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  1. Well my two cents, is to cut the table lid in half because you would have to clear the complete top to open it to access items within. In reality drawers would serve better.

  2. WOW!! great ideas.. I have been trying to work out what I can do for a versatile workbench and this is just the ticket !!

  3. im not sure i would use the lifting tops, it is a workbench after all. personally i dont want to have to clean off my bench in order to access my tools.

  4. bought the plans for this workbench / table but there's problems with the plans , i'm just hoping it wasnt a waste of money & waiting on a reply back via emial

  5. I think the hinging is a great idea to help prevent theft. Your more valuable small items could be concealed from a casual walk-in thief. Who would think to look under a workbench top?

  6. thats a cool design! i was going to do something a little similar, so i will definitely will use some of your ideas!

  7. Got a good laugh out of watching your children… your boy wanted no part of it. Your girl jumped right in there and took control !!!!

  8. I love that you involve your kids in some of your projects. Every time I see your daughter jump in, I just smile 'cuz I know she appreciates your time and encouragement, and that what you teach her will be so valuable for her future. 🙂

    I also really like that these work tables have castors, are mobile, and have storage inside of them. 🙂

  9. Just a thought. Put the magnets lower on the table so your phone/credit cards won't get affected if the magnets are at pocket height! Love the tables otherwise!! Well done!

  10. Got to agree with some of the comments (not about to read all 1500+) in that tool storage under the work tables may not be that good an idea can forsee many occasions where the tool you need is still in the table under the workpiece that needs the tool.
    Kindly get back to us after a few uses and let us know how that storage works out.

  11. That was really great! I've been watching Youtube videos for about 3 weeks now, just looking for a new work table design that would be more beneficial than the old one that I have now. Your design blows me away. I need this setup in my garage. I'll likely have to redesign the entire layout of my single car garage but I think the end result will be quite worth it. Thanks for sharing this video!!!

  12. Those magnets are quite pocket-height, don't go leaning against them with your phone or especially your wallet in your pocket!

  13. Hi Bob, just discovered your videos and I have been enjoying seeing how you do things. I know that your shop work tables video has been out for awhile and someone has probably already mentioned this but on a table like your larger one I have found it a good idea to try and add a center non-locking swivel caster when using mdf shelving. Just a way to show down the eventual sag the can happen with mdf. Keep up the good work and best wishes for your channel! Kurt Dahlin

  14. I don't cut full 4×8 sheet of plywood myself anymore. Home Depot and Lowe's will cut it for free. Not sure how many cuts per piece. At least 2 that I know of.

  15. And I would have went with drawers instead of lifting the tops. Sure you'll end of losing storage space but you don't have to clear of the top to get anything inside it.

  16. Mdf and 2×4 are cheap but damn heavy. I would build it like theater carpentry with 5/4 or 1×6. And use plywood. Easier to handle. But more money.

    Did you consider coffin locks instead of magnets. That way it’s sucks the table close ?

  17. That is such a brilliant idea. I'm sorry I never thought of that for my workbenches. Well done, Twitch community!

  18. Now i want to make this but customize it so i have my tablesaw built into 1 table and the other be a miter station. but allow them to join to make 1 big workarea when needed.

  19. Great ideas. I wish that I had the space for the tables, but will try to incorporate some of your ideas into other projects.

  20. Do you ever run into any problems with the MDF bowing into the storage space underneath? Let's say you were doing hammer work or something on top of it. How sturdy is that material?

  21. Hi idol! i would like to thank you for a very helpful videos..i got a lot of ideas coming from a beginner and i need to learn a lots of things to be able like you and i know it is far beyond. I love to try to build a table like that even in just a handy tools. Keep up the good and excellent works..Again thank you for your unselfish videos and i hope to watch another tips and fresh ideas from you. May GOD bless you always!!

  22. Cool modularity. Cork on the bottom of the hinged lids would be great to display large plans. Torsion boxes from 1 x 4s for the tops would resolve squareness/flatness issue and the ribs could serve double duty as built in partitions.

  23. A good idea might be add magnets in one of your walls for the smaller tables to dock when not used. Also for when you need the tables to be sturdy and not move.

  24. I'm curious as to why, this vid only has 27k likes, considering the millions of new subscribers. You make a Lot of extremely cool projects, but this is an Extremely useful something All of us could use to do them and more- and it's really dang awesome! Has there been an updated version i didn't notice?!

  25. Hey Bob and also all of the watchers here, I can really use your advice, as a person who is just about to start woodworking, are tools really important? I mean is it worth an investment to buy a circular saw or else rather than manual conventional saw firstly?

  26. You should set up a circuit so it’s an electromagnet connected to a switch that holds the tables together Then you could detach them with a flick of the switch

  27. Love the idea of the hinged top with gas Stuts. After making my first work bench I’ve already seen things I wish I done better.

  28. I would consider using a good quality plywood for all the parts of the table. Cabinet-grade plywood is more stable, uniform in thickness, fewer or zero knots, blemishes, bows, cups, twists and can doubled up/glued together for 1 1/2" by whatever.

  29. To increase the strength of the magnetic catches, use multiple (4 or more) washers to match the thickness of the magnets at each corner.
    And to follow your idea, recess all the washers except for the last one.

    More washers carry a greater flux from the magnets: that's why the magnets are not 1/16th of an inch thick!

  30. Those struts are great! I want to make a hinging top for my new desk and this is a lot better than the other options I was considering

  31. Regarding the bowed pieces, try to assemble the legs with the bow to inside leaving the magnets clear to contact.

  32. Instead of using a washer, you can use a slightly weaker magnet on the opposite pole (positive to negative) and maybe that can make the connection stronger.

  33. I would add some baringer or similar led fluorescent fixture. Not expensive but work great. Very good light for an old man.

  34. Just found your site and am slowly working through my way through your vids!!!!! Awesome job!!!

    Quick question, if some of these 2×4’s are bowed, would it be worth putting them through a jointer and then planing them to the same size or is that just making it more complicated than it needs to be??

  35. hey dude why dont you try creating a stop lock for your miter saw that just slides with measurements so you dont have to screw wooden pieces to the table.😊

  36. Nice video! Very well produced. I’ve often thought of using magnets to hold modular rolling tables together. Nice to know that it works! I’m a big fan of sacrificial Masonite tops. I like using edge banding to create a retaining fence so the Masonite doesn’t have to be screwed down. That might be an issue with the hinged top (I’m not a fan of under-top storage) but I suspect not. If the top is a good fit, there’s a vacuum effect that should hold it in place pretty well. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve gotten bit in the ass more than once by the underdimensioning on Masonite — enough time goes by between projects like this that I forget and make the mistake all over again!

  37. Now that you've been using them for two years how are they holding up? Are there anything you would have changed?
    Did you ever make a follow-up video with all the additions you put in them and how you use them?
    I love the idea of magnets, but I would probably put them closer to the bottom I occasionally work with computer equipment and would rather keep the magnets far away.

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