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  1. great review, but the new combat is complete garbage….
    You cant hit multiple times with your level 1;2;3 etc. abilities anymore. Also that kinda autoaim shit ruins a lots of hits besides the extremely high miss rate.
    But no more multiple hits with for example the level 1 Boomerang skill, was a complete desaster for me as a big secret of mana fan. In the original, you can stand in fron of a monster, release your level 1 Boomerang skill, and then you hit with your swing the fist time, and after that, you hit the second time with your throw.
    And of course, every 30-40 min, the Game crashes…. so i quit the game after playthrough, after i realized that i cant get the achievements without starting a new game….

  2. Dude….
    Nothing about the fact their mouths not moving when they talk. That was a ridiculous design choice. This game did break my heart too. So many fond memories from my SNES days.

  3. I know I'm late.. but I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought this was disappointing. I agree with most of this, but in all fairness, things that were originally 32 pixel or so in that time, should maybe get a slight uptouch, not jump from that to 3D. It just doesn't work for some reason. I didn't really buy this game based on what I saw.. (It pissed me off the most when said characters DID NOT HAVE NAMES and yet they GET NAMES and no offense.. horrid voice acting.) and I was truly disappointed. I love this game, I truly do, I even still have the original copy with everything with it. The songs were the best I've heard (Flammie's song is still the best in my opinion.), the guardian spirits in pixel form was amazing, (Undine's was the cutest, Dryad was just.. weird.) and the bosses were so unpredictable. In this version or "worst upgrade ever", everything just seems.. shallow.

  4. They didnt expand on the plot? No bigger towns with more NPCs? No new lore scenes? No breaking into Potos to yell at the entitled villagers? No time travel back to the first Mana Fortress era? No Elinee backstory?

  5. I managed to 100% trophy case it myself on the first run. It didnt crash once on me but there was slight lag but it was so spread out it didn't really effect anything.

    Just saying, the remade Pure Land theme is majestic <3

  6. Did they leave in the special graphic upgrade for the magic? Like when you fully upgraded the fireball, it would sometimes be huge fireballs, sometimes it would be Chinese dragons flying into your enemies.

  7. Ah shit that was the first friends would bring their own controller… I played 3 …
    Umm and you had to level up magic at Matango forever Everytime you got a (mawnaw) seed (that's proper mawna). Not happy with the music these people should hire me and not be paid
    Yes they say everything wrong f neeko and f PlayStation! I'll have my brother mod my Wii with snes awesomeness

  8. I wanted to watch this and see if this was going to convince me to buy the remake, and now I'm just so confused and unsure which game is better because the bias towards nostalgia is clear here.

    But then again, I never played the original to have these nitpicks. Even in the sound example, I liked both.

    But Jirard had me in checkmate mentioning them crashes. Game crashes like are the biggest nono.

  9. I found your channel for the first time yesterday through the hollow knight play through. I love it! Great enjoyable content. Good choice of games. Thank you.

  10. Solution: play the Android version. It DOES look & sound like an HD remaster.

    But I am NOT dumping my SNES cartridge!

  11. Ugh….what happened to being a completionist? There's only so many times before I can take repeated lines of the same dialogue.

    "Oh the graphics SUX! My nostalgia just can't let these really cute 3D models exists! There's NO middle road!" Like from the Re Chain of Memories calling it an unnecessary sub game CONSTANTLY to the worst video which is Okami constantly degrading it by calling it a Zelda copy cat. It's one thing to be inspired by something but if you spend the whole to ranting it gets frustrating wanting to listen to this.

    PS. The music isn't bad. And you still have the OG soundtrack out of the gate. So no complaint. You get a free soundtrack. For free. Readily available.

    It's still the same game. Just with a modern look. That's it. But ya. You're just too harsh and critical. Your rose colored glasses of the game just are removed without the classic visuals. Instead of talking about the accomplishments and the tasks and how it was for you. It feels like a review segment all the way thru. But hey I'm only a commenter. My word isn't the voice of God. Just 3 videos and I just…ughhhhh…Bart's Nightmare was a super fun discussion. But that's it so far.

  12. Oh I misunderstood the video I thought Secret of Mana had a remake plus mode because I beat this game and I thought that they would have at least added it or something

  13. I dislike the sound effects, it doesnt have any impact… just feels flat. And not dodging magic attacks just feels silly in 3D plus the controls feel clunky… at least better hitbox detection than the original.

  14. It was a huge missed opportunity. Secret of Mana was never meant for the SNES, it was planned to appear on the SNES-CD, which was cancelled and they had to make Secret of Mana much more shorter. …They had the chance to make Secret of Mana as it meant to be but instead they chose this 3D mobile looking version…

  15. Alright so we’ve got to develop a pixel art HD fan remake now with just enough difference to avoid copyright.

  16. I think the link in the description isn't working for the beard bros let's play. Clicked it and it said this video doesn't exist.

  17. I 100% agree that the 3D graphics really lost the charm to the game, and I can say that without the nostalgia glasses because this was not one of the games from my childhood. Honestly, I find a lot of the remakes of JRPGs uglier than the originals. For some reason they often seem to have a bright film over them that makes things seem blurry and sometimes even muddy, and a lot of detailing is lost, and one of the biggest appeal of the pixelated sprites was the sharp colors, which for some reason in most remakes are muted.

  18. Everyone I've seen review this game says the original is better, then goes on to list half a dozen things that make the remake better. I've played both and truly do believe the remake is better.

  19. I love this game but wish they spent the time on this an the new trials of mana on a Chrono Trigger remaster

  20. 0:50 i watch my Mother played Final Fantasy 4 and 6 , and Secret of Mana along with a crapton of games, mostly RPGs when i was SO Young, then i played em.

  21. my god, it took me three restarts of this video to realize you said "the SNES-era" and not "the ass-in-the-ass"-era right at the start.

  22. I played it. I enjoyed it. Yes it did crush alot. And yes the graphics in voice acting was a bit jarring at first. In the crashes were very annoying. But I still had a great time playing the. Here it is 2019 and you can get the first three games on the switch. With no technical upgrades.

  23. Overly long story? Annoying main characters?! (I just know you weren't dissing Cecil…) What is this? How do you blaspheme the JRPG genre?!

    All sarcasm aside, the characters, the longer stories that read more like a novel than a picture book are some of the main reasons I fell in love with JRPGS. To each their own I guess.

  24. its been a year since the game cameout and its still $40 in 2019, should i just wait for a price drop or buy it for $40

  25. I never played secret of mana, but looking at the screenshots that you shown us, I like the pixelated ones more.

  26. You know how many times the original Secret of Mana crashed on me??? Zero, sometimes the remakes do not improve on the original…

  27. What we've seen so far of the Trials of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 3) remake already looks miles ahead of this.

  28. While the crashing is validated although it never happened to me. I did hear the Steam version had this problem. Most other complaints were eh not a big deal and just sounded like ranting. I do like this chanel but sometimes I am inclined to dissagree whith some of his opinions. As for the Voice actiong i just turned on the Japanese audio and its miles ahead of what the localization team's efforts. the option for the updated and og soundtrack is an awesome touch and honestly i wish a lot of remakes would incorporate this option. I loved this remake and obviously others did too and it did well enough to get collection of Mana Localised and the Trials of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 3) Remake to happen.

  29. Before Square became Square Enix. ALso Enix did better before they fusioed together. They did fine on their own dont get why ???

  30. 12:26
    In defense of "un-DEEN" that's how I always pronounced it.
    I never considered the Long "I" until I met Undyne in Undertale.

  31. Every now and then, Jirard says something that totally takes me out of the video.

    When I was a kid, here in the US, I always called the dragon "Flam-y" because that's how it looks based on the spelling. I never, ever said "Flame-y" like he says here.

  32. Recently got all the trophies for the game. The base game's story took me about 12 hours. Grinding for the platinum took an extra 11. If I wanted to go for all weapons leveled per character (and not just overall rank), that would have taken me an extra 20 hours. As someone who loved the original, I feel this is just as good – if not better as long as you don't go for that platinum. The item grind is hell and just not fun.

  33. One of the most beautiful thing what really I love in the original is THE WATER IN THE BACKGROUND, how it flows and the colors! I LOVE THAT, but in the remake was just bad, didn't like it…yeah, SOM remake it's not bad, but not great either…could have been made better…

  34. Or the Nintendo Switch because Secret of Mana and also a very special Japanese only game now translated in English.

  35. The original looked and played better. Im not sure how you could make it worse and think fans would not be dissapointed. Speaking of amazing rpgs, Terranigma is my favorite. Such a bittersweet story to.

  36. 19:30 I seem to remember a bug like that on the SNES, where if you reset the console at the right moment after killing a boss you could start a new game and keep the orb. Not the most useful aside from the first boss, plus as I recall if you get a 9th orb for a weapon from a later boss it would bork the save and you couldn't play any further. Interesting that you can still get infinite orbs though.

    Edit: Yeah, here's the procedure, it's actually super-specific. I must have seen it originally in Nintendo Power or something:

  37. ah. great game. except when it crashed on me 39 times before i got that sweet sweet 100%. Not sure if it was a joy or a pain getting it, but im at least glad i dont have to send "crash report" number 40 x)

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