Super Ultra-Wide Monitor – Dank or Dumb?

You just got your beautiful new 34 inch ultra wide monitor Welcome to the absolute cream of the crop of gaming, productivity and cinema experiences, my friend Is what I would have said if SAMSUNG hadn’t just grabbed the bar and stretched it With their brand new $1,300.00 49 inch 32:9 High refresh rate, SUPER Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor But is this thing like, totally worth it man Or just like Totally stupid man

100 thoughts on “Super Ultra-Wide Monitor – Dank or Dumb?

  1. Hi Linus I wanted to know if you could recommend a monitor arm for and ultra wide that can support the 49 inch size

  2. I love mine. Destiny on full and Netflix on 16:9, all I need. Switch is a little stretched on full but it is for cartoony games so it doesn't matter 😉 Didnt realize there was a headphone manager lol. Upgraded from an HP envy curved 34. The windows manager from Samsung allows for customization of the space.

  3. Driving / flying sim could be nice with it, tho I think I'd opt for vr at that price, as it's way superior to regular monitors for those purposes.

  4. Yeah you cool kids just want this to play your fancy games. I want web app on the left, my code editor in the centre, and emails on the right. This is the dream.

  5. This was Exactly what I needed of information. I was wondering the actual size compared to a person, how it ran, and most importantly, how it could be split up. That setup with a game in the middle, then youtube to the left and streaming at the right is just the thing I need. Thank you for the awesome work and all the information. ^_^

  6. I just got my beautiful 34 inch ultrawide and now I'm already dreaming of that 49inch.

    The PBP software on LG is amazing, hope I could do that on Samsung too

  7. I use one of this and other ultra wide… Actually i used to have 2 ultra wide and thia super ultra wide as a main. But, my case is a programmer studing game dev and pro tech lover profile LOL. I reduce one to out in my work station at job placa. Totally want a even better one, but i feel to gaming a 3:1 ratio will be better

  8. Taiwan 🇹🇼 has much better and cheaper 49“.

  9. Bruh I really want to see these stacked height wise so it’ll be normal proportion so it’s not all width. Gaming on that would be amazing
    I would name it stacked

  10. pixel density will always be so trash, on super ultra wides like this
    unless they make some kind of similar to 8k ultrawide res

  11. I have this monitor and honestly the 1080 res is not an issue, because of its width you can't tell the vertical res is 1080 because you sit farther back than you do on a smaller screen. The overall size of the screen fills your entire view and every game becomes much more immersive. I love it and now game more than i have in years.

  12. I have this monitor but i cant find a desk that big for my montior and my laptop exstender and stuff that gose on my desk

  13. Have you got a look at this SUW Samsung monitor? claims 5120×1440 with HDR 120Hz: LC49RG90SSNXZA

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