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There is not enough like selfless players that will do the dirty work for the team to make the star succeed and, at the same time, a lot of teams will scape goat like a player like that. My role in the team right now is just, I’m
the In-Game Leader and I used to be the AWPer, but we switched that to mitch. So it’s a little bit easier on me. Outside of the game I’m more like, try to
keep people kind of like motivated and just like more serious. Because, you know, sometimes people kind of
get in their own head. I just want people to keep confident in what
they do. I mean, I’ve been around the scene for quite
a while. So most people will ask me, you know, questions
about how things were, how to improve stuff. I pretty much started becoming an AWP player
when I first joined Nihilum, because we had a player on our team. He didn’t like AWPing all the time. People don’t get it that like anyone can
pick up an AWP and do good and then keep AWPing and keep doing good. But when you start doing bad and then you
start just switching to a rifle, it screws up kind of like the dynamic of like map… The AWP is useful for like map control and
other stuff like that. So if you just decide not to do it, it kind
of changes the way that you’re trying to play the game. On this team they wanted me to call. So eventually we… My coach actually was just like, “Look,
you can’t AWP anymore. Like, we are going to have to have someone
else doing it.” And no one wanted to do it either. Like not a single person really wanted to
do it. Actually, roca wanted to do it, but we were
like, “Nah, you are not allowed.” Like, his rifle was too insane that there
is no point so. I think people got this like misinterpretation
that I just like to force buy all the time and that is because like, back on C9 was when
CZs were super broken and the M4s on CT cost like 2,900 dollars and they were just insane. So it’s just like, you bought a lot and
just did kind of PUG-ey stuff. I guess. I kind of call like karrigan, I guess. In a sense that I like to do some set plays,
but I also like to give players freedom to like kind of make their own plays. I’m not going to lie. It’s not a like I will say you can do whatever
you want, but I do like people having like their own freedom to go for a kill, if they
think they can get it. I’ll be there to kind of like control the
group. So I’m like more… I’m always in like the kind of the pack,
throwing you know flashes and making sure that trades are happening and it’s not the
hardest role in the game, but I do think it’s very important that you have someone there
that’s going to make sure that someone doesn’t die for no reason. I think the main difference between like NA
and EU, like the playstyles, is more like teamwork-orientated. It’s not so much skill. Everyone can kind of aim at the high level,
but you know, Europeans and Brazilians are kind of similar in the sense that they all
set up their star player, of course. And they do that a little bit better than
I think some NA teams do, but they also are more willing to have one or two players like die for the team. For like a cause. In NA they all … Like everyone kind of doesn’t
want to do bad, right? They all want to do really good. And I played with a bunch of different players. Even if you win 16:5 or 16:10 versus a really
good team like SK even, the players would be sad if they didn’t have a good score,
right? And it’s like you shouldn’t be really
thinking of the game in a sense of like, “I need to do good.” It should be, “I want my team to do good.” And I think that’s like a huge problem,
that there is not enough like selfless players that will do the dirty work for the team to
make the star succeed and, at the same time, a lot of teams will scape goat like a player
like that. “Oh, we are doing bad. Well, we better remove him.” They’ll bring in someone that’s like, more skilled. But all you are doing is, you are just creating a team full of superstars that… Eventually someone is going to have to do the hard role or the role that no one wants to do. There is not enough roles to go around to make everyone top Fragger.

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