Sparkle GeForce GTS 250 Video Card

Alright guys Sparkle
GTS 250 right there and a slightly
interesting cooler on it and also an interesting
back end on here. It’s not the
regular connections, you’ve got a VGA port,
a DVI port and an HDMI port which is kind of cool
and this non-reference cooler which is interesting. The PCB
is factory-reference spec but it’s interesting where
they put the memory on it, it’s a little bit
out of place. The memory is actually
here, here, here, here and here, here,
here and here. It’s kind of cool. I can see
that it’s hiding some memory which is very
high-end memory, it’s Samsung so Sparkle
picked a good brand for their memory. And the
cooler is pretty cool. It’s bolted on
to the GPU and then this is an
all aluminum box I guess and it covers, it’s connected
to this, and it’s aluminum so it’s sure this is going
to get nice and warm, transfer a lot
of a heat, it’s like getting a really
big heat sink which is cool. And it’s got a little back plate
brace which is kind of neat. That means they probably, they
actually changed this cards over from the factory
cooler to this, and everything else is
pretty much the same. If you don’t know
about the GTS 250 which is the newest
card from NVidia it is a 9800 GTX Plus
but it’s got a lower price, it’s a got a new name,
it’s got higher frequencies which makes its performance
much quicker. It’s actually my favorite card
to recommend now to a just you know mainstream
every day guy on a budget who wants good
performance. 738 megahertz
on the Core Clock. It’s got 128 ALUs or shaders or
whatever you want to call them, cores, those are operating
at 1836 megahertz. It’s got 512
megabytes of GDDR3, that’s clocked at
2200 megahertz effective or
1100 clock rate. And besides that it’s an
incredible board, ok? 256-bit memory interface,
it’s got all the good stuff. CUDA, PhysX,
NVidia 3DVision ready, HDCP, HD PureVideo
so you can do some blu-rays, and you’ve got some
OpenGL 2.1 and some DirectX 10 and
some Shader Model 4.0. And let’s talk about this
because this is kind of cool. Right there normally
you have 2 duel DVIs, they’re DVI-Is, they’re
2560 by 1600. Now, I don’t know
why it says CRT, I guess they’re assuming
that anybody using a VGA is using a CRT
but that’s not true because I have
an old LCD VGA, but you have your options.
This can do 2560 by 1600, this can do 1920 by 1200,
and this can do 1980 by 1080P and that will
do audio because they did provide you
an audio loop cable which as you guys know, one of
the coolest little things ever. Here it is. Plug this into your
S/PDIF on your motherboard or on your sound card,
plug it into the graphics card right there and
that sends audio out through your DVI
and through your HDMI. In the case of this board,
it’s going to go out through the
HDMI right there. 7.1 channel lossless audio
from your S/PDIF out through your HDMI
to your television or to your receiver for
your surround sound. That is incredible and
awesome and fun. Now besides the card and
the loop cable in the box you will also get a,
these are 6-pin PCI Express, two molex connectors,
and you get two of those because you do need
12 PCI Express pins in total to power this baby. I recommend
probably around 500 watts to run one of these depending
on the rest of your system. About 35 amps
on a 12 volt rail but you probably
don’t even need that much either on wattage
or on amperage. Actually got this thing
to run on a computer that had like a
generic 300 watt like power supply from
like the early 2000 era and it worked actually, so these
cards are extremely efficient, they’re much faster
than the 9800 GTX Plus even though they
are the same card. They just renamed it and
gave it higher frequencies and the fact that those cards’
GPs went to 55nm, let those
frequencies go up, reliability stayed
just as high, they didn’t have to
overclock too much. Great improvement just
by overclocking I’m getting slightly higher
frequencies, really good stuff. This is the Sparkle GTS 250,
512 megabytes of GDDR3. If you have any questions
on it email me and I’ll see you
guys next time. For more information on the
Sparkle GTS 250 graphics card type in S15-0250
into the search engine of any of these
major retailers. From ComputerTV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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27 thoughts on “Sparkle GeForce GTS 250 Video Card

  1. GTS 250 is good but the core speed is dramatically slower than the other GTX 280 models.. Also its slower than 8800 GTX or 9800 GTX but it have 2 GPUs ……. So a 9800 GTX overclocked max should almost be the same.

  2. umm you sound kinda bored and you also should do benchmarks even if your doing the same card series, cause its important!!!!

  3. ablert i am calling you out your a fanboy the 250gts is not good bang perbuck hd4850 is better and you can get it in single slot like mine. heres the list
    the hd4850 is better in fps
    the hd4850 isbetter in price
    and it is cooler if they had the same cooler

  4. Guys the gts 250 is much faster than a 260 gtx
    The texture fill rate Is all it Matters and on this card is very high
    Gts 250 Texture fill rate per second 47.2 Billion = (More than 3-7fps on crysis on every setting)
    Gtx 260 Texture fill rate per second only 36.9 Billion = less 3-7 fps on Crysis

  5. Why does this card need 2x 6pin PCI-E connectors, i have seen all other brands need only one PCI-E connector, i,m pretty sure this card got 55nm core like all other brands.

  6. because they have special coolers that need another 6pin…

    i am also wanting to buy GTS 250 with only a 6pin but i heard from people that is End of life already and the GTS 250 that comes out now are all 2x 6pins

  7. I know 3Dfx once claimed "fillrate is king", but those days are over, now it's all about shader units, and in that area the GTS 250 can't compete with 128 shader units again GTX260+ 216 units.

  8. They should get some new hardware researchers saying that GTS 250 is faster than 9800GTX+ is pure BS.
    The GTS 250 and 9800GTX+ run at the same frequencies – gesh when will you start doing some research TigerDirectBlog !!!
    GF 9800 GTX+ 738Mhz core, 1836Mhz shader, 1100Mhz memory 512MB 256-bit 128 shader units.

  9. i suggest when you get the GTS 250 you could bether get the 1 GB version.Its not so more expensive then the 512 MB version and its worth your money.

  10. I am running three of these in 3-way SLi. Very happy with them. I got each for $149 so I paid a total of $450 for all three.

  11. @TheTerrorbunny It depends on the clock speeds. You can have a 9400gt with 1gb memory and a GTS 250 with 512mb and the GTS 250 will rape it. However if its the exact same model of the card always get more memory

  12. LOL, first time I've heard of "Sparkle". I'd rather stick with the XFX or the EVGA brand myself. EVGA really listens to the feedback. All of their cards are very solid designs with a LOT of black finish on the stock cooler, in other words: less toyish than brands like Palit. I chuckled a bit when I saw the PALIT GeForce GTX 450, it looks like a card from ATI/AMD! LOL. 😛

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