SCEPTRE 27″ Curved LED Monitor Full HD 1080P HDMI DisplayPort VGA Speakers

SCEPTRE 27 inch Curved LED Monitor. With a silver exterior and sleek design, the
Scepter c275w-1920r is a 27 inch Full HD delivers compelling visuals in appearance and on the
screen with 1080P resolution. Featuring a 5ms response time, visuals seemingly appear
instantly on the c275w-1920r. With an unprecedented Degree of versatility, DisplayPort delivers
video and audio. Enjoy HDMI, and VGA inputs to connect all video and gaming devices. The curved display delivers a revolutionary
visual experience with a leading 1800R screen curvature as the images appear to wrap around
you for an in depth, immersive experience. LED!
With sharper contrasts of light and darks, LED display delivers a vast array of rich
colors, ensuring that moving images have never been so pleasing to the eyes. LED Display
offers a lifelike picture, complete with bright colors and crisp images. HDMI Monitor!
HDMI delivers superior high-definition to the monitor screen. VGA!
With the ability to connect your computer, laptop, monitor, or TV to all your favorite
variety of input options, VGA inputs deliver superb analog video. DisplayPort!
DisplayPort has rapidly become the most versatile display connection, easily delivering video
and audio. DisplayPort is also capable of delivering 1080P video over a length up to
15 m using a passive cable. Blue Light Shift!
Reduce your monitors blue light to protect you from eye fatigue, irritation and strains.
This enables you to work on you documents, watch movies, or play games more comfortably
for extended periods. Tiltable Display!
With the ability to tilt 15 degree backward and 5 degree forward, the added tilt feature
will provide multiple options for finding the optimum angle to view the screen so that
work and browsing can be performed with ease.

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