RTX Theater: Real-time ray tracing features in Control using an EVGA RTX 2080 SUPER GPU

Hey everyone, my name is Tricia and today, we are playing Control by Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games. It just came
out on August 27th so, it’s pretty new and shiny. Specifically, today we’ll be
looking at real-time ray tracing features that you can experience with an
RTX 20-Series GPU. Let’s go into the specs of this beast that’s behind me
right now, because that will heavily impact what we’re about to see. So, what
we’re running with today is an EVGA RTX 2080 Super hybrid graphics card, Intel’s
i7-7800X CPU at 3.5 GHz, 64GB Ballistics Tactical RAM, EVGA
X299 Dark motherboard and a SanDisk X400 SSD. This is way shinier than one I have
at home, just saying, so I’m very excited to see what this looks like. What is
real-time ray tracing? Non real-time raytracing has been used in movies and TV
for years now and essentially, is the act of rendering simulated light. Real-time
ray tracing is when that happens on the fly as the game is being played. Very
impressive. We’re going to play the game with our RTX ON and OFF so that we can
see the difference in real-time raytracing features, specifically that are
featured in Control. It uses the full RTX suite include reflections, transparent reflections, indirect diffuse lighting, contact shadows, and all of the
details around the debris, which as the protagonist Jesse in Control, you have
telekinetic abilities and the entire environment is yours to mess with so,
there is ALOT of debris. This game might be the new standard for graphically
intensive games moving forward… we shall see. But I digress and I will stop
talking about the game, and show you. [Game Audio] “Here I am. I found nothing. It’s like it’s all a lie.” [Trisha] So, here’s a great example of ray tracing. Ray racing an action. Ray tracing is
turned on right now, and you can clearly see a reflection, both in the parts
of the window that are darkened, and the parts that aren’t. It’s a little harder
to see in this section but, as I run around, you can see it now.
If I turn ray tracing off, reflections are gone. No reflections at all. There we
go… that’s just one small example of ray tracing in action. Let’s see what else we
can find here. What’s over here… see if that looks any different. Yep!
Check that out. Bye-bye light bouncing through here. Completely
non-existent. Now try it again. Toggle it back. There we go… so, it’s small examples like that, that
just make it more realistic. So, that is our light bouncing off the shiny floor,
from the light up there. Very cool. Where you at fools… can I shoot you through the wall…I can! Oh, that was pretty incredible. No wait! He’s shot me through a wall!
Super not fair by the way. I mean, I just did it to another guy so, I guess fair
but, keep moving to avoid enemy fire… Pro-tip. You snipe at me, sir… I’ll come after your face… Oh two guys… two with one shot. She’s amazing. Who else… my aim is so dirt now. What you guys
didn’t get to see is when we were not recording the screen we had an FPS
counter in the corner. With ray tracing off, we were getting around 110 to 130
frames per second and with ray tracing on, we were getting between 50 and 70,
sometimes as high as 80. Bigger fights dipped to 58 but, essentially having on real time ray tracing cut our FPS in half. Luckily, this thing’s a beast so, half is still hovering right around 60
frames per second. Probably the biggest real-time ray tracing difference that I
noted that would have impacted my experience, were the transparent
reflections, especially since there’s so many glass hallways in Control. I feel
like that made a huge difference. We certainly saw the differences in the
debris and we didn’t show it off in this particular gameplay but, there is a
moment in Control where you can concoct a shield out of pulling pieces and
debris off of walls and ground, in the floor and pull all of that up so, I can
only imagine what that looks like with ray tracing on. It’s probably mind-blowing but, I would love to know what you guys think because I feel like we’re
all going to get a different impression of how this impacted us. So please leave
that in the comments. It’s also worth noting that we did run this at Ultra
graphical settings so, I’m just gonna show you here… everything as high as we
could possibly get it. Texture resolution on ultra and then, for the ray tracing
options we had everything, turned on to high setting. So ray traced reflections.
Transparent reflections. Indirect diffuse lighting. Ray traced contact shadows, and
ray traced debris. So that has been our gameplay to showcase real-time ray
tracing in Control and right now, Nvidia is running a promotion where if you buy
a 20-series GPU or gaming laptop you can get Wolfenstein Youngblood and Control
for free, as part of your purchase. There are a bunch of qualifying GPUs and
laptops so make sure to check out the links below to see some of them for
yourself and then, you can get the hardware that you need to see real-time
ray tracing in action.

22 thoughts on “RTX Theater: Real-time ray tracing features in Control using an EVGA RTX 2080 SUPER GPU

  1. I think to justify the RTX features, not as much effort was put towards the non-RTX versions of these effects. In particular, I've seen better implementations of screenspace reflections in other titles, some approaching the apparent level of realism demonstrated in Control. While the technology demonstrated in Control is impressive, I think it's misleading to use this game as a visual benchmark for "how much better ray-tracing is".

  2. Great job! Would like to see more of these from NewEgg. I really enjoyed this. 2080 Super is a beast card, but looks like Control with RTX on tames it pretty well.

  3. Just bought a second hand 1080. Thanks to rtx series, the price of 10 series has dropped. No need for ray tracing thank you very much.

  4. I own this card and this game. OMG this game changed my notion about RTX. All the haters here plz experience control with RTX urself b4 talking rubbish. More content lile this newegg

  5. You told us the settings and the specs but you didn't mention the resolution you're playing at. I for one on my RTX 2080 Ti am able to get just over 32FPS at 4K resolution but with DLSS on I'm able to achieve 65FPS. Details, details!

  6. Beware the Newegg rebate scam. Lost $200.00 rebate because of their claim that no receipt was sent. Tracking said rebate was on the way but never came. No information during the 3 month wait that there was an issue. BEWARE THE NEWEGG REBATE SCAM!!!

  7. The cost of entry to get these minor visual enhancements is too high, which don't add to gameplay, and impact performance significantly.

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