Streets of Rage 4 – Gamescom 2019 Cherry Hunter | PS4


100 thoughts on “Streets of Rage 4 – Gamescom 2019 Cherry Hunter | PS4

  1. Menuda mierda. Un juego tan famoso y increíble como este de dos jugadores de lucha callejera… Después de tantos años sacan esta basura. Ps4…. No tiene ni graficos, estoy muy decepcionado.

  2. Streets of Rage 4 looks amazing and so fun. Can't wait to soak this game in.😀😀

    But I really hope we get a 2019 release date.

  3. I don't like the art style unfortunately. Too cartoony for Streets of Rage. Still looking forward to it though, for the music as much as anything.

  4. Is there any reason why she doesn't look like she belongs in the game and was clumsily photoshopped in? She doesn't match the art style at all, and she just seems to be a lazy moveset clone of Skate, besides the guitar stuff. Not to mention, it seems a bit ridiculous to show up to a fight already with a weapon in a series that's about beating people up with your bare hands, but maybe that's just me.

  5. Some thing tells me that their fighting shiva maybe because he knows something about the situation(not working with the syndicate though)

  6. Why not just return Adam? His fighting style rocks and playing as him was a blast in SoR1 and SoRR. Instead it's just a chick with a guitar.
    Also, Shiva is better be playable.

  7. Must be Skates and Adams sister or something. I noticed at the end 2 silhouettes of characters one near Blaze which looks like a robot or cybernetically enhanced, and the other at the top.

  8. 0:45

    There's two shadows hanging out by the characters in this picture…

    We still got two more characters to see.

    My guess is the one up top is Adam and the one to the right is Max (maybe with Zan's robotics?)

  9. Sinceramente o visual dessa nova personagem eu não gostei tem jeitão de feminazi! Espero que o jogo tenha novas novidades como por exemplo rotas alternativas!

  10. I just wished they hould make a steets of rage game in a similar way they made the wild guns reloaded. Just make a streets of rage 4 game with grafics in 16:9 more characters and cool locations, updated to look like arcade games ( 2D games from the dreamcast or sega saturn era) with inprooved sound and great gameplay, physics, and funfactor, and you hould have a masterpiece. This graphical style just shows that you dont get it…also the single player mode better have at least 2 players co op on screen or im just skiping it…

  11. Sega should have hired Bombergames guys who made streets of rage remake. That game was the closest thing to the originals with bit of modern take on it also has tons characters, contents and secrets too

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