SNOLAB: Inside the Dark Matter Lab Buried Over a Mile Underground

[Music] the earth is constantly being bombarded with all sorts of junk coming in from space we come underground because we have two kilometers of solid rock over our head so that filters out all of that stuff that we don’t want and leave that’s only the stuff that we actually want to be so today we’re in this little town in Northern Ontario and it’s very early it’s still dark and it’s snowing it’s not even 6:00 a.m. we’re going to get in the car and we’re going to go to this mine where we’re going to actually travel deep underground and visit this lab that’s one of the deepest labs in the world and down there they’re looking for these little particles these tiny bits of matter that make up the entire universe scientists X no lab are probing the Sun and distant stars for clues about how it all came to be and our cameras were given a rare chance to check it out but getting there takes a while first we dress like miners then we ride with miners on their way to work in the cage an elevator that descends to almost 7,000 feet so right now we’re de la meters underground in an active copper and nickel mine we’re hiking another 1 or 2 kilometers through the mine to get this no lab which is actually one of the cleanest lab spaces in the world we can’t track in any dirt so while our gear gets wiped down we’re sent to take a shower and change our clothes now for the science these scientists are being listed out of a massive cavern filled with ultra pure water it’s shielding a detector looking for neutrinos also known as the ghost particle okay so we’re here is a snowplough experiment this is what’s down that hole like what is one of these photos is comparable to these are photos of the detector of our acrylic vessel which is the center of the detector [Music] so why should we be looking for neutrinos one of they matter they’re a very good messenger of the reactions that create them we’ve been studying them for decades and still have more questions about them discoveries made here when the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2015 by revealing that neutrinos from the Sun had mass now Erica and her team are expanding their search what are you guys looking for we’ll be looking at neutrinos from the Earth’s around us geo neutrinos nutrients from reactors and Canada so that can tell us more about what’s going on in the Sun send the light which takes millions of years to get out wow so we can actually study the Sun from deep inside of mine two kilometers underground so cool then there’s dark matter no one has ever found it but it’s the glue holding galaxies together and this device could detect it this is Pico this is what we’re using it’s the same that’s actually inside there what is dark matter right so dark matter is well basically something that we don’t know what it is we don’t understand about a quarter of the universe so about 27% of the matter that’s out there we have no idea what it is but it’s down here in this line it’s down here in this line it’s all the time it’s going through us all the time is going through the earth and it’ll interact only really rarely which is of course the it’s a great thing in that you know it makes it down here we can filter everything else if you think that’s someone maybe hopefully you guys will find dark-matter chance I’m really hoping so yeah we’re getting to the point now where the limit are being driven down so far that if we don’t find it soon we’re not going to find it for a while now to think of a new way to detect it that’s a lot of pressure and with so much at stake there are plenty of rules at SNOLAB so when 50 people worked in here every day and there’s no cell phones allowed there’s no Wi-Fi could actually set off that nations afar off in the mines you have to be really careful even opening the wrong door could compromise in experiments and not everyone down here is a scientist I’ve heard you know that your job is important is the scientists important almost because if it’s not clean or goes in their experiment will not work it will fail Wow you know because dirt is the enemy everything that we see in snow lab today has been down that and through this car wash before getting into that lattice right everything in that every stereotype come on yeah yeah beams of steel roll ProTaper doesn’t matter blue sticky not prevent shoes from spreading contamination the walls are smooth and shiny his dust can’t fix it up away from all the noise of the surface no odds location gives it a unique perspective what are you doing ever our whole project the repair project we looking at what are the effects of sub background radiation exposure so on earth surface were exposed to low levels of radiation from cosmic rays and from terrestrial radiation so what we’re interested in is what happens if you remove that radiation in such a pure environment these white fish eggs are being tested for developmental markers so we’re looking at growth rate we’re looking at survival we’re looking at other markers of development see if if they’re growing faster slower underground verses on the surface and what Chris thinks is a bit surprising exposure to some radiation could actually be a good thing so what we’re thinking is that because we’ve evolved in that presence of background radiation if we now go underground here and remove it that could actually be harmful to organisms biological I know by studying these fish as I pass by the experiments I realized no lad is a little like Las Vegas its massive and totally disorienting tucked away in the corner of the lunchroom is Thomas Merritt and it’s fruit flies how do you feel after being down healthy I mean you come up here a bit exhausted this thing where can be harder to make decisions than is that because you’re surrounded by half a billion dollars with equipment you really don’t want to grow up or if there’s something about being in underground under high pressure in this environment that makes it harder to think so interesting and we can have that slide because flies eluded and surrounded by half a billion dollars worth of quick so what we’re going to do with these experiments we’re taking squads and it’s called a tap down asset and flies have negative G attachment supplies want to climb up what I think go we’re going to tap them down and when I say stop you’re going to count the number of lines per one or below the finish line and that held it their ability which are 50 that’s finished [Music] No all right what have you got I had fiber than 1000 oh the Catholic supraspinatus I had won I won maybe what we’re trying to do with this marriage is not in the state an individual but understand how does everybody respond to being deep on the ground and just like the first slides by the end of our tour I’m feeling pretty beat and I need some fresh air okay it’s time to head back to the surface after several hours down here SNOLAB feeling kind of tired the pressure down here is really high I’m excited to get back to natural sunlight but we still have a long pipe through to mine ahead of us another teacher I thought the service

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  1. Lot of money for something that doesn't help anything that isn't abstract thought. If you found dark matter, how would my life change? A question worth thinking about..

  2. Imagine how many classified underground labs/facilities there are around the world, that have been secretly developing advanced technology for the past 50+ years. China, U.S., Russia, India, U.A.E, England, Japan, Germany,Israel… So many advanced research groups, whom are all probably also working together in Antarctica. I'm kind of scared of what the future holds.

  3. Senate: Tell us again, why are we funding u? What are u doing for the country or our economy?

    SNOLAB: We are researching dark matter, supernova, neutrinos….

    Senate: But why?

    SNOLAB: For the heck of it; becoz we can. It's deep science u know, the mother of quantum physics and rocket science. Let me explain…

    Senate: Oh NO NO… Good.. Good Very good, just go there and do yr stuff.

  4. “When you learn a little, you feel you know a lot. But when you learn a lot, you realize you know very little.” ― Jay Shetty

  5. our grand kids will be mole people living off an artificial sun(china already has one so dont say its a conspiracy, theories dont have facts proving them to be truth) that gets energy from the ocean during cataclysmic man made storms on the surface near the coast of anchorage alaska hence all the weather modification devices in the last 15 yrs, and all the testing them in more recent years. that humming noise in the sky is the worlds military forces, drilling nice big caverns under us. some will be mass graves for bio-fuel, others will be containment shelters for citizens like some vault tech shit, we are just a jar of flies, on this rotten apple.

  6. These guys are fucking idiots. You dont build a lab underground you build one under the water. and 6500 feet???? I mean it has noooooo benefit what so ever. retards lol

  7. Yea i want the fruit fly job. Seems like some made up BS they are conducting to get funding then tap out.

  8. 4:56 "It's more important……" whoa slow down lady. That's the dumbest thing I've heard this month (and I've even seen Trump on tv a few times). I know it was meant lightheartedly but it's so dumb that excuse doesn't help very much.

  9. The never-ending search for the elusive missing left sock continues! Go boldly, go boundless!

  10. Reporter: what is “dark matter”?

    Dark Matter Scientist: Right. So dark matter is, well, basically, its something that we don’t know what it is.

    Reporter: :/

  11. They should be using remote viewers to point them in the proper direction to look for dark matter. I think we are looking in the wrong place.

  12. I found at syncrude i was more sluging and my brain was less sharp. I hardly saw any sunlight at syncrude in winter. I felt much better at work at plants in summer working outside.

  13. When it comes to money pits, this is the real deal. This is nothing more than a massive bullshit scheme that these charlatans have dreamed up to ensure that an endless supply of money keep flowing down into their deep pockets. All you have to do is get a PhD and write a bunch of bullshit whitepapers that nobody else can understand, then bamboozle the right group of gullible people and you're in business. I'll bet they all slap each other on the back at happy hour and laugh about how they are bullshitting everyone and getting payed for it. On the other hand, could you see some visitor letting go of a massive fart down there and throwing off all their super-sensitive instrumentation?

  14. 5:44 Clean environment but this dude has a dip in, I'm assuming it's either a snus/nicotine pouch. Otherwise he's straight gutting it.

  15. Dark matter has been isolated and weaponized already. Check out Area 51 dummies. Chasing your own tail when the secrets of the universe are hidden in Arizona and other forts around the country

  16. For those interested, the guy she is talking to at the 4:20 mark, the experiment he is working on is PICO-60 (the big vertical tube thing behind him he was referring to), a long line of dark-matter detection experiments, but only one of many being hosted by Snowlab. The runs of Pico-60 did unfortunately not result in a dark-matter candidate detection, but it did further reduce the possible detection envelope for dark matter candidates. You can read the results here: PICO 60 was decommissioned after the end of the data taking in the summer of 2017. The water tank and location of the experiment are now used for the new "right-side-up" chamber, PICO 40L. More information:

  17. "We are in a little town called Sudbury…"

    Sudbury is a city and by North Ontario standards we are a big one.

  18. This is good.
    One of our soldiers has scouted one of the facilities in Area 51!
    She has paved the way for our invasion!

  19. Nikola Tesla – "The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."

  20. Hang on….Looking for something that nobody has ever found before, and is only theorised to exist…. something tells me they are wasting their time.

  21. No they wont because they forgot that they are contaminating the effect and area with their own body cells falling off hahaha

  22. Ever notice how many people, when asked a question, start their answer with, "So…" even though it's nonsensical grammar 99% of the time. I've noticed politicians use it a lot when cornered with a hard question.

    "Congresswoman, how to you explain your breaking the campaign finance laws."
    "So as I was walking work…."

  23. As if the Earth doesn't take a beating enough…let's just dig out a massive piece for a group of comicon lab scientists

  24. Plot Twist: they never find dark matter, because dead skin flakes are flying everywhere from their uncovered faces and hands. Also, the spit particles from when they talk. 😳

  25. Scientist *well were find out it could actually be harmful for us too not have radiation since we have lived in it so long an. Report- guess well find out by studying this fish. Scientist: … K. Ahh a sign of the times were in lol wow who gives a shit about what it actuslly means OOHH LOOK IT SAYS DARK MATTER.

  26. I am the world's most ancient Chinese directly related to the creator of the Dragon clans and rebel map maker… I make dark matter naturally occurring and have classified mutant genetics never before found.

  27. There is one of those labs in Deadwood So.Dak. Something like the 5000ft. level of the old Homestake Gold mine. Scary.What if Dark Matter wants to experiment with us? Lol

  28. Imagine wasting all that money and time underground, when the Electric Universe Model explains everything already!

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