RUST ON CONSOLE in 2020 XBOX ONE and PS4 | Rust update 15th November 2019

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here and I’ve got some very big news for you.. That’s right, I’m pregnant. No, actually not THAT big, but still pretty
huge.. Because in case the info hasn’t dribbled down to you yet through other channels, there’s
one question that you can finally stop asking me now.. Namely, will Rust be coming to console?
Because in the last 24 hours it was indeed announced that Rust will be coming to both
PS4 and Xbox One in 2020.. Now, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of questions
about this, many of which I can already guess, and I’d love to read all your initial thoughts
in the comments, but for answers at the moment I’m going to direct you to a dedicated page
on Facepunch’s website, which will be updated with all the relevant info as it becomes available
and the link will be down below.. It’s not that I don’t want to tell you more,
but I respect that the info will have to come from Facepunch when they’re ready. In the
meantime it’s best not to jump to any conclusions about the details of course, however I will
keep you informed of anything new on this via my weekly updates, so make sure you are
subscribed and have notifications turned on, in case they actually work. It is quite cathartic for me to get this off
my chest though, because I’ve had to keep my hooves sealed about it for a while, and
talking of which, I will be uploading another related video a couple of hours after this
one which you won’t want to miss.. In short, I was asked to produce a video for the annual
inside Xbox show – X019 – which will be played there today to introduce a console
audience to the wholesome experience we know as Rust and I’ll be able to let you watch
it here later, so stay tuned! What I want to know from you in the meantime
though is, now the console horse is officially out of the information stable, what do you
think of this news? Is it what you were expecting or not? Are you happy now or are you experiencing
some other emotion? What are your predictions for Rust in 2020? Let me know please in the
comments! So this may be the biggest news of the year
so far, but there are of course other development stories this week.. and first yet another
fix that will hopefully spark joy.. Over on staging branch batteries will now finally
retain their charge when you pick them up opening the way to portable power! And I think
this can only be construed as a positive! There were a couple of fixes to switches too
for them having invisible lights when off and showing power when none was being received.. Last week I mentioned network visibility which
was adjusted to ensure bases don’t suddenly burst into existence in front of you when
travelling at speed in a minicopter say, well this week it has been increased further from
64 metres to 128 in order to give enough warning to pilots of upcoming SAM sites, which could
still put a crimp on their day.. Also on staging, a new ‘copy text’ option
was added to the popup in the chat UI, which will now allow you to save a player’s words
of wisdom to the clipboard for future reference.. There were various other small fixes plus
further to last week’s new cinematic features, a couple more debug camera commands, including
camzoomspeed and camlookspeed were added. In addition debugcamera_autosave/load can
now be written to the config and debugcamera_preserve will allow you to resume from the last known
camera position when rejoining a server and can also be written to the config.. I’ll put
these in the description for you as well.. Horses, being the intrepid explorers that
we are have been spotted recently in a number of exotic locations, leaving some scratching
their heads and others in awe of our agility.. Seems though that a potential fix for errant
equines is on staging now, so they may soon become a bit more grounded.. talking of which
they should also behave themselves better on rocky surfaces and navigate small cliffs
instead of getting stuck! Also in performance, improvements are being
tested on a branch called monument_optimisation_test, which I don’t think I need to explain too
much about, and Garry is working on a branch called Betterbundles which seems to be concentrated
on how assets are loaded. More on these when they come to fruition. Over in works in progress, vehicles are still
a major focus, with one of the latest commits showing that engine performance will degrade
with the health of the vehicle.. So true to life. In concert with this, instruments are receiving
a noteworthy amount of fine tuning too, as this video from Instagram shows.. Looks like
the Xylobone currently doubles up as a form of bob-sleigh. And finally, two intriguing commits.. sadly
without visuals as yet.. Firstly a jumpsuit, and secondly a Spacesuit.. Now I’m not saying
this means we’ll be boldly going anywhere beyond the island.. Or even that it’s something
we’ll end up wearing or indeed just going to the toilet in.. I’ll give you the low down
when I find out of course, but what are your initial thoughts? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to stay tuned for another video
later today, or maybe it’s already up and there’ll be a link on the screen shortly for
you.. Leave a like and subscribe to support this channel if you would be so kind.. You
can watch me live on Twitch three times a week, plus follow me on Twitter, Facebook,
Discord and my Steeeam group for notifications.. Also please consider supporting me on Patreon
as this YouTube lark is getting tighter.. I shall catch you all soon of course, but
in the meantime, keep calm and stay Rusty. Cheerio.

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  1. for info on the console version (as it becomes available)
    Use code Shadowfrax at the Facepunch store for 10% off everything, unlimited uses!

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  2. I find it funny how so many pc players think this is gonna fail. Obviously pvp will be smoother on mouse and keyboard but it's not like there aren't good fps's on console. And even if it is low fps and clunky it'll still be better then ark on Xbox.

  3. Ark is one of the worst PC to console ports of all time and people still love it. Console players are gonna have fun with this no matter what.

  4. So many years of not hearing of rust dam the game looks changed asf wanted to play it years ago. I heard the community is toxic ASF can anyone here who plays can confirm it I'm usual solo player

  5. So there is pc users in the comments saying xbox users are gonna be salty and toxic yet pc users are in the comments acting like the toxic ones

  6. This is going to be fantastic, I watch Welyn and so many rust YouTubers so much I could play the game right now and I wouldn’t be too much of a salty noob. But I am desperately hoping it is properly ported and that it’s not completely mixed servers.

  7. Imagine Rust with no voice chat.

    Console chat is a lot more difficult to approach Ive been thinking that the game rust should allow players to make parties in the game for himself and teammates like the parties already on the console but this it will be only for rust. Why?, When you are in a party(Im on ps4) you will not hear game chat voices. Dayz, and ark had the same problem because if you are wanting to hear the players trying to talk to you… you will need to take atleast 30 sec to go game chat to respond and you will miss all of the words the person said before you came to game chat. But allowing parties that are rust made will allow you to always talk to your friends and hear anyone trying to talk to you in gamechat.

    So if dicord and rust had a baby…please dont let the salt stay only on pc… let the salt come to console aswell

  8. I can’t wait for it! Just for the love of god don’t make it cross platform! I’m all set with playing with hackers and just pc players in general.

  9. i have been waiting so long for this, so long! and finnaly, its here…. i'm so, so happy! i'm totaly ready for the world of Rust!

  10. I played rust on pc i put about 300 hours into the game but i have not played the game in a while because my pc broke it would be amazing if rust came to console anyway the console player's will not under stand at first but they will get their aslo the will probably get bored and leve the game it's a lot of grinding anyway pc players are always going to the fun killing console noobs/:<

  11. Y'know I'm happy I was expecting this and many people are gamers but just have trouble if they're a rookie on mouse but are decent on controller then they might as well get a consle. New players on mouse and keyboard such as my self find it hard to learn video games without getting destroyed.

  12. As much as I’m looking forward to playing rust on console, I can only imagine what the controls are gonna be and I worry whether cross play with be in this. I’ve played on controller and keyboard and it is vastly different in their own ways. Leave the consoles away from pc and this game will be easy to enjoy and everyone will have an overall better experience. Join them together and prepare for pc players who have a ton of experience playing this game to rule over the servers with accuracy and easy recoil control over weapons.

  13. lmao console going to suck no offense to console players (I am one my self) but take Pubg for instance compare xbox and pc players 🐵

  14. Bruh please don’t let people have these modded controller with no recoil etc. the game is already ruined before it even made it to console. I was really happy hearing it come to console but knowing what a modded controller is capable of this game isn’t gonna be fun at all RIP RUST

  15. I can see how its gonna go on console its gonna be massive zergs and solo players and no inbetween just look at art and i hope its gonna be like that

  16. I've watched videos of rust for over a year and now its coming to console I'm honestly so excited to play I really hope this works out and comes to console

  17. I know almost nothing about rust but I used to watch old vids but I’m so glad it’s coming to console and I can finally get rid of stress by being the console peasant I am and grief 13 year olds

  18. I got a Xbox 1 year ago and I've always been wanting to play Rust since I was 11 and now it's finally coming out on console

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