100 thoughts on “Safely Remove Warranty Stickers

  1. I wonder if any court has ever awarded punitive damages in a case involving a voided warranty becuase of one of these stickers. That would be another way to discourage the practice. But now that I think about it, that's more of a tort law thing – not really applicable in contract law. Still, if a judge wanted to get really creative, it might be possible.

  2. i actually have never claimed warranty service. i prefer to fix evryting myself (its not that i dont trust people to fix my devices, i just like fixing stuff)

  3. I can buy pc parts separate, i get full warranty. But when u buy pre assembled pc, that comes with a lot if cables, I cannot open the cover due this sticker. Ok wtf

  4. I live in Australia and we have the best consumer protection laws all we need to do is call the ombudsman to claim the warranty

  5. I'venused my breath to remove stickers, which is just like a lighter version of using steam. – The problem with that, still, isn't that the sticker falls apart into goop, but that the sticker comes off without the glue. So, It just takes the sticker off the glue, as the glue prefers to stick to whatever surface it's on (usually plastic) over the label itself. On top of that, the glue tends to not stick anymore afterwards. – So it does come off whole, but you'd need a way to re-apply it. And I don't know what kind of glue you can use that can be made into a really thin layer and doesn't harden into like concrete form. Sticker-glue is quite particular…

  6. Honestly AVE is the guy to look to for machining and tool tear downs. I've heard you guys use a few of his quotes, especially Alex. He's worth time and subscription.

  7. I read the peanut butter one and thought to myself “yea let me Incase my electronics in peanut butter” 2 seconds later u say exactly that 😂😂

  8. It doesn't matter technically since manufactures can't enforce warranty void stickers unless they prove that you damaged the electronic after removing it, simply put warranty void stickers are technically illegal.

  9. As a cuber looking at the part about scs sticker removers, I find it funny how old this video is and the GTS2 was still a popular cube

  10. 6:34 whatttttttt i'm actually watching this video at the same time that i'm reassembling and lubricating my 7×7 cube with lube from… you guessed it… speedcubeshop.
    how random is that

  11. so… you tip is for the already easy to pry away type of sticker but the one thats actually interesting, the residue one, just cant be beat. k

  12. when i bought a logitech wireless mouse it say when i remove the battery it voids the warranty whut.. so you cannot then change it yourself

  13. In Australia these count as a tiny "No refund" stickers and are literary ilegal as we have laws protecting consumers against "no refunds" so in Australia IGNORE! (If you have enough patience with a back and forth with the manufacturer).

  14. We're pc enthusiasts, I bet most of the people subbed to this channel can repair an electronic device better then the guys in tech support anyway, so really who need their "warranty"

  15. I'm confused, apple business model is literally based on the fact that you will void your warranty if you don't use apple or a certified repair technician? How come people haven't brought apple down using this "magnus" act?

  16. Anyone whom has worked with cars might know about the plastic razor blades. I used them when i was an safety and emissions inspection test worker

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