SONIC.EXE (Teens React: Gaming)

SONIC.EXE (Teens React: Gaming)

(Intro Music) (three air gun “pops”) Sonic? Sonic? The food place right? I only know the little stuffed animals of Sonic. He’s a blue hedgehog and he’s got to go fast. Sonic the hedgehog. How classic was sonic replay? (scary music) What is happening? (scary music continues) Is this scary game? It seems kinda scary….

Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V (Elders React: Gaming)

♪ (old school video game music) ♪ Grand Theft Auto Five! Oh goodness. I’ve heard about this one. I’ve heard of Grand Theft Auto. It’s a pretty big show. I saw this game before on TV, I think. Why, I believe I’ve seen the trailer for this. The goal of the game is to be…

How To Explain Online Gaming (REACT: Advice #89)

♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – Selindra _ wants to know… – “How can I tell whether a guy is flirting or just being nice?” – Boy, that is a good question. – Go with your gut. – Sometimes it’s kind of obvious if they’re like, (shakily) “Hi!” – You can tell by the way…

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