish one to choose and the price is the same on newegg…

  10. If the 1080 and 2070 are so close in 3D Mark, why only show the 2070 OC score in the graph? I ask because I can easily get +200 core and +500 memory on my 1080 and am curious how far apart they would be then.

  11. Can you help me to decide please? This GB card you reviewed or MSI 2070 ARMOR? I can have both of them for the same price. Thank you for answer.

  12. in my country 1080ti cost €850+ the rtx 2070 €250 less. did not buy it for raytracing but for closest to 1080ti performance. dont know why people hate so much for a option u just can ignore c:

  13. I've an XFX RX 580 8GB and I'm happy ofc. But I'm wanting something more I guess and after finding out freesync works with nvidia… I'm looking at an nvidia card for around 450$.

  14. Next question, which 2070 is the best bang for the buck? Like there's the EVGA XC Ultra gaming, XC Gaming, Black Gaming, and black (Not including the FTW3 and the blower model.) And that's just EVGA products. Now add Gigabyte, MSI, Asus, Zotac etc. It would be nice to find a list of cards out there and what the differences are between the reference card and all the "aftermarket" models. Differences in power delivery, Vram cooling, etc.

  15. Videos are pointless overall, anyone with a bit if brain wouldn’t buy these cards which are a total failure, pushing proprietary tech at a price which would anyway kills PC as a gaming platform as obviously people would look towards consoles. Sure some idiots will buy them but by judging from the Nvidia stock probably we will have new cards next year, someone said this will be the shortest lived generation of cards and I agree.

  16. I just bought an Asus ROG Strix 1070 ti and returned it for the Gigabyte 2070 and glad I did. Got $50 back and a much better performing card.

  17. Everyone saying it isn't worth it, but my question is this: if I'm coming from an R9 390 from 2016, is it worth upgrading? Or waiting out one more year?

  18. Just ordered an ASUS Strix RTX 2070 yesterday. I'm upgrading from my over 4 year old GTX 970, so no question about there being value in performance gained. The card is expensive and not a good value for those who have 10 series cards (1070, 1070 Ti, and 1080), but for someone whose been waiting for years to upgrade, I could justify the price. For those who comment "Why not the 1080?", the 1080 at the time of me buying had a considerably smaller stock then before, so the prices were considerably higher. I could have bought a used one, but personally, I'm not a fan of buying components used, especially since most of the used prices weren't that much different than the $584 I paid for my card. I gets delivered Thursday, so I can't wait to test it out.

  19. looking to build a new pc right now and i'll probably have to settle for this card (budget choice).
    even a used 1080 ti is about double the price of one new 2070.

  20. In the netherlands the cheapest one i could find that is real is 539 euro

  21. Hey . nice video 😀 Any chance you can make a benchmark for 1080ti and 2080ti in the resolution of 640×480 ?? HOW DOES IT FEEL TO WASTE 10 seconds of your life to read a sentence you dislike ?? Thats how it felt watching your video , putting 1080ti at 1080p …… O-M-G

  22. Can't wait for CES !! I just hope AMD comes in with the new processors and GPU's and kicks both Intel and Nvidia in the nuts !!! I am not buying a new cpu, board and GPU until I hear what AMD is bringing next year ! RTX cards are a joke and a slap in the face to consumers

  23. With respect to my own Budget, Should I get a 2070 with 8 gb ram or 1070ti with 16 gb ram? Please advice me thanks!

  24. The good news with World of Warcraft they're switching from high single core performance to multi-thread multi-core Performance, so that should be fixed!

  25. Cant find info if the USB-C acts as a 5th monitor output – if so the value is huge for us using the g-force cards as mediaservers in live shows

  26. My Gigabyte 2070 OC White runs at 75C, with fans running around 70-80% fan speed. +60mhz, +300mhz memory. How the hell are you getting such low temps? I’m using the Meshify C.

  27. gday mate from queensland.. .. do you reckon its worth replacing my ZOTAC 1080 MINI… FOR A ZOTAC 2070 OC MINI VERSION..i want to use VR… COULD USE SOME INPUT.. Thanks mate..

  28. If you want to buy use, sure thing, be my guest. You know how much honor stories i've read from people buying used GPU's? lmao. I'll just stick with the 2070

  29. You're full of shit. I'm normally a wellspoken nice person, but come on man. None of these cards bring any value to the table. The only redeeming factor, RTX/DLSS, is missing. And probably will be for like 0,5/1 year. It might be the best choice when looking at the 2000 series, but it IS NOT a great choice at all.

  30. I'm building a PC should I get the 1070 or 1080 or RTX 2070? Because mad people hating on the RTX 2070 and making seem like a bad GPU.

  31. Hello,
    I have an i5 8400 and i want to buy Gigabyte OC Windforce RTX 2070.
    Question…Can my psu (Seasonic M2II EVO 520 Watt 80+ Bronze) handle the Wattage or i need to take the same card BUT NON OC?

    Thanks in advance for ur responses..

  32. i have the rtx 2070 OC and its great ignore others fps is really good to over 100fps on all games ive played its worth it

  33. I have the same card in my PC and I love it. I wasn't going to spend a boat load of money on a 2080 or 2080ti plus 1080ti cards are discontinued so that eliminates that. I agree best bang for the buck and you have ray-tracing when it becomes a thing. For those who want to buy used cards that's good for you but I prefer to have a warranty with my electronics no matter what it is. If it's less than $100 then I'll consider it but I'm definitely not buying a card for several hundred dollars not knowing what its been through.

  34. Doesn’t feel too good to spend $800 with tax for the 4th best consumer card (just counting 2080ti 2080 and 1080ti) that will basically barely hold up for ultrawide 1440

  35. Can you please do a comparison video of rtx blower style cards for those of us who are confined to only using those style cards due to space? Specifically the msi areo vs asus turbo vs zotac and FE

  36. I picked up a pre-built system with this card about a week ago because it was a good deal and i needed a total upgrade. I haven't put it through a lot of testing but i was palying GTA V with Ultra 1080 settings and it seems to stay locked at 60Hz even in benchmarks and heavy populated areas. Mine is paired with a Core i7 8700, so far, so good!

  37. The 2070 was good value before the 2060.
    And then they made it more difficult with the latest two cards.
    Best bang for buck with reasonable performance is the 570 I believe but you have to weigh up what sort of numbers you need and pay the price.
    Bang for buck is great but it won't get you the best performance.
    The 2060 is better value but then the 2070 is faster (regardless of what oc 2060 videos try and prove) and you do get the longevity of the extra memory and is the last card before going into more than the rest of the pc territory.

  38. i should never have gotten into pc gaming and building, theres too many questions like, bad review here, good review there, another bad, another good all on the same thing. which one to follow how do you know its good and worth it without spending a fortune.

  39. What an Amazing card 😮 I was considering getting a 1070ti For $750 but then found a Gigabyte RTX 2070 for $880! Would be crazy to not spend that bit extra or even wait and save up the extra to get it. A 29 FPS increase compared to the 1070 in 1080p on Destiny 2. and 11FPS compared to the 1080!… Wow

  40. $750 for a bottom of the line 2070 card with rubbish pcb, vrm, fans, etc here in Australia… in June 2019… Fu(k this world. I'm still running my GTX970 because of this madness.
    I guess the market must support these prices… perhaps we've just been spoiled in the past and this is what it should've been… Still, Cryptocurrency really kicked us gamers in the balls though huh?
    $750… I can buy a PS4 and a Switch for that much… I know I know, it's not a perfect comparison but it still provides meaningful perspective about where we are as PC gamers. If not for piracy & Steam sales I'd have abandoned PC a long time ago for consoles. Even if the hardware entry price is high it's hard to argue with free (pirated) and thousands of dirt cheap games (steam).

  41. the body is a zotac card with windforce gtx 1070 dust sensitive fans that can fail under 60 c due to high expansion coefficients of the metal on plastic materials chosen .

  42. tip , if and surely when the gigabyte pin bearing fans fail , dont buy their 50 dollar replacements , they are the same junk , rather buy those cheap ali express fans of ian roberts company withe the double ballbearing in them for 5 to 8 dollars, they dont heat up at all. gigabyte must invest in material science

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