RTX 2080 vs GTX 1080Ti – Were We WRONG?

all right so a couple weeks ago we
posted our review of the RTX 2080 and 2080 TI and a lot of you guys brought up
the fact that some cards we used we’re necessarily representative of what was
available to buy basically we ended up showcasing the reference based cards and
what they were able to accomplish against one another with the founders
edition GTX 1080 ti squaring off against the RTX GPUs the tested methodologies
were perfectly in line with the ones we’ve been doing for the past 15 years
on both the Hardware Canucks website and here on YouTube now using a reference
based GPU basically allows us to establish a baseline performance whereas
using custom aftermarket GPUs and comparing them against the founders
Edition or AMD’s reference based cards usually stacks the deck against anything
reference spec notice I said usually there guys well the problem is the RTX
founders edition cards on running at Nvidia’s baseline spec at all nor are
they priced like regular cards either they’re pre overclocked premium priced
monsters that cost a ton of money meanwhile literally all of the gtx 1080 ti
cards available are non-reference cards that have awesome heat sinks and come
with higher clock speeds that means a lot of you guys were right in holding
our feet to the fire about the cards we chose particularly when we compared the
RTX 2080 founders edition I think more fitting comparison would have been using
a custom cooled gtx 1080 ti and that’s exactly what we decided to find out
since we didn’t have one at the time of making that video so we ended up
grabbing an overclocked EVGA GTX 1080 TI superclocked Black Edition gaming for
seven hundred and seventy dollars however by the time you’re watching this
video this card may be more or less expensive personally I think this card
is an excellent representation of what invidious board partners still have
available and it doesn’t carry a huge premium over the gtx 1080 ti starting
price of about $700 right away I threw out the
possibility of using something like the Asus GTX 1080 ti Strix OC or Zotac’s AMP Extreme Core Edition in this video since right now both of those
actually cost more than the RTX 2080 founders Edition which right away
makes them a pretty poor value so using them to compare value and other factors
wouldn’t have worked maybe a look into those a little bit later but for now I
wanted to include a card like the super clocked Black Edition since it combines
pricing with pre overclocked goodness it’s time to play with light with fine
things digital RGB star kit that includes two LED strips and all the
appropriate cables the main hub is magnetic velcro tape is available with
three digital channels for LED strips or halos Lux fan frames that display a ton
of lighting effects and they’re absolutely gorgeous
check out the kit down below so let’s start off with a little test one of the
issues with the GTX 1080 ti founder’s Edition is that it uses a blower style
heatsink on the positive side this means a lot of the hot air is exhausted
outside your case but at the same time downdraft coolers are typically more
efficient so with Nvidia’s boosts outdoor them allowing for higher overall
clock speeds under cooler temperatures our initial gtx 1080 ti results could have
been lowered due to increased core temps there’s no mistaking that Nvidia’s RTX
2080 founders Edition runs incredibly cool given the size of the heat output
of the TA 104 core however take a look at the gtx 1080 ti founders Edition as it
hits 84c which happens to be right near its thermal limit in stock form and that
could lead to some throttling as the boosts algorithm tries to balance
temperature fan noise and power input compare that to EVGA superclocked Black
Edition and the difference is massive EVGA’s cooler capped temperatures at
an amazing 68 degree Celsius which should give plenty of clock speed
Headroom but what actually happens when we look at frequencies well here you go
remember in order to give you guys an accurate idea of how GPUs performed
while you are gaming we put them under load for a few minutes before each
benchmark so here you can see exactly why we do that both Nvidia and AMD cards
can paddle after a little while and if we would jump from one benchmark to
another leaving card to cool down between each run our
results wouldn’t show what you guys would actually experience in this case
the gtx 1080 ti founders edition goes from a respectful 1820 megahertz in the first
few minutes all the way down to about 16 80 megahertz around the four-minute mark
due to invidious and boost algorithm trying to balance things out that’s a
pretty big delta when he compared to EVGA superclocked Black Edition which
remained around 1900 megahertz throughout testing and that’s pretty
amazing so it looks like some of our initial results comparing the RTX 2080
and GTX 1080 ti were negatively influenced by the founders edition heat sink which
caused lower frequencies but that doesn’t mean that they were wrong since
for the last 5 years or so our testing methodology has been specifically set up
to show gaming conditions rather than an optimal environment that avoids
throttling now that EVGA card results are really eye-opening though so let’s see
if those higher frequencies really allow it to close the gap with the RTX 2080
i’m gonna roll these benchmarks without any commentary until the end feel free
to pause the video if you want to have a bit more time to check them out so there you have it guys and I have to
say that I’m actually really impressed with these results the EVGA superclocked
Black Edition really showcase some impressive performance across the board
and that’s likely due to its consistent clock speeds compared to the founders
edition in some cases it was able to match or even slightly beat the RTX
2080 founders Edition and I think that that’s pretty awesome for the price that
you pay for this card but in the end how do these numbers average out across all
these tests as you can see the RTX 2080 is still able to very narrowly beat
the EVGA card when every game is taken into account but only by around four
percent at 1440p basically the RTX is noticeably better in dx12 and Vulcan
whereas pre overclocked GTX tends to perform extremely well in older api’s
moving on to 4k and this is where the 11 gigabyte gtx 1080 ti ends up winning all
day once again the margin isn’t huge but in
some titles the RTX 2080’s frame buffer can be a limitation like I said
and launched a review that’s a big worrying since the lasting is an $800
GPU shouldn’t be choking itself out at new HD resolutions with this in our back
pocket we can now look at the actual value as well at 1440p the RTX 2080
and EVGA GTX 1080 ti superclocked are pretty much tied from a value
perspective but before you all keyboard warriors start typing hate in the
comments there’s something important here based on how good a reference gtx
1080 ti does if you can find it custom one for less than $750 it’ll be an excellent
value but that’s getting harder and harder without going into the used
market since the GTX series is selling out quickly moving up to 4k and the RTX
2080 gets its butt kicked from a value perspective due to its memory
limitations the EVGA card is far out in the lead something else interesting is
that due to its huge performance numbers in 4k games the RTX 2080 Ti has closed
the gap a bit too despite its ridiculous $1,200 price tag
that’s something to take into account if you have the money to burn so with all
these new numbers has our opinion changed about the RTX 2080
yes and no you see it’s amazing to see what a custom GTX 1080 ti and
make a difference especially with the results and honestly we should have
included one from the very beginning since it would have given a more
balanced perspective with those taken in the equation the founders Edition RTX
2080 becomes a lower value and a less step towards stepping up to a 4k display
compared to a gtx 1080 ti then again I have to wonder how well
something like these $750 EVGA RTX 2080 XC would do since it is $50 less than
the founders Edition but has very similar frequencies that’s another
question for another video I guess since we’ve had the time to digest what the
market is doing now our perspectives have changed a bit too folks are
frustrated at in video since those starting at $699 RTX 2080’s have failed
to appear and honestly the more I look at it the $800 RTX 2080 could be a
brilliant but underhanded mood to clear out stocks of their discontinued pascal
cards if that was a plan it worked pretty well but in no way to the benefit
gamers it’s actually pretty hard to find a GTX series cards at reasonable prices
or even at stock and I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see the $699
RTX 2080 magically appear once the gtx 1080 ti cards are flushed out speaking of
1080 ti’s remember when I said if you find that card for less than $750 it
would be a good deal well I actually found this ZOTAC an for under $700 which
i think is an absolute steal at the time of making this video I’m not even sure
if this card will be around by the time you’re seeing this video but if it is
I’ll make sure to link it down below just be aware that these kinds of deals
are getting rarer and rarer these days the new mark 2 coursers tray and k70
keyboards are fully loaded with custom illumination convenient media buttons
USB pass-through extra set of key camps and ergonomic wrist rest for each
keyboard so you can type or game comfortably with a variety of MX
switches available so you can check out which keyboard suits you best in the
description below coming back to RTX and I think the main
problem with RTX cards is a lot of their price is based on nothing more
than a promise of right tracing and AI that’ll be a huge or I guess a big thing
for Gaming at least that’s what nvidia is
trying to convince us so I’m going to repeat the exact same thing that I said
foot since day one of this our text lunch and that is if you don’t
absolutely need a graphics card right now waiting to see how things will look
in the next few months but with the EVGA gtx 1080 ti super clocked in the charts
it’s obvious that depending on the price a Pascal based GPU can be a phenomenal
value just don’t pay well more than 750 dollars for one because about that price
point you’re looking into an area of diminishing returns for your money
amiibo 800 connects thank you so much for watching make sure to check out some
relevant content over here subscribe to our new boot sequence channel for the
latest tech news and rumors I’m signing off
and I’ll see you guys in the next one

100 thoughts on “RTX 2080 vs GTX 1080Ti – Were We WRONG?

  1. Got myself a Galax 1080Ti Exoc for $547 w/ 2 more years of warranty.
    Found 2 Aorus Extreme ones for the same price but it's not for me.

  2. Really 4K reaches memory limit what on earth were you running it is a struggle to get past 8 gig without msaa enabled if the game even supports it these days

  3. Man the 4k avg result was hugely affected by the Wolfenstein benchmark there must be some kind of an error that made this mistake (39 frames for 2080 vs 88 1080TI)for . And of course without it the 2080 would have won the final result and also the value result. We are talking about 50 frames here that are Missing from the RTX. I would greatly appreciate to see the results with that Wolfenstein 4K test done right or even without it.

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  7. It's the Ray tracing that makes the 2080 so expensive. There are currently no games that support this technology, however if the new AAA titles implement it – this card will become the best. So in conclusion – it's way to early to o tell if this card is worth the investment or not, so please stop with this 1080ti vs RTX 2080!

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  9. Well many custom 2080´s and 2080 Tis got new Bios that boost up the Power Limit to around 122% and some up to 140% which means you can now boost your fps much with running the OC scanner. My Windforce 2080 RTX OC just was limited to a boost to 108% max which made the card running in low oc settings. I think this will show the real power of that cards now…Nvidia managed to make the fps much better with rtx enabled and playable up to 2K ultra settings within a month (in BF5). So whats the problem here? Raytracing is the future (Any CGI in movies using that technique nowadays cause it looks so much more realistic). They managed to bring this in realtime and anybody just talking about how shitty that move was?! What is the problem here :O

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  15. You should also do an ipc comparison between pascal and turing. It would further highlight the value proposition that Nvidia has tried to give us this generation.

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    Would you rather go for a rtx 2080 or gtx 1080 ti? Im so undecided and i need to make up my mind before Friday. I only hear bad things about the rtx cards but isnt the 2080 stronger than the 1080ti?

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  20. You failed to test for 1080p results. While the RTX cards test well at 1440p and usually great at 4k they don't test as well at 1080p. Something that should be made known to viewers as a lot of people have 1080p monitors and may not be aware that to get RTX true performance the will likely need a new monitor as well.

  21. Would you please give me your advise I bought zotac gtx 1080ti amp extreme edition it works so well I bought it used with 670 dollars .Now I found a used rtx 2080 EVGA xc ultra with same price as the one I bought .What would you do in this case and why ? .”

  22. This is not really even an option anymore. There are no more new 1080 ti cards out there. Nvidia has stopped making them.

  23. i got my 2080 brand new for 625 bucks at a retail store, way better deal than buying a more expensive 1080ti during that time

  24. Brasil:
    RTX 2070 – 3,800 BRL
    GTX 1080 – 2,000 BRL

    RTX 2070 = GTX 1080 performance


  25. 5:34 2560×1440 ,I run @3840×2160 UHD max everything on one 1080ti on a I9 7900X @4.1 Ghz &64 gigs mobo ram and get 180 fps ?? =(

  26. Got my FTW3 1080Ti for 600€ used 1 year in perfect condition… best buy ever!! I beat almost all 2080s in benchmarks, even the 2080 strix OC…

  27. Hi. I dont really know much about these satistics and Performance tests, I'm just looking for the one that can give me more performance, with the price not playing a Role. I play games like Rust, GTA 5, Rainbow 6 and a few more in th same range of graphic quality. Now, can anyone tell me if the 2080 is better than the 1080Ti. Once again, the price difference is not of mtter to me. I'm just looking for the better option.

  28. PFF last month I bought a Palit GTX 1080 ti Super Jet Stream for 400$ on ebay (almost bran new and barely used). Which provides the same performence as a RTX 2080. Calling it a potato card or out dated is like calling RTX 2080 outdated and potato card ,which is far from the truth. GTX 1080 ti also has 3GB of vram more then the RTX 2080 ,which makes it more future proof, which is shown on 6:49, bottlenecking the RTX 2080 while the GTX 1080 ti still goes strong. Which makes another point the RTX 2080 should be a fine 4k Video card ,but frankly its not the GTX 1080 ti is a better card because it has more vram for 4k :D. Which also means it will last longer. I'm happy with my buy. Cheated the system on paying 800$ for the same performence a video card can give me for 400$. And decides for 1440p 144hz ,which is the resolution I game at do I need a better video card? Even getting a RTX 2080 ti wouldn't give me much of a performence bump up, since 144hz is my limit of my monitor and anymore fps then that I wouldn't be able to see it. Like what can't a GTX 1080 ti do that a RTX 2080 ti can lol. Better gaming at 4k??? just play it on high settings and you will still get 60fps ,with a nice OC. Ultra and High Settings arrent far apart you wouldn't notice the difference while you game. Unless you treat the game as a presentation ,which at that point are you really a gamer? The only big difference is your taxing your system with less fps for no difference in image quality lol. People then are QQ that the GPU can't do 60fps at 4k lol.

  29. A 1080ti for LESS than $1000 now is impossible. I was on the market for a 1080ti but was literally finding cards at $1100 to $1200 dollars……ended up getting a RTX 2080 for $600, HALF the price. It's a no brainer with the way 1080tis cost now.

  30. My Zotac AMP EXTREME (proper edition not core) 1080Ti is OC'd to 2075mhz all day long and with the custom fan curve I'm running keeps it below 58 C. And yes it beats the 2080 all day long. The 2080 is a waste of money if you know how to manually OC yourself. Easy!

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    flicker like mad in overwatch and Grid2
    hardly beats 1080ti which is cheaper and flicker free nah dont buy 2080 its rip

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  39. yeah i went to used market I got extremely extremely lucky i got a full EK custom water cooled 1080ti (with the original air cooler) for $550.00. since i already had water cooling system & i heard the RTX series hits power limit before thermal limit, I wanted to take advantage of my custom loop & the 1080ti was the way to do that now I have a GPU that runs at full GPU boost speeds without hitting power limit like the RTX2080 would have under water.

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  41. The only difference are the dlss cores and rtx cores which are inactive due to games not supporting them..

  42. A fault I find in many of these youtube reviews is that they decide what is cheap and what is expensive. I think that they should leave that up to the person to decide. Price, after all, is subjective. Just give me the results, the price and I 'll make that call.

  43. I was never disappointed in the RTX's performance. It offers a slightly better performance than the 1080ti for the same amount of money. Their reliability problems though are unacceptable.

  44. As usual you are fanatical and concise on the topic you are reviewing, you sir know your subject and I watch your channel because of your IN DEPTH an accurate reviews.
    Fantastic video and please keep this artisan level of testing.
    PS I play games in 4K 60fps so I truly don`t care above this frame rate 🙂
    Also why the HELL are we going from 11GB 1080 ti to 8GB 2080?
    I bought my STRIX 1080ti for £550 over a year ago and it performs fantastic to this day!
    Thank you for your time and effort, sir 🙂

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    PS: Buy only quality equipment.

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