100 thoughts on “Tekken 7 – Leroy Smith Trailer | PS4

  1. There’s other black characters in Tekken and they are not so stereotypical, this character is from New York the home of hip hop, so of course he’ll be heavily influenced by hip hop culture, as a black man I take no offence at all, so before people start talking about racism kindly stfu

  2. When is Tekken going to stop looking like a game from the year 1999? Is it the engine? the creators? the Nostalgic feeling that they want to keep intact? I mean look at Mortal Kombat now? you're telling me… fans of Tekken won't want to look like MK? They evolved why aren't you? I mean if you want to play Tekken that looks like this go get a PS2. JMO

  3. Leroy Smith with cornrows, you cant be serious? Who is his sponser Popeyes? You game designers have got a lot to learn. Stuck on stupid.

  4. So many sensitive people nowadays. Can't wait to play as Leroy. Replayed this trailer multiple times for the song. 🔥🔥🔥

  5. AS a black man..imagine if this character was John Bones Jones. Great fighter in the UFC today. Would it be stereotypical then?

  6. Where all the people crying about cultural appropriation? There's a black man wearing a Chinese outfit where are these people now? Is it a pass because he's black and if it's a white guy it's torches and pitchforks out? No, I am not white before y'all assume.

  7. As a black guy the npc or sjws gets so annoying, with their complaining about non issues. While yes this might be a bit stereotypical but there are non stereotypical black characters already in the game.

  8. So yall just gonna steal Loaded Lux line like that? You may as well should've just called him. It would've been a much better song anyway.

  9. if this character is considered racist, well im white i think i deserve equal rights. i deserve the right to get offended by all the racist white stereotype characters in this game 🤣

    like i cant even take this serious no more. somethings not racist when its against a whote person, merely when it happens to someone thats black. absolutely no logic in that

  10. Brand new BADASS original Tekken characters sold separately….(sigh) I despise modern fighting games and their "Live Service" trash -__-

  11. Dude really sicked his Pit on Kazuya lol

    His move set slightly reminds me of the old man from one of the older games. Would’ve liked to have T-Pain done the music for this after that nice cosplay he did of this character too.

  12. Esse personagem ficou realmente interessante. Wing Chun, visual maneiro e todo estiloso. Fiquei realmente com vontade de jogar.

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