Step 5: Motherboard Installation | #YesWeBuild | MSI

Before we place the motherboard and connected components into the case. We must first prepare the chassis With your motherboard comes an I/O panel shield which looks like this. Each motherboard panel has a slightly different layout which depends on which I/O you have. The I/O shield is placed at the back of the case and serves two main functions First, it closes the motherboard access from the back of the case by filling up the holes in between the I/O. Second, it serves as a printed manual to tell you which socket is for what Next, check that your chasis has all the right standoffs to fit with the mounting holes present on your motherboard. You will need at least one standoff for each to ensure proper support. Take your motherboard and gently lower it at a 45-degree angle into the case. This step is a little tricky so you may want to pay attention when aligning all the I/O with the corresponding holes on the I/O shield panel. Make sure that none of small metallic parts from a shield gets stuck into any of the sockets. This could potentially short the connectors and eventually damage your motherboard. Take the big screwdriver to secure the board with each of the supplied screws. Don’t leave out any screws. A solid mount will keep it secure for all transportation

12 thoughts on “Step 5: Motherboard Installation | #YesWeBuild | MSI

  1. Should I use the normal screws, flat screws, buffer screws at @1:04? I used the flat screws but I'm not sure if is the right way to do it.

  2. this is im fucking possible im done with this bullshit tried putting ᴀ motherboard in my pc for 5 FUXKING HOURS SHIT DOESNT WORK

  3. just bought a msi b450 gaming plus.. why on earth does it come with all these different types of screws and no mention anwhere of which is which…

  4. What screws should I use for the motherboard the ones you showed with the picture: I dont have???

  5. I am building my first PC and I bought the MSI Z370 Gaming Plus Motherboard. I am encountering an issue where the power will flicker once and then not come on, I am not sure what is causing this issue, could a cable touching the motherboard cause a short?

  6. If you can't get enough from this video, check out more PC building tips here:

    Happy building!🔧

  7. When he put the thing in at 0:28 mine didn't just go and stay in mine has a metal barrier and the back is metal and it won't go in it just falls back also my thing came with no screws

  8. just got the b450 gaming plus board……… screws except 1xm.2 screw aaargh only mobo i have ever bought that comes with squat, suffice to say this is 1st MSI board, will it be the last?

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