Skeptics Get Their Tarot Cards Read

– I’m getting my future
told by a deck of cards. – I’m typically a skeptical person. – I’m not sure that I need someone to tell me things I
already know about my life. – I’ve had random readings at bars. – She said that I would
meet a guy this year and that he would be rich. – I’m a church-going person, so… (slow techno music) – You ready? I know you’re nervous, it’s okay. – I am nervous. – Go ahead and shuffle for me. – This is my energy, it’s a hot mess. – I’m fully consensual for you
to snoop deep inside of me. – Let’s see what we’ve got here. Oh, you’ll like that. Don’t freak out with that by the way. Everyone freaks out. I know it looks scary. Oh, I like that. – So this is my future? – This is possible future. – Okay. – The way I read is you get
psychic information from higher and you do with it what you choose to. They keep showing me Annie Hall. So there’s something
about a modern-day romance getting written that’s gonna do well. – I have an Annie Hall
poster hanging in my bedroom. – Oh my gosh. They’re giving me a three and that’s one of your
magical times to write. – 3 AM, not 3 PM? – 3 AM. – Okay, usually I am asleep at 3 AM. – A lot of film energy. They’re also showing
me Memoirs of a Geisha, so it’s a drama, but it’s
set in an Asian country. So that’s a feature-film
you’re gonna be in. – As a geisha? – I feel like you moved to
Los Angeles with a dream. – I did. – And I feel like you were like, “I’m doing it, oh my God I’m doing it!” And everyone’s so shocked,
they were a little bit like, “Are you sure you wanna go there? “It’s a really dangerous place.” – Yeah! – It’s getting intense! – Yeah, I do! – I’m making him sweat! – I want a napkin! I’m sweating! – Fan him off! I think they’re showing
me dancing with you, really important. Do you Zumba? – No, I swing dance. – Swing dance, oh I love swing dancing! (laughs) – They’re showing me writing as well, but it’s like journaling
with hand-written, journaling also really
really powerful for you. They’re saying you need to get out more, and it’s not a judgment, it’s just like you need to have more fun. They’re showing me more Sex in the City, less work, homework, home. – Like living Sex in the City, instead of watching Sex in the City? – Yes. This is building up the home right now, building up a living environment
that feels really great. It feels like it could
be the Valley actually. – Ugh! – [Megan] I know.
– The Valley? – [Megan] I see a big backyard. – Okay. – It also, I’m not sure what I’m seeing– it feels like that. So love is coming– – That’s exciting. – Like really soon. – Really soon? – She feels like she
may be from the Midwest, not sure about that one. Maybe the south too, they
have kind of a similar energy. Petite, lighter hair, really sweet. This is like baptism and baby-ism, this is like nostalgia and family. So this is also your
family loving him too, they’ll like him. Have they met him yet? – Yeah, they have. – Yeah, do they like him? – They’re obsessed with him. – You’ll be dating more than one. – You don’t normally do that, but I’m just seeing casual
dating, like it’s new to you. Being more social, that’s
how your guy comes in. He’s very funny and very intellectual. There will always be romantic interests, coming in and out, until you’ve found one that you’re really ready to settle with. But I’m not getting that’s anywhere close. Right now, it’s all about you. This is commitment to
self, commitment to career. It isn’t about the guy
coming to rescue you. I call that Prince Charming complex. You’re making your own way in the world, and what I’ve heard is
you’re just getting started. – I’m shaken up here still, because it’s just like how
do you know all these things? – I loved it, it was– I don’t even know, I’m kind of a little
bit shaken up right now. – It was pretty good news, so
I hope that it all comes true. – People are very spiritually
in-tune to things, and I respect everybody and I definitely respect this reading, and it’s changed a lot of
me from just sitting here. – I don’t like the idea
that someone can know me without knowing me. – I’m very skeptical of
these kinds of things, but there’s no way she
would have known that. – I’m just the type who really wants to know what all the cards actually mean, so I might have to go
home and read about it. I think I had a lot of ladies in my cards, I don’t know what that means.

100 thoughts on “Skeptics Get Their Tarot Cards Read

  1. 2:38 okay okay okay so she said Zach was gonna have a girlfriend (technically I find it in those words) in like a year and being very sweet SO LIKE 3 days AGO HE CAME OUT AND TOLD US HE HAD A GF FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS AND THIS LADY SAID HES GONNA HAVE ONE IN LIKE 1 YEAR SO ITS 2018 this was posted in 2015 and well 2018 – 2 = 2016 AND 2016 minus 1 IS 2015 CRAZY

  2. Tarot origins are known. It was originally intended to be a card game. At some point the deck started being used for divination.

  3. GUYS she described a girl for Zach that was petite and had light hair and was sweet, and recently Zach announced he was dating Maggie

  4. This is not a card reading. Card reading does not tell you images or future roles of something. Card reading is stating an emotional moment felt by the reader. I am still skeptical about all of this. And if you cant tell me how card reading was originated, then it was definitely made up by people long ago which is fake based on what the reader feels.

  5. With tarot if your a medium or a physcic of any kind you will get messages from spirit. I do sometimes but i also feel out energies and read the cards. On my other channel boston gal tarot.

  6. Notice how they can barely look at her in the eye, her energy is very strong and intimidating. It just says that she has a strong connection with the higher realms (high vibrations)
    Also yall barely did your research if you think the origins of the tarot is unknown..
    I understand how skeptics feel about the tarot tho.. from their perspective getting a reading from cards seems ridiculous, but the thing I noticed about skeptics is that they themselves havnt dont much research about it or dont fully understand the concept of it, it's a divination TOOL.. usually used with the intuition to gain knowledge and insight. The reader taps into the higher realms using the cards. If you open your mind up to it and actually read into it and astrology it all really does make sense.

  7. I thought the point of tarot card reading …was to align you to the universe and have the universe guide you..So you can slowly but surely start really understanding your purpose in this world ..and you are aligned for what the universe has planned for you.Not talk about nonsense like your going to meet a rich man or you are going to live in a big 2 story house? .. Live with the flow..just go with it..Don’t question the universe for it already has in plan for you everything.

  8. I'm sorry , but this video is wrong in so many levels. Let's cut it out with the 'Tarot will precisely say what's going to happen in your future'. Future can help you FIND and ACHIEVE your future objectives, hence 'read your future'. Popularly, Tarot needs to be seen under a new light.

  9. Some of y’all say the future can’t be predicted by the writer of the Simpson’s has predicted a handful of events 🧐🧐

  10. whoa eugene actually had his first feature film last year around the time when the try guys were setting up their own company

  11. "How do you know all these things?" – by rapidly changing what she says based on your body language, facial expressions, and verbal reactions. This is garbage! And of course the attractive and vain guy has "a lot of ladies in [his] cards"!

  12. Let's be real, the Try Guys need to re-watch this video and realize HOW AMAZING this reading was and just how much it foretold!!!

  13. Tarot is real… The only problem is the reader shud be certified or experienced. I know soo many instances when the predictions made by tarot reader was soo accurate tht i now know for real that tarot is a divination tool to get guidance from universe. The predictions were not just small stuff something major. I am an educated person i wud not believe tarot had it been predictions going right for small issues. It was really sometng big not only for me but for many of my other ftnds too. Just tht i got d right reader. Problem is to find the right reader. Many readers if they are not intuitive they cannot read cards. Its a gift given to few. Genuine tarot readers excel this art. Look for d right reader before u go for tarot. Out of 1000 people who learn or practice tarot, only 100 will excel this art. Rest will struggle to read cards.

  14. 1: Oohh I can see you are a generic type of person You might be doing this?
    2: Oh yeah how did you know????
    1: energies, also a generic thing that might happen to you…
    2: oh wow!
    1: yes and i'm also reading generic thing number two! Cos I can read ppl!(real psychological thing)
    2: I can't believe this! it's just so typical of me!

  15. Tarot cards are cool n all. But they are total BS
    "The way I read" usually means "I'm making them up" so.

  16. "Well, I'm a church going person, so…." I rolled my eyes so hard it almost hurt lmao divination is literally featured in and encouraged in the Bible. I really wish people would chill with that kind of "tarot/divination is evil" thing. If you're in a moment of unrust, uncertianty, need some advice or a sign, you open your bible and read whatever comes up as a way to be introspective. Tarot is the same thing

  17. I read my own tarot cards semi frequently and it is… not like this at all. Le fey was being oddly specific, like when she described Zach’s potential love interest as “blonde”, “petit” and “from the Midwest”. Maybe it’s just me, but if the cards say, for example, that I’ll receive money in the near future, I don’t automatically have a vision of getting a raise or a gift or finding cash on the sidewalk. It happens in ways I don’t expect.

  18. Tarot cards cannot predict the future and any genuine Tarot reader knows that. They are all about quantum possibilities and different outcomes. They can provide advice and guidance if used correctly by an experienced and knowledgeable reader who has studied his/her subject. All these so called psychics are simply using the cards as a prop. They are not 'reading' them.

  19. Origin of tarot is def not unknown lol theu were used to play a certain card game the origin of people using them for divination is alil hairy

  20. Tarot Card Readers, Psychics, Mediums (how about predicting lottery numbers to earn your so called useless talent, instead of milking GULLIBLE people. To sum it up their a bunch of Quacks.

  21. Can we talk about how her comment about Eugene being in a geisha film is pretty similar to his coming out video??

  22. Ahh Little does Eugene know he was about to embark on a journey about drag XP Had a lot of ladies in his cards, Geishas-might actually mean Drag Queens. -2019

  23. “The origins are unknown “ tarot was born in north east Italy (probably Venice ) in the 1400s as a earlier game of bridge

  24. She talks really fast, and this is the mark of a successful "cold reading" technique. The more she says, the more she can see their reactions, the more she can adjust her words, the more she can make her words "stick," and the more legit she seems.

  25. I didnt believe either. Then the first time my jaw was on the floor. Few really can tell your future but my man…they know. Dont know how, some say is evil power, but they know. It is a sin to get tarot reading so you shouldnt get one too often.

  26. 0:01 as soon as I get in, it’s already wrong 😂 it’s fortunes not future. Your future cannot be told because nothing is set in stone. Yes, tarot can tell you a possible outcome but free will can change that.

  27. Like I'm a spiritual man, non religious really but these cards deal with dark energy, they can be used positively however the cards are used to contact dark energy inorder to "read futures"

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