Super low graphics on the Final Fantasy XV benchmark! FPS boost (i5 750 + Budget GT 1030 / Intel HD)

While the full PC version of Final Fantasy
XV will be released in March, Square Enix has blessed us with a free benchmark tool
that will let you know how well the game will run on your computer before you have to buy
it. Before continuing I just want to say. Thank you, Square Enix, I really wish more
games did this. Now, turns out there are ways to tweak the
game running on the benchmark to produce some really interesting results that might hint
at what we can achieve when the full game releases. This is, after all, the LowSpecGamer, a channel
where I like to push entry-level hardware to its limits and tweak game graphics to their
ridiculous minimum. The free benchmark tool for the upcoming Final
Fantasy XV, linked in the description, has a limited number of presets for settings and
a number of resolutions… but turns out you can tweak the way the game
runs with a lot of detail using a tool made by modder DrDaxxy linked in the description. After you download it all you need to do is
to extract its content into the install directory of the Benchmark, usually in Program Files,
Square Enix, Final Fantasy XV Benchmark. You can then use the light config file as
a base to create a custom config file and load it into the benchmark. To load that file we need to add some launch
options into the game. To do that, find the ffxv.exe (Not the ffxvbench.exe),
create a shortcut and open its properties. At the end of the target field, you can add
a set of launch commands that I have added in the description and if you are curious
about all available commands they are documented on the GitHub page for the tool. The first command must be directed to the
location of your custom config file, the second determines the language of the game and the
third makes it fullscreen. Now everytime you run the benchmark from the
shortcut it will load the configuration file. Now, let get to the actual interesting part
and tweak the configuration file a bit. Even on the lowest preset, there are a couple
of things we can do. Display Resolution controls the normal external
resolution of the game, and render resolution controls the internal resolution and this
means you can drop the render resolution of 3D elements without affecting UI readability
which can provide a ton of extra performance on weak GPUs. Now, if we want to play around with shadows
there are two options available. First is ShadowDistanceScaling that controls
shadow render distance. If you drop it o 1 you basically get no shadows
around the player and a giant infinite shadow in a circle after a certain distance. Good start. Then there is ShadowResolution which controls…
well… the resolution of shadows. Setting it to 0 crashes the game but setting
it to 1 pretty much kills all shadows all around making everything look shiny and a bit
weird but providing quite a significant boost in performance. Finally, we have ModelLODScaling and, oh boy,
if you set to 1 this happens… That… is her face… Nothing… is rendering correctly, is that
how chocobos look now? HAHAHA, oh god that degraded quickly! Right, so here is what happens. In order to preserve resources, the game manages
the number of polygons of different model depending on the distance to the camera like, you know,
like any regular LOD system, but you seem to be able to use this variable to have some control
on the number of polygons available for models and the more things are on screen the lower
and weirder it gets. You do not have to go to this extremes tough. Just dropping the variable to a 10 makes it
way more tolerable while still severely limiting the quality of the models. How much of an impact does this have? My first testing PC consisted of a first generation
i5 750, which an old but still pretty reliable cheap quad core and the GT 1030, Nvidia’s
newest low-end GPU. Running the game on the light preset and 720p
gave interesting results, with a score of 3742. The game manages to keep itself over 30 fps
even while travelling through the world… or even during the combat scene. I ran into some freezes due to CPU bottleneck
when loading new areas here and there but… for a modern game running on an old CPU and
cheap GPU this is really impressive. Well done again Square Enix. If we apply the shadows tweaks, reduce the
LOD to 10 and leave resolution untouched on 720, the game climbs to between 40 and 50
during most of the benchmark and the CPU freezes seem to be almost gone. The overall score jumps to 4633, what an increase! This is very encouraging. Let’s try something more extreme. I have here the same Xiaomi Pro laptop that
I used for my Assassin’s Creed Origins video that comes equipped with a mobile i5-8250u
and an MX 150, but we are going to disable the dedicated GPU and try to run the game
on the Intel UHD 620, just to see how this will do an an integrated GPU, with the settings forced to the minimum and an
internal resolution of 640×360. The game almost manages to maintain over 20
fps in most instances. Not quite playable but certainly more than
I expected for an integrated GPU. Will this work on the full version of the
game? I guess we will find out eventually, but one
can hope. You can follow my videos also as articles
in ModMy. Link also in the description. And thank you if you are on the Patreon contributors
who help keep this videos coming.

100 thoughts on “Super low graphics on the Final Fantasy XV benchmark! FPS boost (i5 750 + Budget GT 1030 / Intel HD)

  1. just finished whole game with lowest settings on i3-2100, gtx750, 8gb of ram. so basicaly everything on lowest on constant 30 fps with pretty long load times. but hey i finished it without spending 1000 euros

  2. I cant run this without mega stuttering on my 7700k and 1070.. but it uses up almost all of my memory.. which is 8gb ddr4 2133 🙁 wish it wasnt so expensive to buy another one

  3. You should really make a mini series of checking games on a pc with switch like specs. If i know correctly, the tigra x1 is more powerful than the 1030, and if ffxv would run on switch like that it'd be a day 1 buy from me.

  4. Nothing, NOTHING , will stop me from playing this game. If i get a frame rate that's too shitty, then I'll have to use my last option.

    Mobile version on my pc…

  5. Hi LowSpecGamer. I already did all the step like in this video. But after I try to launch the shortcut, the benchmark won't appeared. Can you help me? I'm using intel hd graphic 4000.

  6. When I open the shortcut after editing the target, I get a window that says "Custom settings INI file not found/readable, continuing with default settings" What should I do?

  7. vish então nem vou tentar no meu notebook, um i3 com uma intel graphics 5500 4GB de RAM mesmo com os mod pra abaixar os graficos provavelmente nem vai abrir o menu 😂😂😂

    in English:
    so I will not even try on my notebook, an i3 with an intel graphics 5500 4GB of RAM even with the mod to lower the graphics probably nor will open the menu 😂😂😂

  8. Has anyone gotten FF15 to run on integrated graphics card? I have Intel 620 HD, and have read in other comments that the full game runs better than the benchmark, so maybe it would be more playable than this video suggested?

  9. Final Fantasy XV updated pliss in the config file in the complete version of the game the changes in the config file not aply in the game pliss help me

  10. Is there a way to do this in the full release? Cause in the full release's config files, they removed RenderingResolutions which is what kept the UI from becoming unreadable and making the game unplayable.

  11. I can't seem to open the ffxv.exe with the command added to the shortcut but it works fine without it. What's the reason?

  12. Does not work, spent two hours on this, checked SEVERAL times to make sure I'm doing it EXACTLY as this video tutorial does it and the shortcut does not even run (when the launch command is added at the end of the target)….

  13. FF15 – Graphics = 0


  14. cant use the launch command
    –graphicsIni "D:GamesffxvbenchSquareEnixFINAL FANTASY XV BENCHMARKffxv_custom.ini" –locale=en -f

    i change the path folder exactly as my .ini location and it say the name '–graphicsIni' specified in the target box is not valid
    what should i do??

  15. I have an i7-3610QM and gtx980M with 8gb of gddr5 and 14 gb of system ram.

    I keep getting 6 fps on super high or super low. its extremely frustrating no matter what i get single digit fps!

  16. I just wonder if this can be done in the steam version. I'm using a A10-7700k, no GPU (using the integrated one radeon r7 200 series with 2G Vram forced in bios) and 16GB Ram. Will this method work?.

  17. Need update for the full windows version. I can't disable the shadows even after editing shadowresolution to 1

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