Tamashii – Announce Trailer | PS4


74 thoughts on “Tamashii – Announce Trailer | PS4

  1. I'm in my quiet dim bedroom, it's 12 a.m. Clicked to this hoping there's something related to "Tamashii No Rufuran"…i was completely wrong and can't sleep right now…😑

  2. This looks pretty awesome. Is there a physical release or is it download only? I can't get internet where I live way out in the woods

  3. Man, I didn't think this game was gonna get a console release, I saw someone play this before but I don't remember who… maybe Vinny?

  4. If its true horizon and more for pc i only want to be with you…….beacause now in pc i will play all sony games…..with steam……..green

  5. so basically Hollow Knight + The Binding of Isaac had a demonic baby that was baptised by sacrificing a human sinner to Satan.


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