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A serious PC isn’t quite so serious without a graphics card. These come in a variety of sizes and flavors but the mounting is always the same We might first decide which PCI slot it will be connected to. By default choose the one at the top, closest to the processor. Then remove the corresponding I/O plates from the case. Always hold the card with two hands so it doesn’t slip. Vertically insert the PCI connector into the PCI slot gently. If you are align properly it should just fit and automatically lock into the slot. Finally we must secure the card with the required screws at the back of the chasis. In addition to the PCI slot lock these screws play a crucial role to secure the card. Pro Tip: Some high-end cards are longer or use even more PCI space Make sure to check that beforehand to choose the appropriate case.

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  1. i have the msi 370 gaming plus motherboard, initially i installed my evga 1050ti SC, into the PCI_4 slot, or the "second" slot which is "lower" on the motherboard, recently i wanted to move it to the closer slot or the PCI_1 according to the manual, however, when i do this and connect my HDMI cable to my monitor it doesn't send a signal to the monitor, (no the problem doesnt lie in the cable or the GPU) how do i go about fixing this issue?

  2. This doesn't show what kind of cable (6 or 8 pin) required. So…. thanks but you didn't show the complete installation. Can you please recommend the cable required, or update?

  3. im new to computer building and i wanted to know if i have n MSI motherboard would i still be able to put an nvidia GPU and Intel CPU in it

  4. If you can't get enough from this video, check out more PC building tips here:

    Happy building!🔧

  5. When i installed my gpu on the top PCIE slot which is the metal slot in my MAG Z390 my pc didn't notice it, but when I installed it in the second which was the black PCIE slot it worked and it successfully installed. Is there something wrong with my motherboard or did i not plug in the right wires in the right places for my cable management? If there's something wrong please tell me.

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