Star Ocean First Departure R – Launch Trailer | PS4

[MUSIC PLAYING] You people travelers? You could say that. I’ve been traveling the world
for many a year now. I’m sure there’s something
I might be able to help you out with. Oh, finally!
There you are! No, no, no.
That’s not cute at all. Come on,
why don’t you join us?

84 thoughts on “Star Ocean First Departure R – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. Vuen video play la verdad juego mas al fornite que mis demas juegos y este juego se miran interesantes talvez un dia melos comprare

  2. I've bought every Star Ocean game on PS4 now, the only one missin is Second Evolution, hope it doesn't take long now 😊

  3. This is an absolute Jewel of a game and if you have not already played it trust me it is worth whatever they're selling it for..

  4. I would love to see a physical release for this as well.

    Perhaps later if you guys did a Star Ocean Second Evolution R you could pack both games physically for PS4 on 1 disc?

    Maybe also you could do the same for Star Ocean Til the End of Time (PS4) and Star Ocean The Last Hope (PS4) and release a physical disc version with those 2 in 1 set?

    Maybe people prefer physical releases more than digital.

  5. Currently playing it and enjoying every second, really hoping for Second Story since it's the only one I don't own and it's my favorite, I really miss Claude and Rena.

  6. Excellent game from a time when japanese games were meant to genuinly entertain you and give top value for the time you spent without wasting your time with rng systems or demand excessive grinding and without stupid pandering to stupid modern trends and tropes or irrelevant markets outside of japan.

    This and the sequels are the games i return to everytime newer games dissapoint me like Oninaki and Octopath Traveller did recently.

    A true masterpiece worthy of your money if what you want is an un-jaded feelgood adventure. I can only hope SE doesnt ruin it in the future.

  7. There may not be a physical version but I gotta get my hands on this since Ive never got the chance to finish it on PSP.

  8. I have a bit of trouble caring for this games after SO3 retconned the entire universe in the games to be a morpg played by beings from the forth or third dimension or whatever 😑

  9. Hmm, why the graphic is still the same like PSP? Is this for ps4 right? I don't see the difference with the remake one

  10. Could someone please answer those 2 hard questions
    1. Can i have A party of ashley ioshua mavelle and in ruins dont recruit erys but also dont lose mavelle?
    2. Can i have A party of ashley ioshua mavelle and phia but recruit phia when i have 6 or less party members so that she can learn Her best techniques?
    Thanks a lot!!!!

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