Sapphire Radeon HD 4830 Video Card

Alright here’s the 4830 by Sapphire, and this 4830, I guarantee you, is going to be a really popular card, everyone’s going to buy them, and I’ll tell you why, because they fit the price point that everyone wants to be at. Right now there’s the 4600 series at under 100, you have the 4850 in the mid 100s you have the 4870 in the two, the 300s and you have the 500 dollar 4870 X2. This is right in the middle, in the 125, 150 dollar range, prices change like crazy, so I can’t really tell you the price of what it is right now, because tomorrow it will be a different price, but very cool, very affordable card, and I’ll tell you a little bit about it. First of all, take a look at that, nonreference cooler, that’s pretty interesting, that’s pretty awesome, it looks like a radiator cap if you ask me. Now the 4830 uses the same GPU, it uses the RV770, as the 4850. Basically its a cut down version of that, two of the ten SIMD clusters, shader clusters, have been laser cut out. So, don’t try to actually think you can get those back through BIOS flashes or anything. They’re not going to work, they’re laser cut out, but guess what, you do have the same chip, you still have the RV770, which is the same as the 4850 and the 4870, you have GDDR3 memory, 512 megabytes worth of it and you have just less stream processors, you have 640 stream processors, down from 800. So they cut two of those clusters out, and they lowered the frequencies a little bit, but they also lowered the price substantially, and I’ll tell you what, the performance didn’t suffer as much as you’d think. Going to this card doesn’t drop you too much below the 4850, which is a fantastic card, you guys know that card works amazing, and if you want you can CrossFire a card like this with the 4850, so if you want to get this now, while your on a budget, with your small monitor, over time you upgrade, you maybe get a bigger monitor, or a better processor, then you can upgrade to get another 4850 to add it on and you have them in unison, because hey, why not? You can do it. You might as well take advantage of it. It’s the whole point of CrossFireX. Ok, so let’s discuss the specifications of this video card. Now, first of all, your core clock comes in at 575, shaders, of which there are 640, are also clocked at 575 megahertz. Just like all the other ATI cards, they seem to be matched, the shaders with the core clock, are always at the same frequency. The memory is clocked at 900 megahertz, it is GDDR3, and there is 512 megabytes of it, and I’ll tell you what, effectively that’s 1800 megahertz, because it is using that GDDR3. What else can I tell you about this thing? All the things you would expect from a card like this, HDCP support, HDMI support, DirectX 10 support, it utilizes Shader Model 4.0, OpenGL 2.1, you have UVD 2.0, which is awesome. I’ll tell you what UVD is, check it out, let’s say that you have this included in the box, HDMI to DVI adapter, and let us just, you know, hypothetically say that you’ve plugged it into to this video card, and you plug the other end to the an HDMI cable, and the other end to your TV, would you get sound, yes or no? Anybody? [Yes] [Yes] You do now, because you have the UVD 2.0, and that’s what that does, it’s their universal video decoder, but it also does audio. So you are sending 7.1 channel, loseless audio through your HDMI cable, to your television, or to your surround sound or receiver, whatever it may be, through the video card, that’s awesome. Now, HDMI support is also important, because your going to be able to use the HDMI cable and the HDCP is important because that’s going to let you stream Blu-rays, HD DVDs from your computer, to your TV. Now, what else is in the box? this is a D-sub, 15-pin, to a dual link DVI converter. This is a molex to 6-pin PCI Express converter, and this is an S-Video to component breakaway cable, and this pretty much lets you do 1080i out to your television, which is also excellent, in case your HDMI is being used or you just want to do components for whatever other reason you want. You also get the latest ATI Catalyst drivers in the box, which is awesome. You also get little, tiny, incy-bincy composite, and this is an S-Video to composite, if you have an older television and you want to output to your TV to your video card, you pretty much just plug it in right there, and it will come out composite to your television. While we’re here, let me just show you these two, these are your two dual link DVIs, you can do dual monitors with this, and it does do 2560 by 1600 maximum resolution. That’s just a regular, old S-Video, which again, has the little converters, the composite and the component; and let me show you the rest of the board. Up here is your CrossFireX connector, this is where you’re going to add your bridge if you’re going to run multiple cards in CrossFireX, remember you will lose multiple monitor support. So keep that in mind before you jump the gun. This is your 6-pin PCI Express power connector, 450 Watt minimum power supply, you can probably get away with about 400, maybe even less if you don’t have a lot of stuff on the card and you’re going to need about 25 Amps on the 12 Volt rail and down here is your PCI Express 2.0 card bus, whatever you call it, slot, adapter, whatever it may be. It will work on PCI Express x16 if you don’t have PCI Express 2.0, but it will probably work a little better with PCI Express 2.0, not really, and it’s also lighter, you’ll be able to notice that, it’s a little lighter, and that’s because it’s not copper in here, that is aluminum, but it’s not a big deal because it does run cooler and more quiet than the 4850 and the 4870. In full load, this thing did get to about 80 degrees Centigrade, which is hot, but the 4850, 4870 and 4870 X2, go above and beyond that, they get really hot, and they’re made to work that way. So, don’t worry about it. Great card, very affordable, awesome for people with 19 inch and 20 inch monitors. If you’re not going too crazy on your resolution and you’re not going too crazy on what games you play, you’re playing the simple stuff, this is right up your alley. It’s at a great price, it’s a great Christmas present, or a holiday gift. If you have any questions on it, go ahead and email me, and i’ll see you guys next time. The Sapphire HD 4830 Video Card available from the retailers listed here, or for more information you can type in A271-4830, into any major search engine. For ComputerTV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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100 thoughts on “Sapphire Radeon HD 4830 Video Card

  1. Would love to get the one with the fan but after my x16 i've got a free x1 but after that gt a sound card so worried it will touch that.

  2. $84.99 now after MIR with FREE SHIPPING, in Canada it's $106 after rebate without free shipping. The shipping for Newegg to Canada was $17 for my mobo. 🙁

  3. Heyyy can anyone help me? I find that this card is a bit too loud. What can i use to change the fan speed. I tried ati tray tools and riva .. Riva has a 25% limit.. which is it's default speed but the ati tray tools doesn't allow me to change it. Also i didn't get the HDMI to DVI adaptor. Am i suppose to get that?

  4. Can I play this on Crysis with "Very High" settings? Will maybe not maxed out but, still?

    512MB HD 4870, AMD Phenom II OC @ 4.0 GHz and 4GB of RAM?

  5. im no gamer but i want to enjoy all of my games at good resolution with my 20' screen, 2.2 ghz dual core, 4 gig ram and this card, is it too much or should i get better video cards?
    Games: Red Alert 3, NFS Undercover, Call of duty 4 and war of fuels…

  6. If you get this card, I really recommend you get the ECS A780GM AMD Black Series Motherboard, you can up the performance of this thing to around where a 4850 is.

  7. It looks like my old P4 will cease to exist, with the development of newer more powerful GPUs. It's time i bought a new pc.

  8. I'de go with the psu .. get a psu with a single 12 volt rail. check out the Silencer 750 Quad. you might not want to spend that much on a psu but it will be worth it and you will be future proof when it comes to powersupplies for a lil while. you could get a 4850×2 or 4870×2 if you wanted and didnt have to worry about power reqs .

  9. yes all mobos work w/ gddrs thing you have to consider is pci-e or pci-e x16 or 8x they will all work but at the lowest bus speed but will not work in agp or 1x pci

  10. yea lot of people with the powerfull ati cards have that happen its because most games exspecially crysis are optimized for nvidia chipsets

  11. it should…prolly cutting it pretty close if its a no name psu. But as they say..never skimp on a PSU.

  12. newegg has this for like 85 bucks now. its so good. maxes out all valve games, fallout 3, cod4 and 5, grid, plays crysis on high great.

  13. Cool, I have 500W though, hope that's sufficient, I got this card just recently myself, seems to be running fine for now. I think with your PowerUnit, you can do crossfire right?

  14. Iv got 1 of that card and an AMD phenom 9600 black edition 2.3GHZ quad core i got the card and the CPU last week

  15. can anyone help me get a new video card?: i have: intel pentium 4 2.6-Ghz; 512 DDRSD RAM;foxconn motherboard(idk what kind);and a ATI RADEON 9200 AGP 8x with 128mb DDR memory; and also my motherboard has the old AGP slots. 🙂 i also have winxp service pack 2 and dx8

  16. 450 Watt or greater power supply recommended (550 Watt and two 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX technology in dual mode)

  17. it also depends on the Amps .. i have a 650 W PSU i have 2 6-pin connectors BUT i only have 18Amps on the freaking +12 volt rail.. and surprisingly i have 36Amps on the +5 volt rail :S

  18. try it, it may work ok but may not. I think you should concider buying a powersupply that is 80+ certified like a corsair tx650. Buy a good powersupply man,its the soul of your pc, you cant get anywhere with a cheap psu. My psu has 52amps on the 12+ rail and its only 650watts, but its solid and stable. Trust me if u get a good psu u wont regret it.

  19. i just opened my pc and wsaw my power suply for the first time and it says jou jye electronic co
    swithcing power supply 230V 4A 50Hz
    can i run this card with it or ?

  20. does anyone have a suggestion for a suitable card for me? i want to play fallout 3 on AT LEAST medium settings, so i want shader v3.0 minimum.
    I have one pci-e x16 (and x1 and pci x16), but only a 350w power supply. HELP!:D

  21. well, the cheapest deal i can get is from tigerdirects online store, so that really doesn't matter that much.. i have 100$, and a 19 inch screen, should i go for more shaders, more ramsize, or higher clock speeds?

  22. I just got this card, but on my box it says 1 GB DDR3 memory, so idk why mine is more than this, because its the same card :

  23. Lol, after I started to research cards, I realized that, thanks for the response.
    I'm actually buying one from a friend for 80 bucks.

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