Sony Vegas Pro – Christmas Video Card Tutorial

Create New Project Properties –>Alpha channel –>
Premultiplied Insert “Snow Project” to
Timeline Create New Video Track Drag “Christmas Tree” to
Timeline Right click –>Switches –>
Loop Off Create New Video Track Media Generators –>Solid Color
–>Green Drag to Timeline Make Compositing Child Compositing Mode –>Multiply
(Mask) Create New Video Track Insert Black Solid Compositing Mode –>Screen Video FX –>Lens Flare –>
105mm Prime Lens Drag to Black Solid Press “Event Pan/Crop…” Create New Mask Press “Event FX…” Animating Lens Flare… Create New Video Track Insert Text Media… Add Shadow and Glow Effects Thanks for watching!

6 thoughts on “Sony Vegas Pro – Christmas Video Card Tutorial

  1. I can't seem to use the Christmas Tree Footage in my Sony Vegas, is it in a format that can be used? Maybe you could upload a video showing how to make it :3

  2. It bumps me to the head that most tutorial makers don't show the result of what they are making FIRST in the video, so we can descide if it's worth to look any futher.

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