Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 PCIe Video Card

Alright, you’re looking at a sweet new card. It’s probably going to be one of the biggest cards that’s going to come out for a while. It’s probably the biggest one since the 4870 X2 or maybe the 4870. You’re looking at the 4850 X2. And you guys know that the 4850 is a great bang for the buck. It’s an awesome card. It plays all the games. It’s very affordable. But what if you need a litte bit more for performance? Now it’s in an X2 form Factor. You get two of everything. Twice the screen processors, twice the GPUs, twice the memory, and you even get twice the cooler, because check it out, this thing has a non-reference design, if you notice, it has two fans on there. And if you look inside of there, I don’t know if you can see it, Really, really cool, non-reference GPU cooler in there. It’s got coolers on this end for your VRMs and your capacitors are all right behind there kind of touching. That keeps all that cool. You have a backplate cooler for your voltage regulators which is very interesting. And, another thing that’s extremely interesting about this thing, oh boy, what is that? Four DVIDs on board, which is actually kind of ludicrous. I don’t know what you’re going to do with that much connectivity, but if you are a day trader and you decide to play games at the same time, I don’t know what would happen when you’d want to use four DVIs, you also have that TV out right there. This is a double slot solution as you can tell, and this is a pretty impressive card. Let’s talk about the specs: 625 MHz core clock, the memory’s at 993 which is extremely fast, it’s over 18,000 Mhz when it’s double-pumped, remember it’s DDR3. 2 GiB of DDr3 in total, 1 GiB per GPU. they’re not shared memory, they’re discrete for each GPU. So you have 1 GiB of frame buffer, feeding each GPU independently, they do not access each other. 800 shaders per GPU as well, so that’s 1,600 in total. that’s a lot of shading power. Those are also at 625 MHz. You also have a 256 bit interface for that memory. Let’s talk about some other things. Besides the 4 Dual DVIs, everything else is going to be the same as the 4850. You have DirectX 10.1, you have shader model 4.1 which is a little bit new, you have the Avivo technology for your videos, You have the UVD 2.0, which is your unified video decoder, so you can do Blu-rays and HD DVDs. Also, included in the box is this HDMI to DVI adapter, so with that UVD 2.0, you will be pumping 7.1 channel lossless audio through your HDMI cable to your television with just this. This is all you need, it’s all integrated. You also get… You have the HDMI, you can do game physics with these cards, they did finally import physics to ATI cards. It does require some interesting power connectors, I’m going to show them to you right here: on the top you have a 8-pin PCI express connector and a 6-pin PCI express connector. It does ask for 650 watts, I ran it on a 500 watt Corsair and it ran, no problem. But, if you have a lower end power supply it might be safer than sorry to go with the 650 minimum. I’t didn’t have an amperage specification, but I’m sure that if you have a 650 watt power supply, you will have plenty of amps to run on there. It is ready for Crossfire X. The bridge is in the typical location which is… right there. And you do get a Crossfire bridge in the box. So it’s not going to be hard to suit these up. And another one. You can Crossfire them with a 4870, You can Crossfire them with a 4850, with another 4850 X2 or with a 4870 X2. It’s really up to you. Anything in the 4800 family – it’s going to Crossfire, no problem. Also included in the box is a DVI to VGA adapter in case you have a D-sub. And a composite adapter, in case you have an old TV and just run your videos to an old television. you also get this helpful little device: This is a 4-pin Molex to 6-pin PCI express connector. So if you don’t have the older PCI express connectors, this will let you use them and even if you don’t have the 8-pin, you can still use it because this one comes with a 8-pin as well. That one takes 2 Molexes. So even if you have the oldest power supply that has no PCI express, you can still run this video card, assuming that you have the correct amount of power. Also included in the box is this break-away cable, and this breaks away from a 7 pin digital S-Video cable to components. And this will do 1080i to your HDTV if you do not have a HDMI cable but you do have these lying around. You also get a pretty good manual, with a lot of interesting information on it. And you get your AMD Ruby Rom disc with wallpapers and some games and some simple stuff. 3DMark Vantage included in the box, with the license key that works. this is amazing. This is going to let you know hey, what kind of performance upgrades did I get by switching to this video card? Was it worth for nothing? Absolutely not. it’s going to give you a precise number, It’s a synthetic benchmark and it does test your graphics. It’s designed for DirectX 10.1 and 10, so it is going to test all the latest and greatest features of your video card and its drivers. You also get a driver disc, which on board has the ATI Catalyst control panel lets you overclock your video cards, run it to TVs, run multiple monitors, do a bunch of stuff with this disc. you also get a couple of extra things: these are power suite and DVD suite which come it, and you’ll be using these to burn CDs, DVDs and music, games, videos, whatever you want. You can use those, all in the box. let’s get to some benchmarks. Now, looking at Crysis, Crysis Warhead, FarCry 2 and Call of Duty: World at War, this is on a QX90770 at 3.8GHz, 4GiB of 1,600 MHz DDR3, and one 4850 X2, we also compared a GTX 280 and a 4870 X2 just to give you that general idea of that high end of cards. I’ll tell you what – this card did beat the GTX280 in every single test that I ran it on. So let’s jump into those benchmarks. These are all 1920X1200, pretty much your 24-inch standard resolution looking at Crysis on high settings with 0 anti-aliasing. The 4850 X2 to 51, which is extremely impressive when you realize that the GTX 280 only did 44, and the 4870 X2 only did 4 more at 55. So that’s ridiculous. At Crysis Warhead we increased the settings, this is the enthusiast settings with 0 anti-aliasing. you see the frame rate- 35 for the 4850 X2 and only 37 for the 4870 X2 so 2 fames is almost nothing. And when you compare it to the GTX 280 at only 29 frames per second that’s a huge increase in performance for a card that is just a little bit more expensive, and definitely is going to be much more viable for a lot of gamers that are not super rich with very deep pockets. Moving on to FarCry 2, these are on the ultra settings, 4 times anti-aliasing, you’re going to see 62 FPS on that 4850 X2, which is really impressive. Only 2 more for the 4870, and the GTX 280 only got 54, so you’re seeing some really impressive benchmarks as far as FarCry 2 goes. And finally Call of Duty, World at War, absolutely ridiculous, 125 FPS for the 4850 X2, up to 140 on the 4870 X2 and we still got 120 on the GTX 280. there seems to be a smaller gap between them all. So again, the 4850, first of all looks ridiculously cool. Extremely sharp, it’s all metal on the top, anodized black aluminum on the top looks really sharp, very aggressive design. It’s got 4 DVI ports, it’s ready for Crossfire, it’s got shader model 4.1 and DirectX 10.1. 625 MHz core clock, and that’s 2 cores that are on there, because you’ve got 2 GPUs, 2 1GiB frame buffers feeding each GPU at 800 shaders per GPU for a total of 1,600 ALUs. Absolutely out of control, and the price is perfect, make sure you have enough power, and another thing – this thing run extremely cool compared to the 4870s, no more of that 90c degree stuff, these run a lot cooler. As a matter of fact, I measure the temperature, I just don’t know if I wrote it down. I did measure the temperature but they run in the 60c degree on full load and in the 40s on no load. So an excellent card, if you have any questions on it, Email me, and I’ll see you guys next time. The Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 is available from the retailers listed here, and if you want o get some more information, you can jump on their website and type in A271-4856. For Computer TV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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  1. check it out with a ruler, it's 11 1/4 inches long. You will be able to drive 4 displays at high resolutions. But to get the best performance for games, you will have to only activate 2 screens, with crossfire enabled. Just make sure your powersupply is tough enough. Good luck. (should be easy)

  2. just ordered one from ncix, well it's been a week, still back order… man i can't wait… i took air shipping.

  3. I've been looking a bit on this card and I'm pretty new about computers, I have a motherboard that only has a single pci-express slot, can I still use this one and use the same speed anyway, since this is an X2, because I noticed that this card looks like there are two of them put together?

  4. yes u can use it but its long so make sure u have space, also check if ur power supply has enough wattage, amprage and check ur rials volts…. etc


  6. Can u run sapphire HD 4850 with a Sapphire HD 4850×2 in crossfire.. ive heard rumors that crossfire cant do 3gpus.. tnx if anyone knows

  7. SAPPHIRE HD 4850 X2 2GB vs hd 4890 Toxic edition 1 Gb ?
    which one is better ?
    for gaming..i have a 19" monitor…
    please help….
    which one should i buy now ?
    which one is the best for gaming ?

  8. thanks..i need some more suggestion..i think ya 4850 x2 is better….
    coz 4890 competes against gtx 275..and in this video and in other benchmarks..i saw that 4850 x2 beats gtx 280…so yeah 4850 x2 is better,,,..but i still need to confirm this…

  9. i have one and the only thing that want i to say about it is because it rocks now i can play crysis even with AA never done that before

  10. With the latest drivers the 4890 compares with the 285 (the new drivers did a huge job with fixing the cards) and the 4890 Toxic is one hell of a card but the 4850 X2 is still better. However if you aren't playing at high res then you really don't need a X2.

  11. too bad its sapphire… from numerouse reviews ive read sapphire customer serrvice sucks balls so i guess you just better hope nothing goes wrong with the card.

  12. because of the gddr3 this is way slower than the 4870 ( single ) at mem clock 993 at this 3600 mhz at 1 4870 …. think ( because o f the gddr5 )

  13. was thinking bout getting this card but i think ima go wit the ASUS EAH4890 or maybe even a lower one im building an amd x4 955 rig with a 22" monitor what would you guys suggest as a card to maxx out games like cod5,mw2 dont think im going to go bigger that a 22inch 1680×1050

  14. Is this a 2GB card or a 1GB.When you start you computer do you have 2GB or 1GB in 1 monitor or is this for 2 monitors

  15. if u have money go for 4870×2 ofc…it is much more better and has GDDR5 and other featueres and it is newer cheap also it has higher clock speeds

  16. You will need about 800 watts to be save, always get a name brand PSU. (750w should work but always save then sorry)

    If you mean how much for the PSU you would be looking at around $139USD for a Corsair 850w PSU.

  17. He asked for CORSSFIRE not a single card which was what was what the video was talking about. which ATI has around 800w but 750w should be fine unless your heavily overclocking.

  18. @yungstar49
    you said "why is a HD4870 X1 (first version) card so expensive on amazon man it cost more than a 5450 why is this?
    yungstar49 4 months ago"
    The reason why 5450 cost less because 5450 is use for movie theater, even know i use 4850 for theater mode

  19. my brtoher just gave me his Sapphire 4850 1GB. i went home to install it but my Dell doesnt have the the 6pin power supply cable, what do i do? (yeah, im a noob)

  20. hello my name is joel ventura
    friend you are a genius in computer science.
    I want you recommend me what is the best motherboard
    for games. and I support programs that are heavier.
    I support the best.
    for you which is the best brand. motherboard

  21. Tigerdirect are the biggest rip off artist in computers I wouldn't a pencil from them.. both times i bought items off them. The salesman pushed the fact that the videocard had a $30 mail-in rebate..expired 1 month before ..i told the store..too bad..they knew because the day after i told them about it i phoned and wanted to buy the same card and they had the same pitch about the same mail in rebate..the other is there bs 15% rewrapping fee $1,500 computer take back they keep 15% of your money

  22. Tigerdirect will scam you ..when you need online help.. they give you phone numbers to call you call rings 100 times ..if they do answer they tell you to phone the maker of the product..biggest waste of time so you will give up There reviews leave out The cons of there products like non upgradeable power supply computers .. yes they sell them but they will not tell you which ones..buying online?? pay for it first then you find out its back order and then pre order then offer you store $

  23. @IAmSomeoneOrOther Really?? when you go to buy something do you look for "LUCK" or dependable? ..I'll buy it i hope i'm lucky and it works..what a stupid comment When you see the list of bullshit and complants TigerDirect has …Mass "mail in rebate scams" 15% cost to you on repackaging fee even if it was working to start with ..its not just me . there have been lawsuits and posting fourms on the net with tigerdirect..stick with your pokemon

  24. @IAmSomeoneOrOther perfered by who? tigerdirct salesman? NCIX is number 1 in awards for customer sevice 2 years in a row ..people that don't know any better shop at tigerdirect.. future shop, best buy, the source are the "perfered places" to shop

  25. @IAmSomeoneOrOther my spelling is wrong? thanks dad ..hey i need to wipe my ass later can you drop by and help me with that too?.. and wikipedia says it so it must be true! LOL your too much .. When your boyfriend from tigerdick comes home does he smell like a happy meal and wants to talk about warcraft?

  26. @IAmSomeoneOrOther Your pretty sickminded You can "fish" for my age all you want but i'm not into older guys with pokemon videos listed as a fav. Nor am i into guys at all

  27. @IAmSomeoneOrOther funny that out of everyone your the only one crying You can have the last word if it helps you sleep better at night but your a waste of typing space.And every post gets your hopes up for a new friend other wise you wouldn't be riding my coat tails on each post At any rate your message were wasteful Tigercock fails

  28. Soooooo….
    It's a 2×4 pin and a 2×3 pin connector…
    I have an 550 Watt powersupply can i still use this card or not???
    PLEASE ANYBODY AWNSER.It would be great if somebody respond to this :')

  29. @yojones14 What make is it ?? if its good Exp Cosair Coolermaster Bequite it will be fine but if its no make No it will die

  30. firstly gtx240 does not exist xD bits not always is important…
    secondly radeon hd 4850×2 is better than gtx260 (because you sure about that word was) and gtx275..

  31. a legendary card..too bad even the r7 250 trumps it now,got my 4850×2 from a friend few months ago for $100..resell it once i feel uncomfortable with the stupendous fan noise 😂😂😂

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