Ryzen CPU with VEGA Graphics ONBOARD!

Both Zen and Vega at this point are pretty old news by computer industry standards. But there are a couple of things that make this combination product more interesting then you might expect. Number one is the incredible value proposition for budget gaming, and number two is the unexpectedly high performance of these entry-level CPUs once you add a discrete graphics card. Today’s video was brought to you by TunnelBear. TunnelBear thinks the internet is better when everyone can openly access the same content.
So try TunnelBear for free at tunnelbear.com/ltt Laszlo – Supernova Let’s begin by jumping right into gaming performance on Ryzen G’s integrated graphics where, unsurprisingly, its Vega GPU Stomped all over Intel’s best efforts to build a competitive on chip graphics processor. Then, Fell short of even a GTX 1050 ti putting it pretty far down the pecking order compared to discrete graphics cards So we tested at 1080p medium details, but based on our results, It’s more likely that you would opt for 720p high or 1080p low Though to be clear, we are not complaining about this. Budget gamers would have given their left nut for 720p high 12 years ago, when AMD first began work on the combination CPU + GPU Pen Pineapple Apple Pen Paradigm. Moving on to productivity we get very similar results to the same clocked, older generation Ryzen chips with the new G series actually pulling off some better results in tests Like multi-threaded Cinebench and v ray CPU benchmark And then leaving intel’s onboard graphics standing on the starting line in the GPU version. Now we also saw similar, or better scores compared to old Ryzen in Asus Realbench Ignoring the OpenCL result since they obviously favor discrete graphics cards, and blender CPU test continues the trend with Team Blue getting smashed and the GPU test once again showing us that 8 and 12 CUs Respectively aren’t ideal for heavy lifting. So what have we got here then, we’ve got a couple of really nice upgrades. The 2200 G obsoletes basically the entire existing Ryzen three lineup and remember you can just plug this into any existing Ryzen compatible motherboard with at most a BIOS update, and the 2400 G ends up being a toss-up with the more expensive 1600 X. So what you get is onboard graphics and in some cases better performance due to the 4 + 0 CCX design and second-generation precision boost. But what you give up is some level three cache and a couple of cores for heavy multi-threaded workloads. Now these are budget products so AMD costed down the IHS to a Traditional thermal paste this time around though that shouldn’t be a big deal at this package power and Ryzen runs pretty cool anyway. And While we’ve never had great results with Ryzen overclocking, today’s chips were particularly unimpressive both of them managed only 3.85 gigahertz on all cores. Which is more than the precision boost frequency of the 2200G but actually less than the 2400G. To be clear that’s on all cores So it’s still a net gain for some workloads, and the 2400G managed it at a lower voltage But we just need to make sure that you’re going into your purchase here with realistic expectations for a single Benjamin and change. Thermals were a little higher than usual for Ryzen. Thanks to the higher default voltages and probably the lesser Thermal compound but power consumption was basically spot-on. Only a few watts different than the same clock to OG Ryzen CPUs our Intel chips It should be noted managed lower idle drop. Alright, so let’s talk upgrade path now a lot of people go out and buy a CPU like this with integrated graphics With the intention of only using those temporarily. So what is gaming like once you throw in a dedicated graphics card? Actually, fine! So, we ran our Ryzen CPUs with a 1050 Ti in the earlier testing and then re ran our G Series with it as well, and we got similar if Slightly lower results across the board. So it looks then like AMD’s decision to split the PCI Express Lanes, between the integrated Vega core and the PCIe 16x slot, giving only eight lanes for each. Didn’t actually hurt them too badly. So, at 99 and 169 respectively, the Ryzen 3 2200G and, Ryzen 5 2400G Are both, better values than their predecessors. And Integrated Vega graphics with some help from native support for higher speed 2933 Mhz Dual channel DDR4 memory gives them much better performance, and Maybe even more importantly Compatibility in GPU intensive tasks than anything that Intel can muster. So Intel who opted not to seed us the uh, price competitive processors saying we’d have to go buy them if we wanted to Compare. Gee I wonder why. Holds the performance crown for CPU only tasks, but as for living room PC enthusiasts or budget eSports gamers. We all might have just found your next processor And if you run a small business on the side y’all might have just found your next cloud-based accounting solution. BAM!!! Freshbooks is the simple way to be more productive, more organized and to get paid faster. You can create and send professional-looking invoices in less than 30 seconds. Set up online Payments with just a couple of clicks. And get paid up to 4 days faster. They’ve got fully featured mobile apps so you can track your hours, track your expenses. You can do all this stuff with you on the go And! they’ve got a really cool feature that allows you to see, When your client has seen your invoice for the first time to put an end to The back and forth of “Oh, I didn’t get it can use end it again?” And “Oh! you got it alright!>:(” So just go to FreshBooks.com/techtips and enter Linus Tech Tips and now how did you hear about us section for a Free trial. We’re gonna have that linked below ↓↓↓ So thanks for watching guys if this video sucked You know what to do. but if it’s awesome get subscribed hit that like button or check out the link to where to buy the stuff we featured in the Video description. Also link down there ↓ as our merch storage has cool shirts like this one, and our community forum, which you should totally join!

100 thoughts on “Ryzen CPU with VEGA Graphics ONBOARD!

  1. One of the graphs (Cinebench) appears to be missing from the video. Here is the missing graph: https://i.imgur.com/UsTfFLB.png

  2. > can you install win 7 on ryzen 3 2200g?
    > I have recently build a Ryzen 3 PC w/ specs :
    Ryzen 3 2200g
    GA A320m-s2h
    8gb Ballistix Sport Gaming Memory (Single Stick)
    1Tb Blue WD @ 7200
    but everytime I play SC2, Spore it gives me "clock_watchdog_timeout" and it freezes in idle a lot no BSOD, no mouse no keyboard response..
    how to fix it sir?

  3. why afterburner doesn't show the cpu temp? I own this 2400G also, I have tried more than 10 version of afterburner, I couldn't find the cpu temp in osd tab. from web what I able to know, afterburner doesn't support or read the amd cpu temp, is that right?

  4. Is it better to get a core i5 8400 paired with a GTX 1060, or a Ryzen 5 2600 with Vega 11 Graphics paired with the GTX 1060?

  5. yep me budget gamer, to think i almost killed my self to get an i7, 600 dollar bundle when i went to micro center but got a 200 dollar rayzen budle instead with amd 5 vega.

  6. Can 2400G used for video editing on Hitfilm Express (without external GPU). Will the VEGA core accelerate timeline and export times in hitfilm?

  7. So did I get this right: This 4c/8t 3.6 GHz CPU has RADEON VEGA 11 integrated graphics what is equivalent to a GT 1030 GPU and it all costs ~160$. That is A HELL OF A GOOD DEAL!!! You dont even need a GPU (you can save money and get it later) because the integrated graphics are powerful enough!!!

  8. Da ich meinen Laptop verkaufe um mir einen Pc zu kaufen und ich noch nicht genug Geld für eine Grafikkarte zusammen habe, denkst du es wäre eine gute Alternative mir erstmal einen Pc zusammen zu stellen mit der Ryzen 5 2400G damit ich später eine Grafikkarte einbauen kann?

  9. Action speak louder than words, so upload a video about ryzen 3 2200g with b450 m and 8gb ram. Because here in Philippines. Theres a lot of peoblem abput that build. Please . . . Enough for talking just do it. Hpw to install drivers too.

  10. I just bought raizen 5 with vega 11 and have 1050ti graphics card. How does that work? I mean theres 2 graphic card?

  11. m using ryzen 5 2400g processor on system windows 10 10.0.10240 Build 10240

    but i face Clock watchdog timeout error

    is it due to windows version ?

    please rply

  12. I am buying a prebuilt pc but I know how to add graphic cards the pc comes with Amd Radeon Vega 8 should I buy a cheap graph card as well

  13. Sir, could you pls explain whether it would give more performance if gpu is added with it? I would rather like to know that as I am planning to build a gaming cpu at budget rate..

  14. Guys…clear out something for me ….i have to select one of these…what should i choose ?

    Amd ryzen 5 2400g
    i3 2120 + gtx 1060 3gb

  15. Thanks Linus, I was regretting thinking that I bought r5 2400g instead of 2600 cuz I was saving money for a video card that I was going to buy

  16. Could you buy a dedicated graphics card like the gtx 1050 ti 4gb and connect your monitor it and have better performance? Would the integrated graphics be disabled and the primary graphics would be the dedicated graphics card?

  17. yesterday at my local micro center both Ryzen 3 2200g and Ryzen 5 1600g where on sale for $70 and i chose the Ryzen 3 and i really hope i did the right decision…what do you guy's think?

  18. Can somebody explain me what os Vega 8?
    Is it gpu or cpu? And if it is gpu, is it close/like RX 570?

  19. I have a question maybe someone can help me. I just built a AMD Ryzen 2400g gaming pc and I got G.Skill Ripjaw v series 3200 speed ram and it’s only going 2133mhz. I can’t get it to go any faster is my ram just not compatible or can I go into bios to speed it up? Any answers would be greatly appreciated

  20. Compare this with buying a console and it's a damn bargain, I picked up a second hand 2200g for just under $200. With 8gb though that's only 2400 speed, and a 120gb sata ssd. But it's still killing it for the price.

  21. 4:32–4:40 THAT'S A GOOD POINT!!! I never thought about that. I'm a retro gamer with Age of Mythology and a Kega Fusion Emulator so I believe I needed better than laptop gpu power but not overpowering like graphics cards to run and record them in 480p and 720p. So I decided to get the a particular PC with AMD A8 5500 APU inside. Will that be enough to record 720p (UTvideo T2 RGB VCM) and play Age of Mythology in 1280×720 32 bit color simultaneously? You can set custom resolutions in the shortcut, UI stretching for native widescreen automatically adjusted.

  22. I don’t recommend this cpu tbh.. it has problems when paired up with a graphics card for some odd reason… can someone explain

    I use an rx 580 8gb

  23. I have the ryzen 5 2400g because the video of people testing games with it looked awsome ,but for some reason when i try the same games my pc barely can run it even with minimum graphics.
    Can someone tell me there is something i didnt intalled or it just sucks .

  24. These cheap cpus could be excellent for a backup computer or for your kids if you pair them with a budget gpu, assuming the integrated graphics are not enough.

  25. They would give their left nut 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

  26. It is not that they say it is . I used g force 820m that is shit so i thought im going to do an upgrade and buy ryzen 5 2500 whit vega 8 graphics that says it is 200% almost better then 820m force and im geting worse fps literaly shit all drivers are up to date i literly got scamed by amd never going to take anything apart gforce

  27. Why the fuck my gforce 820 m is performing better than this vega 8 wtf i just got this shit ryzer today im so dispointed

  28. It happily pays 4k video, it sips power, and it's quiet with some gaming, ideal for home entertainment and media usage with a little gaming thrown in.

  29. Wait so instead of buying a ryzen cpu and a separate gpu you can just buy the ryzen processor becauseit has a gpu with it?????

  30. Did you know if you move resolution to lower setting it moves more work to cpu. Higher resolution works more in gpu portion of chip.

  31. Fuck AMD,those apus fucking SUCK.All i get is VIDEO TDR FAILURE when i try to max out gta iv.Im NEVER buying those shitty apus.Fuck you amd

  32. I've been agonising over what to go with for a new pc only got £600.
    My big issue is I am looking at a prebuilt because I have a disability that makes putting some parts in myself rather difficult.

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