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RYAN: That’s another great
example, by the way, of what makes
these games so charming. It’s a great mix of
different gameplay mechanics. You have your exploration;
you have your puzzle solving; and you have Hulagirl Stella. That would have been funnier
if I could say her name. NICK: Hulaghoul is the — RYAN: Hulaghoul. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] RYAN: Hello, my friends, and welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. On today’s show we are playing
Spyro Reignited Trilogy which is out on
PS4 September 21st. I am joined by some
Toys For Bob folks, senior producers Peter
Kavic and Nick Livingston, and art director Josh Nadelburg. Gentlemen,
welcome to the program. ALL: Hello. RYAN: It’s good to
have all you here. We’re actually taking a look at
Idol Springs which is a level in the second game of the trilogy. And, Nick, if I
can start with you. This is kind of one of the first
deeper dives of game 2 that we’re seeing, correct? NICK: Yes it is. One of the first levels we’re
showing off is Idol Springs. RYAN: Oh no! NICK: So I wanted to give
Foreman Bob a chance to speak and not talk over him. But this level is all about
foremen who have been wronged by idol monsters. The big thing about Spyro 2,the
big difference between Spyro 2 and Spyro 1 is where Spyro 1 was
all about collecting dragons and rescuing dragons. Spyro 2 introduced this whole
other world of NPCs and minigames and challenges
to explore and do. RYAN: I want to know where that
hammer came from by the way. Snuck that into his pocket.
You never know. NICK: The foremen are mysterious and will not share
that with you. RYAN: Some secrets will go
to the grave of the foremen. NICK: We’ve asked them. So Spyro 2 also
introduced swimming. So in Spyro 1 you
could not swim. In Spyro 2 you can,
obviously as Rustin, who’s playing right now and
killing it, is showing you. RYAN: And Spyro is able to
swim safely as a dragon. This is good to know. He is waterproof. PETER: He learned a
lot from the first game. RYAN: Okay.
Got it, Bud. The voice is so good. Okay, Bud. Hold on a second. Quick lore question here: Do all
the foremen in the universe have names that start with “B”? NICK: Yeah, yeah, yeah. For sure. RYAN: I love it. NICK: And for us we
want to get this right. RYAN: The most important thing
for all your work is to make sure all the
foremen have “B” names. NICK: But truly though, this
project has been a particularly challenging and wonderful
opportunity for us because fans care so much about
every detail, and we do to. We want to get it right. So all the characters
have the same names. All the characters
have the same names. All the art has been
lovingly recrafted. PETER: You got this dude. NICK: All the levels are — so
we actually built a tool for this game so that we could make
sure that we were getting all of the gameplay exactly right. So we built this tool called
Spyroscope which allowed us to — because we didn’t have
access to the original assets, we had to build this tool
internally that allowed us to extract all of
the original mesh, original placements, and even
the pathing of the characters so we could bring that into this
modern recreation that we’re doing now. I remember when I first saw it
at one of our engineer’s desks, I was blown away. And it’s been a huge undertaking
for us to get this right. But for us, getting this exactly
right for the fans is something we take super seriously. RYAN: You know what, Bud. I also have a sensitive stomach.
And I understand. Sometimes ten fish, you have to make sure
they’re all cooked properly. PETER: The idol is very picky. NICK: I love the idol. And that’s another thing. The amount of variety in
these games is really bananas. There are idol monsters.
There are hockey players. There are — it is just
— and no other examples. PETER: Nothing else, just
hockey players and idols. NICK: Josh, could you list some
of the things in these games. JOSH: Some of the
over 400 characters. NICK: It is amazing the
amount of content that Josh specifically has led
the art direction on. JOSH: An amazing team of
talented concept artists and modelers and animators. I can’t tell you how much effort
went into bringing this world back to life. Like Nick was just saying. There’s three games with over
a hundred levels and 500 plus
characters, maybe 600. I haven’t counted recently. We took the original characters
from those games 20 years ago and tried to do our best job of
maintaining the spirits of those characters, bringing as much
new energy to them as we could. And the team
really just stepped up. RYAN: I kind of want
to overemphasize this. For our audience, it’s not like
you guys took the Spyro games and just turned the dial up, and
you’re like I’m just going to turn up the visuals to 11, and
it’s going to look way better. NICK: If you’re aware of where
that dial exists, please let us know. RYAN: Please.
We lost it. JOSH: That’s
exactly what we did. RYAN: But Josh, to
the point though is, you know, this is very much, as
we were talking about before, a craft for your studio. You guys had to go in there and
by hand and very meticulously kind of go over everything. JOSH: Everything. Every inch of the
world, every character. Like Nick was
saying with Spyroscope, we actually extracted the
original level meshes so that we could take screenshots of
important vistas and paint over them and try to find the best
way to enhance it and modernize it. We did that with
the environments. We did that with the characters. We did that with
literally everything. The animations, we looked at
what the original animation looks like, and we
riffed off of that. We were trying to be as
referential to the original stuff as we could possibly be. And there was some cases where
we took our liberties where we thought we could improve upon
things or make things more fun and playful because that’s kind
of what Toys For Bob is about, finding great wacky
things that get us psyched. So, for example, we just saw
the idol who had a metal shield. These guys all have
marshmallows on sticks, so we turned his metal shield
into the top of a barbecue. RYAN: Of course
because why wouldn’t you. JOSH: Why wouldn’t an idol who
has a hot dog on a stick not also have a barbecue. RYAN: Yeah.
Of course. Peter, maybe you can
speak to this too because you’ve been
awfully quiet other there. I know that
exploration is key in this game. Is that something that you guys
embraced during the development process? PETER: Yeah. That’s part of the heart of
what made the original games, especially for me. I can speak clearly for me. But it’s this world
of awe and wonder. You’re a little kid out
there saving all the dragons and helping all these
worlds become free. So making sure that all the
pieces were coming together to give you the sense of wonder
and awe as you’re exploring and finding these new places in
this gigantic world was key. RYAN: Now, we’re going to see
another little puzzle action. Oh, Bud. Can we install this giant
glowing stone dance floor into my home? That would be really nice. It would really bring
the room together I think. I like that it also gives
you difficultly levels for the challenges. NICK: It does. RYAN: You’re like, “and
we chose those at random. There’s no rhyme or reason to
the difficultly setting at all.” NICK: That’s right.
We just feel it out. So this game, just the amount of puzzles to
solve and unique challenges. All the levels have
these, like, crazy, unique challenges. And the original game was
all about rescuing dragons; this is all about challenges. And the amount of NPCs too. There so many different — we
were talking about foremen. JOSH: Ice monsters. RYAN: Spoilers.
Now I know there’s ice monsters. Thanks, guys. JOSH: Ice builders.
I’m sorry. NICK: And the ice monsters
are ghosts the entire time. RYAN: Wow.
I would have never known. Yeah. It’s gorgeous and it’s really
cool to see something that has such a history and such a huge
fandom kind of get the loving treatment from your
studio that it deserves. NICK: We’re just
three dudes here, but we represent a huge group of
incredibly talented people who work so hard on this. JOSH: Super
passionate about this. NICK: It’s really important
for us to get this right. RYAN: So that’s why
everyone’s names are the same? That was the number
one thing on the list. You didn’t change
Spyro’s name to Frank. NICK: Frank the dragon. RYAN: Doesn’t have
the same ring to it. NICK: It doesn’t. JOSH: It was truly
a labor of love. Everyone was just so excited
when we found out we had the opportunity to make this game. RYAN: This still gets me. I’ve seen this
already and it’s so good. He’s just bashing
his head with it. NICK: I would like to say to
Peter’s point earlier about going through the world and
having that sense of awe. Moments like that are
everywhere in this game. Every level has that level of
surprising thing that will make you laugh. RYAN: When you say this game,
you’re not just talking about Spyro 2, you’re talking
about the whole trilogy. PETER: The entire
Reignited Trilogy. NICK: All of them. The amount of work, this
is a handcrafted effort. RYAN: Would you say
it’s an artisanal effort? NICK: I would say
it’s artisanal. It is free range as well. RYAN: I’m happy to announce here
on PlayStation Underground that Spyro Reignited Trilogy
is organic and farm-to-fork video gaming. All right. We’re nearing the
end of the demo too. PETER: We have a
little dancing section. NICK: Oh, this is the best part. RYAN: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s
all been leading up to this. You got a little
platforming action in there. That’s another great example,
by the way, of what makes these
games so charming is that it’s a great mix of
different gameplay mechanics. You have your exploration;
you have your puzzle solving; and you have Hulagirl Stella. That would have been
funnier if I could say it right. NICK: Hulaghoul. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Hulaghoul. NICK: Seriously. The games are all about
exploration and discovery and puzzle solving and for us when
remastering this, we wanted the Reignited Trilogy to
honor the original game. So the gameplay perspective,
we wanted to keep it the same because the game’s already fun. People love these games, so we
wanted to find ways to modernize it and improve
things where we could. So, for example, we now have
camera control on the right stick, and we just made some
choices to honor the originals, but they’re
amazing games already. RYAN: Now we can
celebrate with a dance routine. Ladies and gentlemen, this has been an amazing look
at Spyro Reignited. Spyro Reignited Trilogy is
out September 21st on PS4. Peter, Nick, and
Josh, thank you, gentlemen, so much for
joining me on the program. And until next time, this has
been PlayStation Underground. We’ll is see you soon. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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