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  1. Here is something for you to contemplate- what if games have become so advanced to the point that the characters in the games think they are real and alive – what if they believe their worlds are real – what if they are self aware and believe they are in control of what is happening in the game but do not realize they are characters in a game – now here's the real kicker – what if we believe the same about ourselves. Think about it –

  2. Gaius, the 3rd colossus is a pain to kill in time attack mode.. and the same with Argus, the 15th colossus. :/ lol they're a whole lot easier on the PS4 remake version though lol I got the platinum trophy 🙂 my favorite game of all time ever since 2005 on the PS2, then 2012 remaster for PS3, and now, the PS4 Remake. Lol although I don't like Dormin's voice in the PS4 Remake version -_- they even changed the music a bit here and there… But I like the new sound effects for the bow and time attack items and sounds of the colossi 🙂 one of my favorite colossi would have to be Dirge, the sand snake type of colossus.. lol but there's so many… there were originally 48… but then changed to 16… that's also why in the beta of the game you could actually swing your sword in a swiping motion while riding Agro was because that swinging motion sword attack was meant to be used to swipe at the legs of one of the beta colossi cut from the official final version release of the game… the swinging attack you could do while riding Agro was meant for some weird spider colossus creature… but they scrapped the idea… although I've seen beta footage of it.. and more… that's also why I have the official artbook 🙂 although it's all in Japanese… but I looked up translations here and there to decipher it 🙂 also… I preordered the Special Edition of Shadow of the colossus for PS4 like as soon as I knew it was a thing xD lol it's my all time favorite game ever 🙂 it's actually called Wanda and the Colossus in Japan.. but the US/America changed it to Shadow of the Colossus cuz Wanda isn't a common name in America.. not only that, but Wanda was changed to Wander in the US instead also I think because Wander is the translated name I believe….

  3. The original was my favorite. All of my friends thought it was boring, but I could sit with that game for hours and listen to the sound of hoofs beating the ground.

  4. I’m sure the colossi are bigger than Ridley. Ridley is a character from Metroid series. He’s actually smaller than you think.

  5. Por que no ponen a los colosos que fueron eliminados o descartados del juego antes de su lanzamiento que se ven en los artes conceptuales del mismo juego? Sería genial que tuvieran todos los colosos que en un inicio iban a ser protagonistas del juego, si fuera posible que lo hiciesen como un DLC o expansión para SHADOW OF THE COLOSUS

  6. El juego es excelente, pero la cámara es una mierda, es desesperante, arrow es un caballo con una inteligencia que solo envidiaría una hormiga, 4/10 porque nunca arreglaron algo como eso para esta generación.

  7. I have a Shadows of the colossus walktrought / new Game + /and hard mode beating all bosses i wonder if u can check out

  8. Such a beautiful world, it's a shame the character designers are absolute lowest grade. I didnot feel inclined at any moment, not even one percent to play this game, because of the terrible monsters and characters. But with that, it is totally worth installing the game, just to see the world, and then you can uninstall it, you will not miss anything at all. I mean it's not like the monsters look different, they somewhat look the similar, so there is nothing new to explore either. Such a shame, i would love to have a witcher dlc with an world like this.

  9. Lo compré para PS4 y valla que es un juegazo ,lo recomiendo completamente.. 23 años con Play Station,

  10. I was watching an Mortal Kombat mythologies let’s play and saw a perfect world mobile ad that stole footage from 0:39 onwards. WOW THEY ARE GETTING DESPERATE.

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