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  1. Ableton really shines in the session view and automation, as well as samplings, but I think other softwares have started competing with the other unique stuff Ableton has.

  2. really helpful ! love all your videos ,i'm just begin to do mine,learning a lot from u!sorry about my English,btw,i use ableton on my music work from
    ,and it’s so cool.

  3. I use FL Studio 12 ( for most of my song creation but for chopping samples I use a free software called Audacity ( due to it being easier.

  4. how can u earn all that money to do this? Anyway, u actually have a musical skill but in my opinion u r not producing good, original music. Just stupid kid commercial autotunish trax…
    Make something bad and interesting instead of mawkish gay tracks. By the way, r u gay???

  5. With wireless headphones, are you finding there to be any latency issues?
    I wanna go wireless but worry about the possible delay of signal to reach the headphones.

  6. I disagree with the fact that resources don’t affect the quality of your songs and sounds. Sure the default ableton stuff can work and do amazing things, but you’re going to have to sample or use external vsts to create more sounds.

  7. Musicians need real instruments and supplement them in a hybridized way…good song writing can be created with a pawn shop guitar ….people get too caught up in gear which can really pull away from
    getting your musical message and feeling conveyed to the listener.
    It’s not the number of layers and beats… it boils down to being a creative breathing musician.
    That said today their are some great “tools” that help adding interesting elements to the music.
    At Storm Studios we focus on capturing organic feel and clean sound without multiple layers and
    Pychoacoustic tricks….we have about 30 guitars, 20 brass instruments, 10 reed instruments,
    Ludwig drum kit, congas, amps galore analog keyboards….the more you use authentic instruments the more
    Human feeling is expressed . Opposed to..synthetic music creation where one is just taking
    Clips and samples created by musicians who actually have created the sound libraries
    There should be a statement “this music was created by someone who doesn’t actually play any instruments”
    That said it’s refreshing to see you studio with real instruments and vocals
    Good for you brother!

  8. Andrew Huang, or anyone who's used the Tannoys, have you had an issue with the tweeter hissing? Trying to decide between new Tannoy 802s and B stock Yamaha HS8 (price range).

  9. Plus, ABLETON Live is simply the BEST DAW out!! Hands down!! It’s worth every single penny! And once you get use to Abletons already simple workflow, the workflow becomes as smooth as butter LoL.. . . Seriously though!!!!

  10. I invested in an Apollo Twin Duo and a few plugins solely dedicated to mastering and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. For the first time I have this feeling of not needing anything else apart from that (well, I also use some Ableton built-in plugins and some specific Waves plugins) to end up with a more-than-decent mix and master.
    I invite you to check my short album on my channel, (and of course subscribe if you like what you hear) which I recorded, mixed and mastered in my bedroom, only using my JBL LSR 305 monitors, my Samson SAC03 Condenser mic, Apollo Twin Duo, and some Ableton, Waves and UAD plugins. Although it's my first attempt to mix and master something myself, I'm pretty happy with the results. I'd really like to get some of the acoustic pannels shown here though, I'm sure they would improve my recording and mixing conditions.
    Huge fan of this channel, by the way, thanks for showing your gear and the great tips. Greetings from Santiago de Chile.

  11. Hey Andrew! Just stumbled across your channel and wanted to say you're incredibly awesome and very talented! With that said, what's your final opinion of Komplete 11 and/or 12 by Native Instruments with the S61 Keyboard and drum machine? I'm thinking of purchasing this setup as I've been using FL Studio and Reason for the last 15 years producing music. I'm getting tired of the sound banks I've used for years, and wanted your opinion before I pull the trigger.

    PS – The Beatbox beat that you did was hilariously legit!


    +1 sub

  12. As i am 15 years old,can you plz tell me what things i need to make music like you!!i want to make music and wanna be a music producer in future!!Do i meed a launchpad,a dj etc…

  13. Currently, the drive to create music vs. watch your channel is really duking it out… Let's just say the channel has been winning a lot lately… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  14. Please share a video on how you make all of these videos and the equipment you use to create them! And perhaps the process

  15. Could your do a video on only using ableton live lite or only default ableton plugins? That would be awesome!

  16. Andrew: "my wife also works over here…"
    Me thinking Andrew was gay all these years: "wait…. WHAT"

  17. I would like to know: When did you get into Video Production and what Software and Hardware do you use to make your videos?

  18. Nice place man! Could u please give more detailed review on Tannoy? I've read that there is a little hissing issue with them even when nothing is plugged. Is that true? Also are they enough to use without sub?

  19. It's a box of 10 for $310. How many did you use and what is the measurement of your wall? I'm dividing my studio into 3 separate studios wanting each section to look different.

  20. 3:23 what stand are you using? I'd love to be able to have my push above my keyboard like that during creative sessions!

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